S15 The School Development Plan - School development plan

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S15 The School Development Plan - School development plan

April 2007


    April 2010

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     What is a School Development Plan?

     This document may go under different names, such as a ‘School Development Plan’, a

    ‘School Improvement Plan’ or the ‘Post-Inspection (Ofsted) Action Plan’. Whatever its name, it is a high-level strategic planning document covering all the school’s activities over a period of three or four years. There is no prescribed format for the plan. However, this document will say much about the quality of the school’s leadership and direction and Ofsted inspectors will look at it closely during inspection. The development and implementation of the school’s Development Plan should be an integral part of the school’s management and governance. It is vital that activity

     associated with the plan is not seen as a separate exercise carried out merely to gain a

    tick on an Assessor’s checklist. For more help on the impact of school

    leadership on pupil outcomes, Click Here

    (R133) which will take you to the results of School Development Plans should be based on the needs of individual schools but will a three-year study. It focuses upon the inevitably be influenced by guidance from their Local Authority and national policies and critical relationship between school plans. There is also extensive research on educational issues which can also help shape leadership, in particular the Head Teacher, individual School Development Plans. An example is a study commissioned by the and improved pupil learning outcomes. DCSF and the National College on the impact of school leadership on pupil outcomes.

    Contact your LA for its guidance on the What is in a School Development Plan? preparation of the School Development Plan As there is no nationally prescribed format for the plan, a number of local authorities (LAs) have issued detailed guidance for their schools on what it should contain. This For more help on what your School guidance varies from LA to LA and it would be inappropriate to give examples of it here, Development Plan could look like Click in case they are taken to be prescriptive. Instead, this note sets out the broad categories Here. This takes you to an example of a of information that should be in the plan. In addition, it is helpful if the plan highlights the School Development Plan which HCSS links it has with financial planning, and demonstrates how the school intends to give best Education Ltd developed with Des Stubbs, value for money. The categories cover the following: Head Teacher at Kew Woods Primary

    School, Sefton (R17)

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    For more help with parents’ satisfaction ? Where are we now? Information in this section would include the latest examination

    with schools, Click Here (R78). This takes results, pupils’ achievement rates, how the school compares with other schools,

    you to an Ofsted report on the level of parents’ degree of satisfaction with the school, targets for improvement and a report

    parents’ satisfaction with schools and its of progress in addressing issues identified during Ofsted inspections or LA

    link with the effectiveness of those schools’ monitoring.

    performance. ? Performance. This section would include the outcomes of any self-evaluation

     activity, progress with the implementation of action plans and a summary evaluation

    of the cost effectiveness of spending decisions made during the previous year.

     ? Process. This section would detail the process for developing the plan, including the

    research undertaken and reference to local and national guidance. ? Mission, Aims and Priorities. This section should link the school’s own mission with

    local and national priorities for action. ? Reasons for Change. This section would summarise key management decisions,

    the outcomes of any consultation on major spending decisions and the rationale for major changes in resource allocations. ? What will stay the same? Guidance from some LAs suggests that 85% of each year’s activity will probably be maintaining what has already been achieved. It is therefore important that the plan makes clear how improvements already achieved can be sustained, while making further changes at the same time.

     ? Future Plans. This section would include curriculum/departmental action plans for the current year with costings, a summary staffing plan with costs, a summary

     premises plan with costs and a summary of the financial implications of other

    strategic plans. ? Finance Implications. This section would include forecasts of future pupil numbers, For more help on the financial implications

    in terms of multi-year and annual budgets forecasts of resource allocations and other income, the whole school budget, the

    Click Here. (link to S3.1) Standards Fund budget and how it will be used, a breakdown of devolved budgets,

    and a section on the planned use of balances or, where appropriate, plans for the

    reduction of any deficit.

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     Implementation of the School Development Plan should be flexible and subject to careful monitoring, the findings of which should be taken into account when updating the plan

     the next year.

     For more guidance on dealing with the specific issues of school improvement and falling

    school rolls, see the section below.

     Linking the School Development Plan to Financial Plans and Budgets

    For more detailed help in assessing the To ensure that the School Development Plan is viable and that its implementation is

    financial implications of the SDP Click Here feasible, it should be supported by a financial plan or multi year budget covering the

    (R145). This will take you to a DCSF same period. Greater certainty of funding through the DSG makes such forward financial

    website on financial planning and reporting planning much more feasible. When drawing up the plan, it is important that:

     ? the multi year budget should be seen as the financial expression of the School

    Development Plan

     ? timetables for the devising of the School Development Plan (and for other plans

    referred to above) are integrated ? the same group of staff have responsibility for devising and plan and setting the

    budget ? budget information is produced in programme format to aid analysis and review ? the School Development Plan does not become unrealistic through a

    disproportionate focus on the costs of initiatives in year 2 and year 3.

    The annual budget should flow clearly from the financial plans or multi-year budgets but will benefit from more accurate information about costs and income levels, as well as fitting in with the LA’s own budget cycle. Page 4 of 6


Links to Other Plans The Audit Commission believes it is good practice for the School Development Plan to include summarised information from other, more detailed, strategic plans to show how the allocation of resources and the budget for the year supports the priorities identified in these plans.

     These plans would include, for example, the:

     ? asset management plan

    For more help on the other linked plans ? property development plan

    Click Here for property and assets (link to ? staff development plan S4.4). ? IT/ICT development plan. Click Here for staff (link to S4.3).

    Click Here for ICT (link to S4.5). Dealing with specific issues

    In developing their School Development Plan Governors and the senior management team have to deal with a wide range of issues from legislative/regulatory change to more demographic or physical local changes. Help with some of the more specific issues is set out below: For more help with falling primary and ? Falling school rolls - Many areas are facing a serious decline in their school secondary school rolls Click Here (R93). population. Local authorities and primary schools faced with falling rolls need to take This takes you to guidance on the action to ensure they are equipped to deliver the best possible quality of education Teachernet website on the educational, with the resources available to them. organisational and financial decisions that need to be made. ? School Improvement - the perpetually high profile of education in general, and academic attainment in particular (evidenced by regular publication of performance For more help on school improvement league tables), means that school improvement should be on the agenda of every Click Here (R92). This will take you to the school.

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    National Audit Office guide for school

    Governors on improving school

    performance, published in 2006 and

    updated in 2009. It is divided into 13

    themes, each theme setting out:

    ? important questions for Governing

    Bodies; ? facts and figures that give an insight into

    what is happening across the country;


    ? sources of further information and good


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