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Information, regarding changes to any school policy, will be sent Home by newsletter as soon as SECURITY. The school has an outsourced security team.

    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

    Green Oasis School Welcomes You

We look forward to your involvement with Green Oasis School and trust that a close and effective

    working relationship between the school and home can be established in order to ensure the

    satisfactory and continual educational development of your children.

This book provides a guide to the day to day running of the school. Information, regarding changes

    to any school policy, will be sent Home by newsletter as soon as agreed to by the school. Please

    visit our official website at for up to date news and documentation in both English and Mandarin.

GOS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and maintain a bi-lingual international standard of education, which

    unities academic study with real life learning in a multicultural environment.


    The School will strive to attain its mission with the following aims:

    1. To provide a balanced bi-lingual curriculum that will enable the children to develop their mental,

    physical and emotional skills.

    2. To promote the happiness, well being, health and safety of the children.

    3. To promote academic excellence.

    4. To take advantage of the unique nature of the school to encourage high levels of achievement and

    to foster career ambitions in all fields.


    We believe:

    1. In the dignity and worth of each student.

    2. That the maximum intellectual growth of each child can be achieved by guiding the child through a

    comprehensive, sequential course in basic academic and communication skills, with an emphasis

    on developing the child‘s ability to think clearly, logically and independently.

    3. That social growth can be nurtured through emphasis on cooperation and consideration for others

    as well as the development of self-respect and self-discipline both in the classroom and on the


    4. In the development of democratic procedures and practices in policy-making and daily operations,

    thus setting an example for students to follow.

    5. That the school, through adequate opportunity for exercise and play, can aid the physical

    development of a child.

    6. That change is a constant factor in life, the education of a child should encourage the development

    of personal values and thinking processes which will facilitate the child‘s intelligent adaptability to

    their own changing circumstances in a changing world.


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

    7. In developing respect for, and appreciation of, the cultural, social and political differences found in

    the local community.

    8. A warm and caring relationship between staff and students based on a sound understanding of

    educational issues by qualified, committed teachers.

    9. A close, understanding relationship between all staff, parents and small groups of students, in an

    atmosphere which allows for a large measure of adaptation to individual needs: even if special

    education classes cannot be offered.

    10. The continued interest of parents and community members by contributing to the school through

    extracurricular activities and volunteer help.

    11. The flexibility of all those concerned with school operations in coping with a diverse student body,

    the availability of suitable staff and teacher advisory services in challenging local conditions which

    may change from year to year.


We have pupils from approximately 17 different countries enrolled at the school.

The Major Language groupings in the school include:

    1. First language is from an Asian Country

    2. First Language English mainly US, Canada, New Zealand

Points to remember:

    ? Many of the pupils are bilingual.

    ? Many pupils do not have parents that speak English.

    ? Pupils in the International Section use their first language at home and English at school.

    ? Some pupils enter the school with little or no exposure to English at all.

English is the language of instruction. In order to have the pupils study effectively in English we recognise

    that many pupils will require English support. Although all classroom activities are carried out in English,

    pupils should have a dual language dictionary in the classroom, Mother Tongue/English. Pupils who speak

    the same language may help each other if really necessary. Clarification of new concepts can be done in

    whatever language the pupils are most comfortable with, at the teacher‘s discretion. Teachers may discuss this with the parents if guidance is needed.

English support will usually be provided within the classroom as the system of immersion in English, used

    by the school, is an extremely successful method for children to increase their English language knowledge.

    Pupils who do not have home support may need to have extra lessons in English and may be withdrawn

    from the class until they have gained enough confidence in the English language. We may provide after

    school lessons if necessary, during club time.

The Place of Home Country Language in the School

We recognise that it is important that pupils are not forced to speak English at all times in the school,

    although we will encourage pupils to converse in English. Pupils may converse in their own language both

    in the playground and in class at the discretion of the teacher.


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

Parents must be made aware that they should help in the pupil‘s development of English. Parents should

    also be aware that we must give pupils with English as a first language as much time in the class room as

    ESL pupils. This school is not in place for specifically teaching English; our school mission statement

    applies to all pupils.

    Race Equality and Cultural Diversity

    We are committed to:

    ? Promoting equality of opportunity.

