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    (An Autonomous Scientific Society under Department of Information Technology, GoI)

    Electronics Niketan

    6, CGO Complex, Lodi road,

    New Delhi 110003.

    (Ph. No. 24364701; FAX No. 24392043)


    Tender Enquiry No.: EI-D/GA/5-36/2008 thDate: 16 September, 2008 thDue Date: 6 October, 2008 (3.00 P.M.) thOpening of Bids: 6 October, 2008 (3.30 P.M.)

    Subject : Engagement of Liaison Agency for ERNET India reg.

    Dear Sir,

     ERNET India, a scientific society under the Department of Information Technology, Govt.

    of India has been set up to provide state of the art, communication infrastructure and service to

    the academic and research community in India. The Society intends to engage services of a

    reputed Liaison Agency for Commissioning and maintenance of Leased lines from MTNL/BSNL.

    In addition, Society also intends to put Routers/Modems under AMC contract.

2. ERNET India has set up National Backbone connecting all PoPs. ERNET India is

    connected to many of the institutions in and around ERNET India’s PoP (list of PoP enclosed in

    Annexure-1) on the backbone either through terrestrial or radio link depending upon feasibility.

    There are at present about 200 terrestrial links of 64 Kbps/2Mbps connecting ERNET PoPs to

    various user organizations across the country. The numbers of links (terrestrial) are expected to

    increase to about 100 in next 6 months. Types of connectivity being provided by ERNET India

    are as under:

    i) Dial-up;

    ii) E1/R2;

    iii) ISDN;

    iv) Leased Line (64 Kbps-2 Mbps)

    v) Radio Link (64 Kbps 2 Mbps) in 2.4 GHz and 5.4 GHz

    vi) VSAT 1.8 M TDM/TDMA 3.8 M SCPC, DAMA;

    vii) Long Distance Leased Line including Local Loops (64 Kbps 2 Mbps)

    List of present User Leased Line Links are enclosed at Annexure-2.

3. For inter and intra city services for providing the above connectivity, ERNET India intends

    to outsource services like:

    i) Filling of application to MTNL/BSNL for release of Terrestrial leased links.

    ii) Installation, Commissioning of Terrestrial links including end to end testing of

    the link configuration of modems and Routers.

    iii) Testing of link and demonstration of the successful performance of the link to

    user by browsing from the user site.

    iv) Obtaining commissioning report from the user.

    v) Maintenance of Terrestrial Links.

    vi) AMC of Router installed for user links.

    vii) AMC of modems installed at the user end as well as the PoP end, for the

    leased line links.

    -: 2 :-

     Tender No. EI-D/GA/5-36/2008

    For provision of these services, you are required to liaison with various agencies including

    DOT/MTNL/BSNL etc.

    Detailed activities for maintaining and commissioning ERNET India’s Leased Line links are

    mentioned in Annexure-3.

    In addition to the comprehensive Leased Line link maintenance ERNET India wishes to

    put the Routers/Modems installed for ERNET VSAT links.

4. The Bidder should have experience of minimum 5 years in providing similar services to at

    least 3 users on countrywide basis having large size of WAN network.

    (i) The Tenderer should be able to provide services at all the existing PoPs (List

    enclosed) of ERNET India. The services will also be needed at Ahemdabad, Jaipur,

    Allahabd and Trivandrum. Tenderer should have their engineer/arrangement at all

    the location.

    (ii) The Tenderer should be willing to sign Service Level Agreement (SLA).

    (iii) The selected Tenderer would be required to sign a Performance Guarantee for

    98% uptime of links.

    (iv) The tenderer/organization would be required to provide a resident engineer for the

    PoP where number of links are more than 10.

    (v) Tenderer must provide names of the customers and details of the links being

    maintained by them.

    (vi) Tenderer must be maintaining minimum of 3 parties who have more than 100no of

    links country wide. The bidder should submit purchase order in support of this.

    (vii) Any Complain need to be attended within ? hour of report of fault.

5. The Tenderer should have experience of minimum of 3 years of maintaining Leased Line

    modems and Routers(Cisco Router). In case of failure of modems or routers, the tenderer is

    required to provide replacement for the failed equipment, till the failed equipment has not been


6. Tenderers are requested to kindly submit details about their experience in providing

    services detailed above. Tenderer should submit complete details about how they would provide

    services. Please submit your bids in two separate covers. First cover indicating “COVER FOR

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION” should consist of only details of services being offered along with literature, pamphlets, drawing etc. Price column in this cover should be kept blank. Second

    cover indicating, “COVER FOR PRICE BID” should consist the same details of first cover as well as price details (as in the format in Annexure-5) also. Both the covers should first be sealed

    separately, and then both the covers should be kept in a single sealed bigger cover. This cover

    addressed by name to the officer signing this enquiry should be submitted before due date and


7. Bids should be valid for a minimum period of 180 days after the due date.

8. Envelope should bear the inscription:

    “Quotation for Liaison Agency for ERNET India”

    “Tender Enquiry No.: EI-D/GA/5-36/2008”

    “Due Date & Time: 6th October, 2008 (3.00 P.M.)” th“Opening of Bids: 6 October, 2008 (3.30 P.M.)”

