What is Education Exactly for ?

By Vernon Hayes,2014-12-13 21:47
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What is Education Exactly for ?

    What is Education Exactly for

    Recentlyan important topic is brought upwhat is Education Exactly

    forThere are different viewpoints on the way. Some people think that education especially college education is for finding a good job and have a better life in the futurewhile others held a view that

    education is for the benefit of the society and the individual . But what responsibility dose the education should shoulder

     On the one handwe accept education in kindergarten even after we could walk and speak ,we learned how to play with others how to

    express things perfectlyhow to respect others and how to be polite with others and so on . Then in primary school we learn how to read and write .After these we establish correct outlook on life and correct values in our middle school and continue to learn basical nature knowledge. Of coursewe learn professional knowledge in collegebut other important

    abilities like communication skillsadministration ability. Thats to say

    we learn how to learnwe learn how to do thingswe learn how to be a


    In a word, firstlywe get education from school for so many

    yearsno doubt that education do good for our growth.Secondly its

    surely that everyone wants a good jobeducation just give us the ability

    to do job instead of the ability to find a job. Once we get the wok abilitywe surely contribute to our society

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