    ? Promoting good relations between members of different racial and cultural groups and their


    ? Eliminating unlawful discrimination.

    Guiding principles

    ? Every pupil should have opportunities to achieve the highest possible standards and the best

    possible qualifications for the next stages of their life and education.

    ? Every pupil should be helped to develop a sense of personal and cultural identity that is confident

    and open to change, and that is receptive and respectful towards other identities.

    ? Every pupil should develop the knowledge, understandings and skills that they need in order to

    participate in an interdependent world.

    We ensure that the principles listed above apply to the full range of our policies and practices, including

    those that are concerned with:

    ? Pupils progress, attainment and assessment

    ? Behaviour, discipline and exclusions

    ? Pupils personal development and pastoral care

    ? Teaching and learning

    ? Admissions and attendance

    ? The content of the curriculum

    ? Staff recruitment and professional development

    ? Partnerships with parents and communities

    Addressing racism The school is opposed to all forms of racism and sectarianism

    We aim to:

    1. Ensure all pupils have equal access to the curriculum and to meet the needs of the individual


    2. Value all pupils and their contribution to the life of the school and the wider community.

    3. Promote positive and non-stereotypical role models.

    4. Challenge stereotypes.


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

To recognise and value the contribution of diverse cultures, races, gender, ability.


    The Principal is responsible for implementing the policy; for ensuring that all staff, parents and children are

    aware of their responsibilities and that they are given appropriate training and support; and for taking

    appropriate action in any cases of unlawful discrimination.

    All members of staff will deal with racist incidents that may occur. They will identify and challenge racial

    and cultural bias plus stereotyping. They will give support to pupils in their class for whom English is an

    additional language and incorporate principles of equality and diversity into all aspects of their work.

Breaches of policy

    Breaches of this policy will be dealt with in the same ways that breaches of other school policies are dealt

    with, as determined by the Principal.

    Monitoring and evaluation We collect study and use quantitative and qualitative data relating to the implementation of this policy, and

    make adjustments as appropriate.


    School term and holiday dates are available on the school website.


For administration purposes the school year is divided into 2 terms. School opens in late August or early

    September and ends in late June or early July. This depends on when holidays fall throughout the year.


The school will observe all Chinese public holidays.

    General School Policies


Absences where families choose to remove students from school for short periods of time, do cause

    significant disruption to the class and teachers concerned. As these absences do not always meet the


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

criteria legally defined for children missing school, it is school policy that, other than a diary and daily

    reading, no work will be set for students during their period of absence unless the teachers involved are

    willing to set work.


If you collect or drop off your child/children by car, please make sure you clearly establish exactly where

    you will pick your child/children up and please always be on time. Parking is a problem around the school

    and parents are asked to be patient and courteous to other road users and students.

Parents are encouraged to escort their children to the school gate. If you have made arrangements to see a

    teacher in the morning you should sign in at the gate before entering the school.

Once on the school grounds the children are the responsibility of the school. Please ensue that you do not

    discipline, or chastise in any way, any child that is not your responsibility. If you have a problem with

    another parent‘s child you must report this to a teacher.

Please inform the school if your child is being picked up by another parent. A note to the class teacher in

    the homework diary is sufficient. If you have another parent regularly pick your children up, then please

    write a note for the year.

If your child is to walk home from school unaccompanied, ensure they know the precise route to take. It is

    helpful if the parent and child walk the route several times together as this helps to reassure the child and

    provides opportunities to stress safety rules and road crossing requirements. Those children who walk

    home should leave immediately they are released by their teacher. Please send in written confirmation that

    your child will be walking home. The school recommends that children under 8 years old do not walk home


Children who are not collected after 4:00pm will be asked to wait in the room opposite the Guard‘s room.


Punctuality and regular attendance assist in individual and class progress. If it is necessary for a child to be

    late, or absent, a brief written explanation is required containing the following information:

    ? date of absence

    ? child‘s name ? child‘s class ? reason for absence

    ? signature of parent or guardian

Permission to leave the school grounds will not be generally granted unless written advice has been

    received from parents.


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

In the event of illness or accidents at school, parents will be contacted to arrange care for the child, if at all


    Please Note: The only acceptable excuses for a child missing school are illness or other unavoidable occurrences. A Telephone call or an e-mail to explain a child‘s absence would be appreciated.


