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    159 Gertrude St

    Fitzroy Victoria 3065

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Adam Cullen: Scars Last Longer. Ingrid Periz 112pp 2004 T&H PB $39.95

    Ah Xian 2003 56pp T&H PB $32.95

    **** Alphonse Mucha Masterworks Rosalind Ormiston 199pp 2007 BW HC $39.95 **** Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery.

    David Attenborough, Susan Owens, Martin Clayton and Rea Alexandratos. 223pp 2007 T&H HC $55.00 Amedeo Modigliani. Portraits and Nudes. Annette Kruszynski PER 120pp PB $20.00 **** An Artist’s Handbook: Materials and Techniques Margaret Krug 256pp 2007 T&H PB $45.00 Andy Warhol: 365 Takes. Andy Warhol Museum. 743pp 2004 T&H HC $75.00 ****Animal Collective Fupete & Jacklamotta 2007 BW PB$39.95

    Anthony Gormley: Drawing. 2002 207pp T&H HC$140.00

    Argentine Hag Banana Yoshimoto. IDEA 2002 153pp HC$65.00 ****Art Deco 1910-1939 Ghislaine Wood 2008 CL 317pp. PB$55.00

    Art: 21: Art in the Twenty-first Century. 2003 216pp T&H HC $125.00 Art: The World of Art, From Aboriginal to American Pop, Renaissance Masters to Postmodernism. Ed: Professor Robert Belton 2002 512pp BW HC $59.95

    Art and Fashion: The Impact of Art on Fashion and Fashion on Art

    Dr. Alice Mackrell 2005 176pp CL PB $49.95

    **** Art and Today Eleanor Heartney 440pp 2008 BW HC $120.00

    Art Book for Children. 80pp. 2005 BW HC $29.95

    Art Brut: The Origins of Outsider Art Lucienne Peiry 318pp 2001 T&H PB $49.95

    Art Cars Harrod Blank 2002 145pp CL PB $29.95

    Art Deco Style Bevis Hillier & Stephen Escritt. 1997. 239pp. BW. HC $107.80 Art Forms From the Ocean Ernst Haeckel 2005 Per PB $49.95

    Art Forms in Nature Ernst Haeckel. 100pp. Ing. /Per PB $54.95 Art & Humanist Ideals: Contemporary Perspectives. William Kelly 287pp 2003 McM HC $38.50

    Art in Australia. Christopher Allen PB $27.40

    Art Nouveau. Klaus Jurgen Sembauk. 240pp. Tow. PB $46.95 Art Nouveau. Klaus Jurgen Sembauk. 240pp. Tow. HC$55.00 **** Art Nouveau Gabriele Fahr-Becker 425pp 2007 T&H PB $35.00 Art Nouveau Floral Patterns & Stencil Designs. M.P. Verneuil 80pp. Kir PB $38.95 Art Now Eds: Burkhard Riemschneider & Uta Grosenick 191pp 2001 TOW PB $19.95

    **** Art Now Vol 2 Uta Grosenick (ed) 2008 352pp. TOW HC $34.95 The Art of the Bookplate James P. Keenan. 2003. 175pp. CL. HC $24.95

    The Art of the Celts David Sandison. 1998. 96pp. BW. HC $43.95

    Art of Craft, Contemporary Works from the Saxe Collection. Timothy Burgard.266pp. Pen. HC $95.00 Art of Grahame King. 159pp 2005 MacM HC $99.00 The Art of Looking Sideways. Alan Fletcher 2001 535pp BW HC $65.00

    The Art of Optical Illusions Al Seckel 2000. 160pp. BW. PB $19.95 **** The Art of Placemaking: Interpreting Community Through Public Art and Urban Design.

    Ronald Lee Fleming 383pp 2007 BW HC $99.95

    The Art of the Portrait Norman Schneider 1999 180pp Tow HC $44.95

    Art Since 1900: Modernism, Anti Modernism, Post Modernism.

