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     A Contrastive Study of Red Words in English and Chinese

    Key words: red; connotative, pragmatic; homogeneity; heterogeneity.

    Color is the natural phenomenon. It’s said that everything also has color in the sight of our eyes. But only has the differences of deep and sight. People don’t find that there are absolute color words. So color is related to our life .color has not bounds in countries, and there are many kinds of colors, when we noticed connotation, we must pay attention to the denotation .As the denotation of color in Chinese and Western is different, the expression and culture custom are different. The differences between Chinese and western come from background of culture history, culture custom, geography place, national concept, thinking habits and life style.

    Color has the same visual effect to both Chinese and western people .But as soon as the connotative and pragmatic meanings are studied from the angle of language and culture, Color words will reflect the homogeneity and heterogeneity between Chinese and English. Take’ red’ as an example, this article will analyze its connotative meanings in both Chinese and English, and describe the different methods in translation.

    This article includes two parts. First part shows the differences and similarities Chinese and western, second part shows how to translate the meaning of red. The article uses lots of examples and contrasts. Red is the basic color. It represents revolution and progress. It represents successfully and smooth. It means the attraction of females. When in Christmas or important days, it calls red letter days. When welcoming the country head of state. They roll out the red carpet to show the respect. In order to getting comfortable, people like to use red to decorate drawing room as red belongs to warm color.

    第一共三农 农


    The methods of developments are example. For example, when red represent the propitious and happiness, it uses some examples: when marring, bride wears red clothes, cover red turban, paste red xi words: In party, it needs red to decorate happiness, amusement; people who facilitating other’s happy marriage is called hong niang ;when congratulate new infants. It also cooks red eggs. There also uses contrast, for example, red has the meanings of Good Luck and eliminates disaster in china, children hang up the red rope to keep safe. While in western, red means cruel, disaster and bloody, such as red hand ,red headed , red light .It also uses classification, for example, the translation of red is also different first, direct translation, second, change color words, third, translate without color words, third, free translation, such as Hong kiang can translate go between or match maker.

    So, color has different uses and cultural value. Every color words have different characters in different country. Their denotation may influence the connotation. The color shows the difference and similarities in western and Chinese. In my opinion, it advances the cultural communication and translation by knowing and grasping the culture background, history and geography background and traditional custom. It can strengthen the communication through a contrastive study of red words. 参考文献:

    付俊芳. 英色比研究农“农”农农农[J]. 西安外国学院学农农农农农,2005(3):33-35

    第二共三农 农

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