The principles employed in the formation of classes are set down below:

    1. Multi level classes have to be formed where there are too many children for a straight class.

    2. If at all possible, multi level class numbers will be kept smaller than those of straight classes.

    3. When classes are grouped, care will be taken to ensure the children mix socially.

    4. Space needs to be kept in each class for new arrivals and to allow some flexibility.

Further observations on class formation are that:

    1. There is a wide spread of abilities in both straight and multi level classes.

    2. Syllabus integration is common today - children no longer pass out of a straight year or grade group

    into the next.

    3. Parents requests to change children from their designated classes should be held in abeyance for

    at least 3 weeks after the beginning of terms 1 and 2.


Class lists are drawn up to keep classes balanced in the following areas:

    1. Age of Children

    2. Gender of the children

    3. Nationality of the Children

Children who have been in the school longer than a year will find they are not always with the same

    classmates. This gives them an opportunity to meet a wider scope of people of their own age.


An essential component of school policy is the fostering of sound home-school relationships. Parents are

    welcome to make contact with the school to discuss student progress or problems at any time. However, it

    would be appreciated if a mutually agreeable appointment time can be made.

The teachers provide parents with a take home sheet every Monday for elementary school. There is a

    school newsletter which is published on the web site. Parents will be informed by e-mail of when a new

    letter is posted on the site. The principal will inform parents, via letter, text or e-mail if urgent, of anything to


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

do with changes in policy. Staff will send information home about field trips and other activities as and when


The school welcomes the assistance of interested parents, in classroom activities, such as hearing oral

    reading, assisting with maths, science, art/craft activities or clubs. Teachers will contact you if they need




Any emergency that arises should be dealt with through the Head of Department.


If you have any matter which you feel you need to discuss, the class teacher should be the first point of

    contact and then the Head of School. Following on from this procedure, the Head of Educational Affairs

    should be met with. No problem can be solved if the school is not aware of it.


To endeavour to provide a systematic plan for both in-class and out-of-class behaviour, and reward suitable

    choices of behaviour by children, a ‗Student Behaviour‘ policy has been implemented in our school.

    Children are very involved with the preparation of rules for their classroom.

Children are expected to carry out the instructions of their teachers in regard to educational matters,

    discipline, behaviour, safety and good conduct. (See the Home-School Partnership). Parents should

    instruct their children to carry out the directions of their teachers whilst the school is in ―loco parentus,‖ this

    is legislated by the People‘s Republic of China‘s Education Act.

The Principal reserves the right to exclude any person (child, parent or community member) for any period

    of time when that person‘s action interrupts and/or interferes with the proper and efficient running of a

    classroom or the school.


Every attempt will be made to contact parents in the event of an emergency. However, parents are

    requested to ensure that the emergency address and number registered on their child‘s admission card is

    up to date. If this is done, unnecessary delays for medical attention will be averted. Working parents are

    requested to keep the school informed of their employment address and contact number and the number of

    the carer. The school has an emergency policy in place.


All enrolments for the school are carried out by the Admissions Office. A first time enrolment is not

    complete until a Birth Certificate or Extract of Birth Entry or passport has been sighted at the school office.


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

    Children must be enrolled under their legal surname. A signed home-school partnership form must also be completed and an entrance test in English completed.

    A child's immunisations are expected to be up-to-date upon entry to the school. These include measles, mumps, rubella, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. Japanese Encephalitis immunisations are available locally.

    The school should be advised at least 1 month before children are due to leave the school. Parents should complete the school withdrawal form as the official notice of withdrawal. This ensures that all belongings are taken by the child, library books can be returned and a transfer certificate can be issued.


    The school has a plan for the speedy evacuation of the buildings in the event of bomb threat, fire or natural disaster. This procedure will be practised and refined by the whole school community each term.


    All matters concerning fees, payments to the school or refunds because of early departure, should be directed to the school administrator.


    It is essential that children wear hats if they are playing in the sun. Hats more suitable to the winter season may be worn at that time.


    Unfortunately, we do occasionally have outbreaks of head lice in the school. Parents are urged to carefully check their children's hair for lice at least weekly. If lice are found, parents can obtain appropriate treatment from the chemist and are asked to advise the school of the discovery. Children may return to school after appropriate treatment. Long hair should be tied back.


