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    st1 Topic: Hobby

    Hobbies and pastimes developed when survival became easier, but my hobby developed when survival became harder.

    In 2007, I went to SFLS and began my middle-school journey.

    The works became harder and so did survival.

    I must work hard so that I wouldnt be left behind, that is, I

    could survive one test after another.

    During that time, I didn’t want to complain how stressful

    the life was, so I decided to make a change.

    I decided to join the karate club and tried my best in training, included doing the splits.

    Last year, I got my red belt, and that meant I was experienced enough to have a match against another people.

    In September, 2009, I became the chief-of staff of our karate club, and karate, not surprisingly, is still my hobby, and will still be.

    nd 2Topic: Music

    Music is something created by people or instruments and people love to listen to.

    In prehistoric times, people could only make simple sounds to imitate the sounds of birds or other animals.

    At that time, people were not familiar with themselves, they didnt know what they could do, and they had no idea about music.

    After a long time of studying, people knew they could knew their abilities of making several kinds of, or tunes of


    And they lined them up by their height, like

    do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do, and called them notes.

    Then people used the notes to create a serious of beautiful sounds called music.

    After that, people thought of adding words to their music, so that the music was able to express ideas and show emotions.

    People then invented musical instruments that could help people producing music and singing the notes above humans


    rd 3Topic: What will you do if there is a fire?

    Just imagine: If a fire burnt out in our classroom, you were the only one left, and when you recognized that it became out of control, what would you do to survive the big fire?

    To be frank, many people panicked when a big fire happened nearby, and they forgot all about the knowledge they had learnt.

    So firstly, you must be calm, you could not be too calm, or the facts facing you may be cruel.

    And secondly, you must make a quick judgment: was the fire too big for me to run?

    If yes, run down the stairs as soon as possible, with your mouth and nose covered with wet clothuseless clothes were also OK, or

    even the school uniforms.

    Craw if the smoke was too big, or you will be out of breath.

    Remembernever go by the elevatorit might be stopped

    when you were in.

    If no, dont do silly things, I mean, do not jump without thinkingsomeone must have known the happening of the fire, and he might be trying to help you.

    If there was no way for you to choosethe fire was too big,

    the exit was covered, and maybe you would be burnt into ash after half a minutethen you should think of jumpingif there was any

    other way except be burnt or commit suicide, do not choose jumping as a wayif you were on the second or third floor, you would be badly hurt; but if you were on a high building, it really was a kind of suicide.

    th 4Topic: A good diet for health

    Many people are complaining about their weight: Why I tried

    so hard exercising, but it was no use? I want to answer the question

    with simply a sentence: You need a good diet for health.

    What does a good diet for health really mean?

    It is mainly a low-calorie diet that contains more than three quarter plant food and less than one quarter animal food.

     This provide yourself with enough calorie but not too much. So little calorie will not turn into body fat if you take regular exercise.

    And it contains at least seven servings of fruit or vegetables every day, and this provide your body with enough vitamin C and encourage your body to renew itself quickly.

    It also contains at least one quarter grain, because grain can make us strong enough to fight with various kinds of epidemics.

    At last, it contains several servings of milk, one reason is, milk can make us grow taller than expected.

    In conclusion, I want to say: Healthy diet is not simply eat less and drink more, but scientifically control the amount.

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