Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells?

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Period 1


    Kaifeng Middle School: Liu Tong

    The First Period

    Teaching Aims:

    1. Key vocabulary: marathon, skate, skating 2. Key structure:

    --How long have you been skating?

    --Ive been skating for five hours. 3. Listening practice

    4. To train students ability of listening and speaking. 5. To be interested in communicating in English. Teaching Key Points:

    1. Key vocabulary & Key structure.

    2. Listening practice

    Teaching Difficulties:

    1. How to improve students listening ability.

    2. Make conversation freely.

    Method Objects in Teaching

    1. Listening method.

    2. Oral practicing method.

    Teaching Aids:

1. Mp3 materials.

    2. Some word cards.

    3. A computer for multimedia use.

    4. A ping-pong ball and a racket.

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1 Presentation (6)

    1) Greeting (10’’)

     (With the music on, T claps hands with some of the students to

    greet. )

    2) Warm up. (2)

    (Then music is turned off. And T takes out a clock on the desk, a

    pingpong ball and a racket in the hand.)

    (T plays pingpong. Dont stop. Several seconds later T asks questions.)

    T: How long? (If Ss can’t answer.) 8 seconds, 10 seconds, or 12seconds?

    (If Ss still cant answer, T points to the clocks hand.)

    (T goes close to one of the Ss, and invites a student to do it.)

    T: Dont stop! (T faces the rest of the ss.) How long?

    Ss: 8 seconds, 9 seconds

    T: Yes, about 9 seconds. (T faces that student to ask him question and

    at the same time, T encourages him not to stop.)

    How long?

    S1: about 9 seconds.

    T: How long have you been playing pingpong?

    S1: about 9 seconds.

    T: Yes. I have been playing pingpong for about 9 seconds.

     (T faces towards the whole class.)

    Follow me. I have been playing pingpong for 9 seconds.

    (T teaches three times, and changes another verb to make sentences. T asks ss to follow to read.)

    T: Follow me, I have been swimming for two hours.

     I have been learning English for more than three years.

     I have been skating for four hours. (teach 2 times) 3.) Teach new words. (3)

    skating, skating, skating. (at this moment, show the picture )

    (After teaching the word, T make sentence skating marathon, then

    show the next picture.)

    marathon, marathon, marathon.

    (T teaches the sentence I have been skating for 4 hours in the skating marathon three times and show the next picture.) 4.) Show the main picture. (1)

    (T teaches the key sentences.)

    --How long have you been skating?

    --Ive been skating for five hours.

    (T and ss say it together, make the same sentence.)

Step 2 Practice. (1+6+7+3)

    (T forms teams and lets students have a competition atmosphere.)

    T: Now, I form two teams. (write their own teams name on the

    blackboard.) Every time I ask question, if you know the answer, please

    hands up quickly, and answer the question right, you will get a star for

    your team. (T uses body language to make them understand.) 1.) Listening practice. (6)

    i. Before-listening.

     T: Look at the picture. How many students are there?

     Who knows? Hands up.

     (T asks one of the ss to answer the question, and give the point.) T: Very good. Sit down please. Who are they? (T hands up.) (After getting the right answer, and T gives the point.) T: Now, lets listen to the tape and answer how long.

    ii. While-listening.

    (T plays the audio only one time. If they havent get the right answer, T

    plays one more time, and stop at the key sentences.)

    iii. After-listening.

    T: Now, lets check the answer.

    (T uses how long to ask individual student.)

    (T make dialogues with a student.)

    T: Im Alison, you are Victor. Alison, how long have you been skating?

    S1: I have been skating for five hours. (T remains S1 to ask T question) Alison, how long have you been skating?

    T: I have been skating for five hours. (T faces towards other students) now, please make role-play like this.

    2.) Make conversations. (7)

    T: Look at the picture, we suppose that you are the role. I am this reporter. I interview you. How long have you been drawing? How long have been reading books? How long have you been skating? (T asks ss to interview other ss. Then, T ask ss to take out the exercise book.)

    T: Write a sentence with I have been V-ing for/since…ago. Then

    exchange with anyone you like. Who can give to me? (T sets examples.) How long have you been studying maths? Who wrote? Please answer. 3.) Combination. (3)

    T: Here are some disorder words, your team members can make the

    right order to form a sentence. Every team has one time. Step 3 Production.(4)

    T: Here, I have some information about some famous people, you can draw. Please draw a piece of paper. Who?

    S1: Yao Ming.

    (T shows at picture in ppt.)

    T: Now, you are Yao Ming. How long have you been playing


    S1: I have been playing basketball for

    T: Yes. I have been playing basketball since ago. Both OK.

    (T lets ss ask and answer questions)

    (after all the activity.)

    OK, lets look at our own point.

    (T praise the team who get higher point. And tell ss homework.)

    T: OK. Thats all. Thank you for joining and watching. Bye!

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