    H. Foster, R. Krauss, Y. Bois, B. Buchloh. 2004 704pp. T&H HC $125.00

    Art of Tibet Robert E. Fisher 1997 224pp W of A T&H PB $29.40 Art & Techniques of Sumi-e: Japanese ink-Painting as Taught by Ukai Uchiyama

    Kay Morrissey Thompson 1994 71pp HC PB $29.95

    Art & Words (NGV) 2003 BW PB $12.95 **** Artful Storybook (The): Mixed-Media Artists Create Handmade Tales

    Terry Taylor 128pp. 2008 CL PB $25.00

    The Arts & Crafts Companion. Pamela Todd. 319pp T&H 2004 HC $90.00

    Artist’s Studio (The): Photography at the Musee Dorsay Dominique de Font-Reaulx

    2005 Per PB$21.95 thArtist’s Handbook of Materials & Techniques. 5 Edition Ralph Mayer. 761pp ING HC $79.95 Artists’ Textiles in Britain 1945-1970. Geoffrey Rayner, Richard Chamberlain, Annamarie Stapleton. 2003 127pp PER PB $75.00

    Artist’s Way Workbook (The) Julia Cameron 162pp 1992/2006 TOW PB $44.95

    Arts of Asia (The): Materials, Techniques, Styles Meher McArthur 2005 256pp T&H HC$85.00 Arts of Southeast Asia. Ed: R. Lennox 80pp 2001 BW PB $28.95

    Aubrey Beardsley: A Slave to Beauty. David Colvin 1998 112pp ADS HC $56.95 Auguste Rodin & Camille Claudel. J.A.Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth. PER 128pp PB$20.00 Australian Artists. Portraits by Greg Weight. TOW 203pp 2004 HC$85.00 Australian Colonial Art. 1800-1900 R. Radford. PB $34.00 Australian Felix. Landscapes by Jeffrey Makin. 2002 190pp MCM HC $99.00

    Australian Painting Now. Ed: L. M. Cree & N. Drury 2000 244pp T&H HC $99.00

    Australian Surrealism. Bruce James 2003 202pp Per HC $99.00

Basquiat. 203pp 1999 ING PB $90.00

    Basquiat. Leonard Emmerling 96pp 2003 TOW PB $19.95

    Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art. Phoebe Hoban 384pp 1994 ING PB $31.00 Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art & Street Culture. Ed: A. Rose & C. Strike.

     2004 256pp ING PB$79.50

    The Beauty of Life. William Morris & the art of Design. 2003 176pp T&H PB$45.00

    Max Beckmann and the Self. Sister Wendy Beckett. PER 120pp PB $20.00

    ****BibliOdyssey PK 2007 160pp. ING HC$59.95

    Bird. Kat McLeod. 2002 3DEEP Boxed HC $199.95

    ****Birds The Art of Ornithology Jonathan Elphick 2008 336pp. T&H HC$29.95 Birth & Present: A Studion Portrait of Yoshimoto Nara. 2003 BW HC $49.95

    **** Black Magic White Noise 157pp 2007 BAM PB $80.00 Boards. The art & design of the skateboard. 2003 224pp T&H PB$38.00 **** Body Double: Julie Rrap Victoria Lynn 168pp 2007 Piper HC $69.95 **** The Book of Plants: The Complete Plates Basilius Besler 443pp 2007 TOW HC $75.00

    ****Books and Documents Arte Povera 1966-1980 Giorgio Maffei 2007 286pp. BAM PB $99.50

    Boredom. Faile collective. 2003 BAM HC $115.00 The Boyds unirep PB $49.95

    Brett Whitely: Art & Life. B. Pierce, B. Robertson & W. Whitely 240pp 2004 T&H PB $55.00 Brickworks. Gwen Heeney 2003 208pp ADS HC $95.00 **** By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art. Ed: Shu Hung & Joseph Magliaro

    175pp 2007 BAM HC $68.00

    Cabinets Of Curiosities. Patrick Mauries . 256pp 2002 T&H HC$120.00 Cabinets Of Natural Curiosities. Complete Plates in Colour 1734-1765. Albertus Seba. th Anniversary slipcase 543pp 2005 TOW (slipcase) HC$170.00 Taschen 25

    Cameron Hayes. Cameron Hayes. 2004 IDEA 50pp PB $15.00 Carlo Crivelli Ronald Lightbrown 384pp 2004 ING HC $125.00 A Century of Artists Books Johanna Drucker. 377pp. 1994/2004 IDEA PB $56.00

    Charles Blackman: Alice in Wonderland 142pp 2006 BW HC $59.95

    **** Chinese Propaganda Posters: From the Collection of Michael Wolf

    236pp 2008 TOW PB $34.95

    Christian Boltanski 160pp 2004 BW PB $69.95

    Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills. 164pp 2003 T&H HC $75.00

    Colour in Art John Gage 224pp 2006 T&H (World of Art series) PB $29.95 Colors: What They Mean and How to Make Them. Anne Varichon 287pp 2006 T&H HC $49.95 Collage Discovery Workshop. Claudine Hellmut 127pp 2003 CL PB $39.95

    Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected.

