IELTS speaking

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IELTS speaking

    4-5 IELTS Speaking Test mins

    Part 1: Introduction and Interview on Familiar Topics

Good morning/afternoon. My name is _____________. Can you tell me your full name


    Thank you.

    Can I see your identification, please? Thank you, that’s fine

    Now I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself.

     Let’s talk about your home town Let’s talk about what you do. Do you

     or village. work or are you a student?

     ; What kind of place is it?

    ; What’s the most interesting part Work

    OR of your home area? ; What’s your job? Why did you

    ; What kind of jobs do the people choose that kind of work?

    in your town/village do? ; How long have you been doing it?

     ; Would you say it is a good ; Are there things your don’t like

     place to live? Why? about it? What are they?


     Please note these ; What subjects are you studying?

     are possible ; Why did you choose those questions. Practise subjects? How long have you been these, as they may studying them? come up in the test!! ; Do you enjoy them? Why?

The examiner will now choose two of the following boxes. These are examples

    Family Language Accommodation Leisure

    Can we talk Learning Let’s move on to Let’s move on to about your Let’s talk about talk about what you do in family? learning English. accommodation. your spare time. Do you have a small How long have you Where do you live? Hobbies and or large family? How been learning How long have you interests? When/how much time do you English? Where did lived there? What did you become spend with them? you learn? What is kind of interested? How do What things do you easy/difficult? What accommodation you spend your do together? opportunities do you would you like? holidays? Is there

    have to speak? Is it anyplace you would

    important? like to visit? Why?

Daily Routine Festivals Food Visitors

    I’d like to talk Let’s talk a little Moving on to Now I’d like to about your daily about the talk about food… talk about

    What kind of food do routine. festivals in your visitors to your you like? What are Are all your days the country country. typical UAE foods? same? Typical day? What are some What should visitors Is cooking a man’s or Typical weekend? festivals in UAE? to UAE see and do? woman’s job? How What would you liket Any special food or What kind of tourists do you like foreign to change? What is activities? What do visit UAE? How has food? the balance of you enjoy most? Are tourism changed the work/study? festivals important? UAE?

Part 2: Individual Long Turn 3-4


    Now I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one or two

    minutes. Before you talk, you will have one minute to think about what you will say. You can make some notes.

     Please note these

    Here is a paper and pencil for you to make some notes if you are examples only.

    wish, and here is your topic. The question in

     the exam may be

    ; Describe a teacher who has influenced you. Say where different!

    you met them, what subjects they taught, why they were

    special and how they influenced you.

    ; Describe a family member who has influenced you. Say how long you have

    known them them, why they were special, how they differ from the other

    family members, and how they influenced you.

    ; Describe a story, book, or movie that had a big impact on you. Describe what

    it was about, what effect it had and why it was so powerful.

    ; Describe a place you visited that had a big impact on you. Say when you

    went and how long you stayed. Describe the impact the place had on

    you and why.

    ; Describe an event in your life that had a big impact on you. Say when it happened

    and what the circumstances were. Describe how it affected you and why.

    ; Describe a friend in your life that had a big impact on you. Say how long you

    have known him or her and how he or she affected you.

    ; Describe a person you would most like to meet. Describe this person and state

    why you would most like to meet him or her. What effect would the meeting

    have on you? What would you say.

    ; Describe a time in your life that was difficult. What was the problem? What were

    some of the things that helped you to overcome this problem? What did you learn

    from this experience, and what advice would you give others.

    ; Describe a time in your life when you helped someone else with a problem. What

    was the problem? How did you help the other person? What did you learn from

    this experience, and what advice would you give others? Would you help in the

    same way?

Part 3: Two-Way Discussion 4-5


    We’ve been talking about a teacher who influenced you and I’d like to discuss with

    you one or two more general questions related to this

    Development in Education The topic in Part 3 is related to the

    ; Describe developments in topic in Part 2. So if, for example,

    education in your country Part 2 was about a teacher, then

    ; Compare the experience Part 3 might be about Education

    of your parents

    ; What changes are coming?

National Education

    ; What are your countries aims for education

    ; What is the importance of extra-curricular activities

Styles of Teaching

    ; Describe different styles of teaching

    ; What is your preferred method of learning?

    ; Should learners be grouped by ability?

Other examples

Part 2 Part 3

Describe a parent What is the role of parents in today’s society

    Describe a friend Is friendship the same in every country? Describe a place Should we spend money on national parks? Describe a book Are writers respected in your country? Describe a movie Is censorship of movies a good idea? Describe a problem Is modern life becoming easier or more complicated

    Describe a happy event How can we increase the role of the family?

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