    This document is an essential part of the school enrolment policy. Please ensure that you are aware of its contents.


    The setting of homework for primary students is the responsibility of the classroom teacher who is aware of the individual needs of the children in their charge. Parents are advised to contact the classroom teacher early in the year if homework is causing concern. The school has a homework policy is available from the Principal.



    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

The following ailments require a period of exclusion from school unless a doctor is prepared to issue a

    medical certificate to say the child is free from infection and well enough to return to normal school activities.

    CHICKEN POX Exclude until fully recovered, or at least five days after the eruption first

    appears. Some remaining scabs do not justify continued exclusion. DIPHTHERIA Medical certificate only.

    VIRAL HEPATITIS Medical certificate only.

    IMPETIGO (school sores) Must be under treatment, including use of occlusive dressings.

    INFLUENZA Return when symptoms have subsided. MEASLES Readmit on medical certificate or at least 4 days after the appearance of the

    rash if well. (Notify Health Department). MUMPS Exclude for at least 9 days after onset of symptoms.

    PEDICULOSIS (nits) Must be treated before allowed back to school.

    RINGWORM Medical certificate only.

    RUBELLA(German Measles) Medical certificate or symptoms have subsided.

    SCABIES Exclude from school until effective treatment has been instituted. SCARLET FEVER Re-admit with medical certificate only.

Children who are not fully immunised have a high risk of contracting serious infectious diseases. Children

    commencing school should already have received their measles and mumps injection and their booster

    immunisation against diphtheria, tetanus and polio. It is most important that your child has these booster

    immunisations before commencing school early in the first term. Special arrangements can be made at

    clinics and with private doctors for children who have not had any previous immunisations or who have

    missed some of their doses. It is vital that you keep a record of your child‘s immunisation. Record cards are

    provided by clinics and doctors.


     The school carries insurance for students both at school and when participating in educational activities

    away from the school site, where the children are in a class groups. Special insurance will be arranged for

    overnight stays. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are adequately covered by

    insurance for accidents that are not caused through defects or negligence of an employee.


The school has a lunch service for pupils. This will be regularly monitored the ensure quality service is


    Pupils who bring their own lunch will eat in the cafeteria with other pupils.

    Parents are encouraged to send snacks and juice for the morning break time. This will be taken

    outside the classroom and the students will put all resulting litter in the bins provided.


Please inform us of any medical condition, no matter how minor, that your child may have. Parents of

    children who suffer from allergies need to read the policy regarding this and to sign a waiver with regards to

    the schools use of an epi-pen.


    Green Oasis School

    Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China


    Parents who wish prescribed medicines to be given at school must contact the school in writing. The Staff does not, in general, administer medicines to children. The school doctor will only administer medicines with the written consent of the parents or guardian.


If money is sent to school for any purpose, please put it in a secure envelope and mark the child's name

    and room on the outside.


    Much time is lost in attempts to trace owners of lost property. Please ensure that names are clearly marked on all items of personal property, including every item of clothing, books etc. The school cannot accept responsibility for losses. At the end of each term, lost property will be cleared by forwarding the unclaimed items to a worthwhile charity.

    No responsibility can be taken by the school for damage or theft of items such as personal music players, mobile phones, personal sporting equipment and special toys, etc, which children bring to school. For this reason children are requested to leave these personal items at home unless asked by the teacher for a specific purpose.


    Parents are advised that no smoking is permitted within the school grounds or building. We thank parents for their continued cooperation with this health issue.


    Personal interviews can generally be organised by ringing the school. Teachers are not available to come to the telephone during lesson times. Please do not ring them at home.


    A wide range of sporting activities are programmed during the course of the year. All students are expected to participate in Physical Education Skill Lessons. During Physical Education activities students will require to have, and wear, appropriate clothing.

    Physical Education is a compulsory subject. Generally, children who are too sick to take part are too sick to be at school. Children who wish to be excused from Physical Education must bring a note signed by a parent or guardian. A medical certificate must accompany any request for permanent or long term


    All children will be placed in one of our four school houses. Children new to the school will be advised of their team shortly after their arrival, students retain the same team colour from year to year.


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