    Claudine Hellmut 128pp 2005 CL PB $39.95

    Collage Unleashed: Paint, bind, stitch, play. Traci Bautista 127pp 2006 CL PB $37.95

    Complete Mondrian. Marty Bax. 575pp 2001 AshG PB$65.00 **** Conceived on a Train: A Book Of Cartoons, Illustrations and Graphic Stories Done in Melbourne

    Essays by Danny Katz & Shaun Micallef 60pp 2007 MacM PB $19.95 Conceptual Art. Daniel Marzona 95pp 2005 Tow PB $19.95 Convergence Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, Mars-1, Brett Amory, Nome Edonna,

    Oliver Vernon 2005 BW PB $59.95

    Craft Unbound: Making the Common Precious. Kevin Murray 109pp 2005 T&H PB $39.95

    **** Cross Currents: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art. 175pp 2007 BW PB $49.95 Cubism Philip Cooper 124pp 1995/2003 BW PB $16.95 The Cutting Edge of Modernity. Linocuts of the Grosvenor School. Gordon Samuel & Nicola Penny

    2002 72pp AshG PB$55.00

    Dada: The Revolt of Art. Marc Dachy 127pp 2006 T&H PB $16.95 The Dada Spirit. Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais. PER 2004 80pp HC $38.95

    David Noonan: Before and Now Johanna Fahey 2004 111pp T&H PB $39.95

    Decorative Arts , in the international collections of the NGV.

    Christopher Menz & Margaret Legge 127pp 2003 BW PB$44.95 Design Does Not Equal Art: functional Objects From Donald Judd to Rachel Whiteread

     2004 215pp. BW. HC $98.00

    Dictionary of Symbols in Western Art Sara Carr-Gomm 240pp 1995 ING HC $55.00

    Directory of Australian Art Ashley Crawford 139pp 2006 T&H PB $39.95 **** Divided Heart, The: Art and Motherhood. Rachel Power 309pp 2008 RH PB $30.00 Doug Aitken. Daniel Birnbaum, Amanda Sharp, Jorg Heiser. 2001 159pp BW PB$59.95 Drawing Now: Eight Propositions. Laura Hoptman 192pp 2003 ING PB $61.00 **** Drawn in Provence: A French Visual Diary. Julianne Elizabeth Walsh 2007 JW HC $39.95

     Duchamp Marcel Art as Anti-Art .Janis Mink. 95pp. 2004 Tow. PB $19.95

Earthly Beauty. Heavenly Art. Art of Islam. 311pp AshG PB$77.00

    Egon Schiele. Drawings & Watercolours Jane Kallir 493pp 2004 T&H HC $70.00 Egon Schiele. Eros & Passion. 116pp PER PB $20.00 **** Egon Schiele: The Egoist. Jean-Louis Gaillemin 160pp 2006 T&H PB $16.95 El Cartel . Pocko Editions. 2003 IDEA PB$16.50 The Encyclopedia of Art Techniques Ed: Tessa Clarke 352pp 2003 BW HC $55.00 **** Enclosure Andy Goldsworthy 191pp 2007 T&H HC $95.00 The Essential Guide to Craft Katherine Sorrell 333pp 2002 ADS PB $34.95 Extreme Bodies: The Use & Abuse of the Body in Art

    Francesca Alfano Miglietti. 2003 254pp T&H PB $36.00

    Fauvism Sarah Whitfield 1996 216pp W of A T&H PB $25.00

Federation: Australian Art & Society. 1901-2001. John McDonald PB $40.00 th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art Queensland Art Gallery. The 5

    Eds. Lynne Seear & Suhanya Raffel. 301pp 2006 T&H PB $59.95 **** Fifty Women Artists You Should Know Christiane Weidemann, Petra Larass, Melanie Klier

     176pp. 2008 PER PB $39.95

    Fine Art of the Tin Can (The): Techniques & Inspirations. Bobby Hansson 160pp

    2004 CL PB $25.00

    Fiona Hall Julie Ewington 192pp 2005 Piper HC $88.00 **** Fiona Hall Force Field 96pp. 2008 BW PB $39.95

