AA non-firm offer

By Melvin Green,2014-12-14 11:37
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AA non-firm offer

    A Non-firm Offer for Melton and


Dear sirs,

We are in receipt of your letter dated

    October 22, and are willing to enter into

    business relations with you on the basis of

     equality and mutual benefit.

Enclosed please find some sample books

    you requested. We hope that they will help you in making your selection. We are pleased to make you a special offer,

    subject to our final confirmation, as follows:

Art. No. Name of Commodity Price

     JB 126 All Wool Melton US$6.15/Y CIF New York

     JE 128 All Wool Gabardine US$6.82/Y CIF New York

For your information, the minimum

    quantity for order is 12,000 yards. Shipment is to be made in three equal monthly installments beginning from December, 2005. Payment is by L/C at

    sight. Goods are packed in bales or in wooden cases at sellers option. We hope

    that the above will be acceptable to you and assure you of our best service at any time.

We are looking forward to your trial order.

Yours faithfully,


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