Views on Harmonious Dormitory Life

By Beth Garcia,2014-11-17 23:13
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Views on Harmonious Dormitory Life

    Dormitory is a place to relax after a whole-day study. As we all know, harmonious dormitory life brings us a sense of comfort, and helps us regain the energy to go on study. In my point of view, harmonious dormitory life can be easily obtained if following points are done.

    First of all, equality can’t be neglected. For parents always lavish too much care on their children, even when they make mistakes. However, dormitory life differs from the life at home. They can’t be paid the same attention from their roommates. Thus,

    every dormitory member should gradually learn to treat each other equally. Second, friendliness plays a significant role in the harmonious dormitory life. There is no denying the fact that people who is friendly to others is easily accepted by others and smoothly adjust to the school life, while those unfriendly always face the dilemma--separated by other students. Thus, learning to treat others friendly is indisputable in dormitory life.

    In short, every dormitory member has the responsibility to the making of harmony of dormitory life. If people treat others with the true-heart, he/she will eventually receive the other’s fond.

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