    400 Wood Boxes. The fine art of Containment & Concealment. CL 2004 PB $39.95

    500 Self Portraits 547pp 2000 BW PB $29.95 Flagship: Australian Art in the N.G.V 1790-2000 Isobel Crombie 2001 BW PB $24.95

    Flower Album Dietmar Busse 2003 80pp BW HC $59.95 **** Fly By Night: The New Art of the Club Flyer. Craig McCarthy 123pp 2008 T&H PB $39.95

    Francis Bacon. The Papal Portraits of 1953. 2002 80pp AshG HC$62.00 Fred William: The Pilbara Series. 40pp 2002 NGV PB $16.95 Fred William: An Australian Vision. I. Zdanowicz & S. Coppel 128pp 2003 T&H PB $55.00

    **** Frida Kahlo: I Paint My Reality. Christina Burrus 144pp 2008 T&H PB$16.95

    **** Frida Kahlo Walker Art Center 320pp 2007 T&H HC $75.00 Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Isabel Alcantara, Sandra Egnolff 2005 118pp PER PB$29.95

    **** Frida Kahlo: The Still Lives. Salomon Grimberg 176pp 2008 T&H

    HC $69.95

    **** Frida Kahlo: Song of Herself. Salomon Grimberg 159pp 2008 ING HC $49.95 ****Fully Booked Cover Art & Design for Books Klanten, Robert & Hubner, Matthias Eds

    2008 BAM HC $130.00

    **** Galleries of Australia & New Zealand: A Guide to Contemporary Arts & Crafts.

    125pp 2007 PER PB $25.00

    **** Garden of Eden: Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration. H.Walter Lack

    576pp 2008 TOW HC $70.00

    German Art Now Ed: Cornelia Homburg 2003 160pp BW HC $75.00 Goya. Drawings From His Private Albums. 2001 206pp AshG HC$108.00

    Graphiscape Tokyo Ivan Vartanian & Lesley A. Martin 2003 127pp T&H PB$45.00 **** Great Naturalists (The) ed. Robert Huxley 304pp 2007 T&H HC $75.00 Gauguin. Ingo F. Walther 95pp 2000 Tow PB $22.95 Giant. Mike Giant 2004 BW HC $65.00

    Glen Henderson: Selected Projects 1995-2005 2005 Cons PB $35.00

    **** Graffiti Argentina Maximiliano Ruiz 151pp 2008 T&H HC $39.95 Graffiti Brasil Tristan Manco, Lost Art, Caleb Neelon 127pp 2005 T&H PB $29.95

    Gerhard Richter: The Daily Practice of Painting. Writings 1962 1993 1995 ING PB $50.00

    ****Graphic Work of M. C. Escher (The) 2008 96pp. TOW HC $

    Great Escape (The) 154pp 2006 BAM PB $80.00

     thHealth Hazards Manual For Artists. 5 Edition. M. McCann 168pp 2003 PER PB $24.95

    Henry Moore: A Monumental Vision John Hedgecoe 2005 256pp TOW PB $44.95

    Hindu Art & Architecture George Michell 2000 224pp W of A T&H PB $30.00 Hiratsuka: Modern Master. 120pp. 2001 UNIREP PB $48.00 **** Hiroshige. Adele Schlombs 94pp 2007 TOW PB $24.95 Hiroshige’s Journey in the 60 Odd Provinces. Ed: Marije Jansen 174pp 2004 BW PB $65.00

    Hiroshige’s Views of Mount Fuji. Oliver Impey 32pp 2001 Ash PB $16.00 Hokusai Gian Carlo Calza 520pp 2003 BW PB $85.00 / HC $180.00 **** Home-Made: Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts. Vladimir Arkhipov 303pp

    2006 T&H HC $55.00

    How To Look at Outsider Art. Lyle Rexer 2005 176pp T&H PB $39.95 **** Hundertwasser Pierre Restany & Friedrich Hundertwasser 255pp 2008 ING HC $69.95 **** Hundertwasser: Architecture 317pp 2007 TOW HC $99.00

    Hundertwasser: KunstHausWien. 96pp 2006 TOW PB $19.95

Hundertwasser: The Painter-King With Five Skins. Pierre Restany 95pp 2001 TOW PB $19.95

    **** Icons Robin Cormack 144pp 2007 T&H HC $49.95 Icons. Angels. Gilles Neret. TOW 2003 190pp PB$16.95

    Icons. Devils. Gilles Neret. TOW 2003 190pp PB$16.95 thIcons of Art: The 20 Century. Ed: J. Tesch & E. Hollmann 215pp 2003 PER PB $39.95

    I’ll Keep Thinking. Inflate. Nick Crosbie. 123pp 2003 BAM PB $44.50 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols J.C. Cooper 208pp 2004 T&H PB $32.00

    **** Illustration Now! Ed. Julius Wiedemann 352pp 2008 TOW HC $34.95 Images and Insights: The Art of Anne Marie Graham Joan Ackland

    304pp 2004 AMG PB $49.95

    Imants Tillers: One World Many Visions NGA, Deborah Hart, ed.

