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Final tests .Ch.14-22

    1.Three plans. The reconstruction plan

    ----abraham Lincoln’s 10 percent plan: 10 percent of people pledge the alliegence so the state could re-obtain the state control rights.

    =---Johnson’s plan=pretty much the same as Lincoln’s,however, punish the leaders of the south.---=radical republicans =punish the south severly. Leaders and citizens.

    2.Impeachment: Johnson, bring charges against violated office of Tenure Act.

    3.Black codes:

    4.Freedmans Bureau:

    5.KKK=Ku Klux klan .emerged after reconstruction. Against all black.discriminaition

    6.Sharecropping: tenants.always in debts

    7.Gilded age.late 1800’s/ American expanding.

    8.Robber barons: rockfeller, duke. Heinz. Carniege.Vanderbilt. JPMorgan.

    9.MONOPOLY: horizontal Integrations: control one section of industry/ Vertical intergration: every

    section of one particular industry

    10.Reasons for the civil war: states rights/ right to secede/preserve the union (slavery issue)/

    11.Advantages of North: population 3 X/manufacturing 10 X/ More Railroads/ gold-wealth/

    subsistence crop (abundant food supplies)/

    12.Advantages of South: better leaders and tactics ex: General Robert E.Lee(agree with north but

    fight for south.the dilemma.)/fighting for way of life and protection of home

    13.First fire of civil war: Ft.Sumter.Charleston.SC

    14.Underground Railroad: authority helping black escape to North.

    15.Manifest Destiny: Before and after civil war. God’s given rights to own land from east to west


    16.Spanish-American War:

    17.Expansionist : people who push for war

    18.Emanicipation of Proclamation: Lincoln’s statement: all slaves were free.

    19.Reconstruction: rebuild the south after the civil war.

    20.Postwar industry: North: increasing manufacturing—immigration/inventions+innovations/high

    tariffs…South: before war: tobacco+ cotton..after: textile is added/

    21.Transcontinental R.R: Chinese in California, Irish in Omha,Neb. And met at

    Promotory. Utah.Pt.

    22.Homestead Act of 1862: end of the cattle drive(results)/ push the Indians out.

    23.Realist: Mark Twain.Naturalist: Jack London.

    24.The reasons of Spanish-American War:

    25.Aggressive: big government(government control right)/reform/trust busting/conservation/direct

    democracy (recall direct Primaries)/ teddy rooselvet: biggest accomplishment: panama cannel.26.The jungle: muckrackers: help reform .Journalists exposed corruptions.

    27.Meat Inspetion Act.

    28.Booker T.Washington: support black education/president of Tuskegee Institution.

    29.George Washington Carver: black educator. Educate black science. Experiment with peanuts.30.WWI USinvolvement: reasons:

    31.The cause of WWI: the assassination of the prince of Austria.

    32.German’s Chiftlen Plan: conquer Franc quickly.

    33.Return to isolation: stay out of Europe.

    34.1920-1930 blacks+ immigration

    35.The national Original Act=quotas on immigration.

    36.Car-growth of burbs (one of ford)—suburbans grow because of the car-growth37.3R---relief, recovery, and reform

    38.Tennesse valet authority(TVA)----first government control utality

    39.FTR—didn’t bounce the budget, people complain about over-spending

    40.Droughts in Midwest during Depression: Oklahoma.

    41.Charles Lindbergh—the first people to fly over Atlantic(NY--Paris)

    42.WWII: Czech-Sutenland first attacked by German/ France-last country to fall in Europe43.1942 US sent troops to Africa. Fighting against Italy in Ethiopia

44.Countries turned side during WWI and WWII: Russia (WWI) had peace with Germany

    separately/Italy—axis to union(wwii)/Russia –axis-allies (wwii)

    th45.Attack on Pear Harbor December 7 1941



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