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    How to Increase the Popularity of Spring Festival

    Nowadays many young people who lived in the world of the Internet and video games worshiped ;崇拜; Western culture, while becoming

    increasingly indifferent toward their own traditional holidays. The

    Chinese public has noted for a long time that the Chinese New Year, mostly called the Spring Festival in China, is losing its traditional flavor, while young people seem to enjoy more in celebrating Christmas or Valentine’s Day, when they can have more fun on their own. Therefore,

    some people worry that the safety of China’s national culture is to some

    degree under threat. Many people expressed a strong sense of the

    importance of maintaining China’s cultural tradition.


    The essential element of Spring Festival is sacrifice to gods and

    ancestors (祭神、祭祖)and praying for a good coming year. In Spring

    Festival, people will prepare and consume ;消费?a lot of food such as

    jiaozi, niangao etc., some for the gods and ancestors, some for friends, relatives and themselves. In the days before the Spring Festival, except for preparing food, people will buy new clothes and hats, clean their houses, paste character “fu”, write and paste spring festival couplets. Another important activity during Spring Festival is burning fireworks. People thought the spluttering can you guess the meaning of this

    word? sound could drive away evil spirits. And the colorful sparks are beautiful and fit for the atmosphere of the happiness festival. It is all these activities that are done during the Spring Festival make the festival interesting and full of happiness. However, along with the development of the society and the progress of the age, people’s living standard has

    improved a lot. It becomes much more easier to prepare all the things that are needed for the Spring Festival. People could have new clothes anytime, and the Spring Festival couplets and character “fu” are not

    popular in modern cities any more, especially for the young. Some cities even forbid playing fireworks for the noise and pollution fireworks make. The only meaning of Spring Festival left is reunion and sacrifice to the ancestor. Even so, they become much simpler. No wonder that some people think Spring Festival is boring.


    If nothing is done, we may run the risk of losing the most significant festival which has last for thousands of years. Without traditional culture, it is meaningless no matter how powerful China becomes. In order to save the Spring Festival and give the old festival a new life, there are at least three points we should do. Firstly, to save Spring Festival, it is necessary to highlight ;强调? 着重? its cultural foundation, such as

    family reunion, contacting and visiting relatives and friends, caring and

    loving of the old and small as well as thanksgiving. Secondly, we shouldn’t allow Spring Festival to slip into mere recreation and

    consumption. Instead, we should advocate a healthy and green life style

    during the holiday and make it represent modern life. Finally, our

    cultural workers and experts shall think about ways to popularize the more tradition-styled celebrations of Chinese New Year, such as traditional food, artifacts (手工品), art performances and traditional

    decorations ;装饰? , and necessary reforms can be made to these

    celebrations so as to make them more appealing to Chinas youngsters.


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