     127pp 2006 T&H HC $49.95

    Installation Art in the New Millennium. N. De Oliveira, N. Oxley & M. Petry

    208pp 2003 T&H PB $60.00

    Insult to Injury. Jake & Dinos Chapman 2003 T&H HC $105.00 Introducing Gilbert & George. R. Rosenblum 176pp 2004 T&H PB $39.95 Islam: Art & Architecture. Ed: M. Hattstein & P. Delius 639pp 2004 PER PB $44.95

    Isms: Understanding Art Stephen Little 160pp 2004 ADS PB $29.95

Jackson Pollock: An American Saga. S. Naifeh & G. White Smith 934pp 1989 ING PB $49.95

    James Gleeson: Beyond the Screen of Light. 2004 216pp PER out of print James Northfield & the Art of Selling Australia. Michelle Hetherington. 96pp 2006 NGA PB $29.95

    Jane Simpson: Fresh Fresher. 2002 204pp IDEA HC $89.95 Japanese Colour Prints. J. Hillier 126pp 1966/2001 BW PB $16.95 Japanese Ghosts & Demons: Art of the Supernatural Ed. Stephen Addiss 192pp

    1985/2005 PER PB $54.95 th**** Japanese Prints. 25 Anniversary edition G. Fahr-Beckerr 200pp. 2007 Tow HC $34.95

    Jeffrey Smart Barry Pearce 2005 256pp PER HC $120.00

    John Coburn: The Spirit of Colour. Lou Klepac 2003 216pp PER HC $120.00 John Wolsley Land Marks 2 Sasha Grishin 208pp 2006 T&H PB $70.00

    Josef + Anni Albers: Designs for Living 2004 160pp BW HC $69.95

    **** JMW Turner The Man Who Set Painting on Fire Olivier Meslay 2005 160pp. T&H PB $16.95

    Julian Opie Mary Horlock 2004 125pp T&H PB $45.00

    **** Juxtapoz Illustration Roger Gastman Ed 2008 192pp. ING HC $49.95

**** Kandinsky Ulrike Becks-Malorny 216pp 2007 TOW HC $34.95

    Keith Haring Germano Celant 1997 212pp. Per PB $80.00 Kiki Smith: Prints, Books & Things. 150pp 2003 T&H HC$85.00 Klimt & Fashion. Christian Brandstatter. 80pp PER 2004 HC $38.95

    Land Art BenTufnell 144pp 2006 T&H PB $55.00 Landmarks: Indigenous Art in the National Gallery of Victoria Judith Ryan

    144pp 2006 BW PB $49.95

    Language of Flowers (The): Symbols and Myths. (Prestel Mini) Marina Heilmeyer

    61pp 2004 PER HC $14.95

    Leonardo da Vinci: The Complete Works. 639pp 2006 CL HC $29.95 Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man. Alessandro Vezzosi 159pp 1997 T&H PB $16.95

    Leonardo’s Machines: Da Vinci’s Inventions Revealed. Eds: M. Taddei & E. Zanon

    239pp 2006 CL PB $39.95

    Lisa Roet: Uncommon Observations Alexie Glass 2004 111pp T&H PB $39.95 London Street Art Alex MacNaughton 2006 ING HC $29.95 **** London Street Art 2 Alex MacNaughton 2007 ING HC $29.95 Louise Bourgeois (Contemporary Artists series) Robert Storr, Paulo Herkenhoff,

    Allan Schwartzman 160pp 2003 BW PB $69.95

    Louise Bourgeois Paul Gardner. 1994. 112pp. BW. PB $32.95

    Louise Bourgeois Marie-Laure Bernadac 1996 186pp T&H HC $80.00 Louise Bourgeois: Destruction of the Father, Reconstruction of the Father. Writings & Interviews 1923 - 1997 2000 384pp T&H PB $70.00 Louise Bourgeois: Emotions Abstracted. Ed: E. Keller & R. Malin 2004 144pp TOW HC $99.00

    **** Louise Bourgeois: The Secrets of the Cells. Rainer Crone, Petrus Graf Schaesberg

    166pp 2008 PER PB $39.95

    Lucien Freud 240pp 2002 T&H PB $88.00

    **** Lucien Freud Sebastian Smee 96pp 2007 TOW PB $24.95

    M.C. Escher 191pp 2006 TOW PB $22.95 M.C.Escher. Visions of Symmetry. Doris Schattschneider. T&H 370pp 2004 HC $60.00

    **** Magritte Jaques Meuris 216pp 2007 TOW HC $34.95 Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book. Ed: Ziggy Hanaor 141pp 2006 BAM HC $55.00

    Margaret Preston The prints of Roger Butler 372pp. 2005 T&H PB $80.00 Margaret Woodward. Gavin Fry 148pp 2002 PER HC $90.00 Maria Sibylla Merian: Artist & Naturalist 1647-1717. 275pp 1998 Tow HC $65.00

    Marlene Dumas (Contemporary Artists series) 160pp 2005 BW PB $69.95

    Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion.

    Al Seckel 320pp 2004 CL PB $25.00/HC $40.00

    **** Matisse The Sensuality of Colour Xavier Girard 176pp. 2002 T&H PB $16.95

    Titian, Rubens, Velazquez, Hogarth. Matthew Collings. 2003 240pp ADS HC$59.95 Matt’s Old Masters.

    Max Beckmann and the Self. Sister Wendy Beckett. PER 120pp PB $20.00 Meatphysics. Jake Chapman 2003 ModularP PB $40.00

    **** Metamorphosis: 50 Contemporary Surrel, Fantastic & Visionary Artists.

    Ed: Robyn Flemming 2007 TOW HC $60.00

    Methods & Theories of Art History. Anne D’Alleva 186pp 2005 T&H PB $25.00

    Michael Johnson. Barry Pierce 2004 204pp Per HC $120.00 Milton Avery: The Late Paintings. Robert Hobbs 112pp 2001 T&H HC $75.00 Mirca Mora. Love & Clutter. Pears 2003 140pp HC $45.00 Miro. Walter Erben 1988/2003 230pp TOW PB $44.95 Miro’s Studio Juan Teodoro Punyet Miro 79pp 2004 PER HB $35.00 **** Mr. Marshall’s Flower Book 192pp 2008 T&H HC $29.95 Modern Australian Women. Paintings & Prints 1925 1945 144pp 2004 T&H PB $45.00

    Amedeo Modigliani. Portraits and Nudes. Annette Kruszynski PER 120pp PB $20.00

    Monet at Vetheuil. David Joel 2002 221pp Per HC $39.95 **** Monet The Ultimate Impresionist Sylvie Patin 2005 176pp. T&H PB $16.95

    Morning Wood. Compiled by Roger Gastman 2003 BW PB $89.95 The Most Special Day of My Life. Clayton Brothers. ING HC $73.00

    **** Muerte Mike Giant 2007 BW PB $39.95 **** Murakami Paul Schimmel 327pp 2007 ING HC $105.00

    No-Man’s-Land. Ni Haifeng. 2003 Idea 102pp PB $55.00 Not Just a Suburban Boy. E. Preston . 2002. 262pp McM PB $22.00

Obey: Supply & Demand. The Art of Shepard Fairey 151pp 2006 BW HC $110.00

    **** 1000 Artist Trading Cards: Innovative and Inspired Mixed-Media ATCs. Patricia Bolton

    320pp 2007 TOW PB $55.00

Paintings That Changed the World. From Lascaux to Picasso. 176pp 2003 PER PB $39.95

    Passage. Andy Goldsworthy 168pp 2004 T&H HC $100.00

    Photograph as Contemporary Art. (W.O.A) Charlotte Cotton 2004 224pp T&H PB $30.00

    Picasso. The Objects. Edward Quinn. 80pp 2002 PER HC $38.95 Picture Perfect: Fusions of Illustration & Design Ian Noble 2003 160pp T&H HC $90.00

    ****A Pocketful of Contemporary Artists Sebastian Piras 2008 256pp BW HC$24.95

    Pop Art. Tilman Osterwold 2007 239pp TOW PB $44.95 **** Pop Art Tilman Osterwold 2007 240pp TOW HC $34.95

Pop Art. Jamie James 126pp 1996/2003 BW PB $16.95

    Prehistoric Art. Jean Pierre Mohen 2002 207pp BW. PB $ 60.00 **** Pre-Raphaelites (The): Romance and Realism. Laurence des Cars 127pp 2000 T&H PB $16.95

    The Beginnings of the Western Desert Painting Movement. G & Papunya: A Place Made After the Story.

    J Bardon 527pp 2005 McM HC $120.00

    **** Printed: Images by Australian Artists 1885 1955. Roger Butler: NGA 328pp

    2007 T&H HC $89.00

    Rapture. Art’s Seduction by Fashion Chris Townsend 176pp 2002 T&H PB $66.00 Raw Creation: Outsider Art and Beyond 2000 240pp BW PB $59.95 Recycled Reseen C.Cerny & S.Seriff 1996 208pp T&H PB $67.00 **** Renoir A Sensuous Vision Anne Distel 2005 176pp. T&H PB $16.95 Richard Long: Mirage. 1998. BW. HC $32.95 Ricky Swallow: Field Recordings. Justin Paton 112pp 2004 T&H PB $39.95 Ricky Swallow This Time Another Year Ed. Charlotte Day 143pp 2005 MJ HC $27.50

    **** Rodin: The Hands of Genius Helene Pinet 145pp. 2005 T&H PB $16.95 Auguste Rodin & Camille Claudel. J.A.Schmoll gen. Eisenwerth. PER 128pp PB $20.00 **** Rome-antic Delusions Jeremy Fish 2008 BW PB$39.95

    Romantik. Ed: R. Klanten 144pp 2004 BAM PB $75.00

    Rothko Jacob Baal-Teshuva 96pp 2003 TOW PB $19.95 **** Roy Lang’s Sea & Sky in Oils: Painting the Atmosphere and Majesty of the Sea.

    64pp 2007 KA PB $26.95

    The Royal Art Lodge: ask the dust. Dictionary of Received Ideas. Idea 2003 103pp PB$65.00

    Russian Experiment in Art 1863-1922 Camilla Gray 324pp 2000 T&H PB $30.00

    **** Samuel Flores 2007 BW HC $39.95 Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters

    David Hockney 328pp (2001) 2006 T&H PB $75.00

    **** Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects Into Art. Michael de Meng

    128pp 2007 CL PB $40.00

    **** Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. Frida’s Wardrobe: Fashion From the Museo Frida Kahlo.

    189pp 2008 ING HC $65.00

    **** Shaun Gladwell: Videowork. 111pp 2007 Piper PB $20.00 Shock of the New (updated & enlarged) Robert Hughs 1980/2000 444pp T&H PB $55.00 Signs on the Wind. Postcard Collages. Lenore Tawney. 2002. 95pp. JR HC$49.95

    Signs, Symbols and Ciphers: Decoding the Message Georges Jean 1989 207pp T&H PB $14.95

    Skateboard Stickers M. Munson & S. Cardwell 144pp 2004 T&H PB $60.00

    Egon Schiele. Eros & Passion. 116pp PER PB$20.00 Sock Monkeys (200 out of 1,863). A Svenson & R. Warren 2002. Idea PB $49.95

    Sophie Calle: Did You See Me? 443pp 2003 PER HC $180.00 Spraycan Art. Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff. 96pp 1987 T&H PB $35.00 Story of Art (The) E.H.Gombrich 1046pp pocket edition 2006 BW PB $35.00 Strangeland Tracey Emin 2005 212pp ADS HC $35.00 **** Street Art and the War on Terror: How the World’s Best Graffiti Artists Said NO to the

    Iraq War. Ed. Eleanor Mathieson. Text: Xavier A. Tapies 174pp 2007 TOW HC $60.00 **** Street Art Chile Rod Palmer 144pp 2008 T&H PB $45.00 Street Art Uncut Matthew Lunn 143pp 2006 T&H PB $39.95

    Street Graphics: Cuba Barry Dawson 112pp 2002 T&H PB $46.00

    Street Graphics: Egypt. Barry Dawson 112pp 2003 T&H PB $45.00

    Street Graphics: New York Barry Dawson 112pp 2002 T&H PB $45.00

    Street Graphics: Tokyo Barry Dawson 112pp 2002 T&H PB $45.00

    Street Graphics: India Barry Dawson 112pp 1999 T&H PB $45.00

    Street Logos Tristan Manco 128pp 2004 T&H PB $30.00

    **** Studio: Australian Painters on the Nature of Creativity

    Ed: John McDonald 281pp 2007 TOW HC $70.00

    **** Studio: Australian Painters on the Nature of Creativity DVD

Interviews by John McDonald 103min TOW DVD $40.00

    Super Warhol Germano Celant 2003 540pp T&H HC $125.00

    Surrealism Patrick Waldberg 1997 128pp W of A T&H PB $25.00

    Surrealist Painting. Simon Wilson 126pp 1975/2002 BW PB $16.95

    Swag: Rock Posters of the 90’s Spencer Drake 160pp 2003 T&H PB $60.00 The Stones Of Venice. Lionello Puppi. 2002. 174pp T&H HC$75.00

**** Tattoo Darling: The Art of Angelique Houtkamp 80pp 2007 Tow PB $35.00

    **** 30,000 Years of Art: The story of human creativity across time and space.

    1063pp 2007 BW HC $69.95

    This is Modern Art. Matthew Collings 1999 270pp ADS PB $35.00 **** Tim Maguire 251pp 2007 PIP HC $99.00 Tom Friedman (Contemporary Artists series) Bruce Hainley, Dennis Cooper,

    Adrian Searle. 160pp 2001 BW PB $69.95

    **** Toulouse-Lautrec Painter of the Night Clare & Jose Freches 176pp. 2005 T&H PB $16.95

    Tracey Emin Neal Brown 121pp 2006 T&H PB $45.00

    Tracey Moffatt: Between Dreams and Reality. 143pp 2006 T&H PB $59.95 Turner and Venice. Ian Warrell. 2003. 279pp T&H PB $105.00 The Museum of Modern Art Book of Cartoons 86pp 2006 T&H HC $24.95

    The Turner Prize: 20 Years Virginia Button. 2003. 204pp T&H PB $65.00 th20 Century Art Book. 503pp 1996 BW PB$16.95 th20 Century Painting & Sculpture in the international collections of the NGV.

    Ted Gott, Laurie Benson & contributors. 134pp 2003 BW PB$44.95 2004: A Collaboration Between ACMI & the NGV. Ed: C. Green 223pp 2004 BW PB $39.95

    Two Centuries of Australian Art. Commentry by Bernard Smith 174pp 2003 T&H HC $65.00

    Video Art Michael Rush 224pp 2003 T&H HC $85.00 Video Game Art. Nic Kelman 319pp 2006 PER HC $49.95 Visions of Japan Kawase Hasui’s Masterpieces 2004 149pp BW PB $59.95 Visions of Modern Art. Painting & Sculpture from the Museum of Modern Art. Ed: John Elderfield 2003 351pp T&H HC $140.00

    Visions of Nature: The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel 299pp 2006 PER HC $200.00 Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing 352pp 2005 BW HC $99.95

    Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting Ed: Valerie Breuvart 351pp 2002 BW PB $69.95

What’s Wrong With Contemporary Art? Peter Timms 184pp 2004 UNIREP PB $29.95

    **** When Trash Becomes Art: Trash rubbish mongo. Lea Vergine 179pp 2007 T&H PB $35.00

    Where is Silas? Silas Holmes: Artist/poet/traveler/adventurer/entrepreneur/musician/lover & raconteur 2003 T&H HC $125.00

    Who Snatched the Babies? Yoshimoto Nara. 2002 IDEA PB $86.50 William Blake. The Painter at Work. Edited by Joyce Townsend. T&H 192pp 2003 PB $70.00

    William Creek & Beyond: Australian Artists Explore the Outback. 2002 302pp T&H HC $120.00

    WK Interact: Exterior-Interior Act2. 208pp 2005 BAM HC $110.00

    Woman Artists. Elke Linda Buchholz 127pp 2003 Per HC $65.00 thstWoman Artists in the 20 $ 21 Century Ed: Uta Grosenick 352pp 2005 TOW HC$34.95 thstWomen Artists in the 20 & 21 Century Ed: Uta Grosenick 191pp 2003 TOW PB $18.95

    Wonderland 160pp 2004 BAM PB $75.00

A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol David Dalton 2003 239pp BW HC $69.95

    Young, Sleek, and Full of Hell. Ten Years of New York”s Alleged Gallery. 2005 BW PB $49.95

ZOOmorphia Maria Fernanda Cardoso 79pp 2003 BW PB $24.95

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