    Tender No. EI-D/GA/5-36/2008- :3: -

     th9. The Bids must reach the undersigned on or before the due date, i.e., 6 October, 2008 by

    3.00 P.M.. Bids received after the due date & time is liable to be rejected. In the event of due date

    being a closed holiday or declared Holiday for Central Government offices, the due date for

    submission of the bids will be the following working day at the appointed time & venue.

10. It may, however, be noted that an uptime of 98% would be taken as threshold point for

    maintenance of the links and for every 1% below 98% of uptime for any link, penalty of 5% of the

    cost of maintenance of the links would be imposed.

11. The payment would be released after satisfactory completion of commissioning. However,

    the payment for maintenance of the link would be released after completion of each quarter.

12. The successful bidder would be required to furnish a Performance Bank Guarantee

    amounting to Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs only) drawn in favour of ERNET India on any

    Indian Nationalized Bank valid for the period of one year from the date of the award of the

    contract, within 15 days of award of contract.

13. All the bidders are requested to submit Demand Draft for Rs.2,000/- towards tender fee, in

    case tender document is downloaded from the web site. In such case, Bid received without

    tender fee will be rejected.


    (i) Each quotation must be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 50,000/-

    (Rupees Fifty Thousands only) shall be in the form of Demand Draft/Pay

    Order/Bank Guarantee of any Indian Nationalized Bank taken in favour of Chief

    Finance officer, ERNET India, New Delhi. Bank Guarantee should be valid

    minimum for a period of 180 days from due date of the quotation. Quotations received without Earnest Money Deposit are liable to be rejected.

    (ii) Earnest Money is liable to be forfeited and bid is liable to be rejected, if the

    tenderer withdraw or amends, impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect

    within the period of validity of the tender.

    (iii) The earnest money of all the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned after

    placement of order on the selected vendor. No interest will be payable by ERNET

    India on the Earnest Money Deposit.

    (iv) The Earnest Money of successful bidder shall be returned after furnishing of

    Performance Security in the form of Bank Guarantee drawn on any Indian

    Nationalized Bank amounting to Rs.5,00,000/- in favour of ERNET India valid for a

    period of one year with effect from the date of award of contract failing which EMD

    shall be forfeited.

15. Rates quoted by the Vendor shall be final and no negotiation will be held.

    Yours faithfully,

    (S.C. Aggarwal)

    Registrar & CPO

    ANNEXURE-1 Tender No. EI-D/GA/5-36/2008 The PoPs of ERNET India are

    1. ERNET Head Quarter , 6 CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

2. C-DAC(Formerly NCST), Juhu, Andhari (West), Mumbai-49

3. Software Technology Parks of India, Block III, KSSIDC Complex, KEONICS Electronics City,

    Hosur Road, Bangalore 561 229

4. Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science,

    Bangalore 560 012

    5. Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Sector 1, Block AF, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata700 064

    6. University of Hyderabad, P. O. Central University Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500


    7. Centre for Advanced Technology, Sukhniwas Palace, P. O. C.A.T., Indore 452 013

8. Orissa Computer Application Centre, Bhubaneswar 751 007

    9. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

     600 036

10. IIT, Guwahati, North Guwahati, Guwahati 781 031

11. Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Post Office, Kanpur

     208 016

    12. Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Post Bag No. 4, Ganeshkhind, Pune

    411 007

13. DOEACC Centre (Foremerly Centre for Electronics Design and Technology in India), M.M.M.

    Engineering College Campus, Deoria Road, Gorakhpur 273 010

14. University of Rajasthan, UGC-Infonet Centre, New CDPE Building, Jaipur

    15. Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management (IIITMK), Thiruvananthapuram

    695 581

Please note that the proposed links will be from any of the PoPs and the bidder will be required to

    commission and maintain the links originating from these pops and terminating at the remote ends

    of users.

Tender will be evaluated considering estimated as per the no of links mentioned in the Price Bid

    Format. However, Purchase order will be issued only for the confirmed links.

List of Back Bone link and Gateway links are mentioned below. List of existing user links are in


Tender No. EI-D/GA/5-36/2008


List of Leased Lines to be put under comprehensive AMC

    Description of Date of Name of Institute SNo PoP end Equipments Commissioning /Organisation

    Acharya N.G. Ranga Active

    1. Agricultural LL -512 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 18 Apr, 2005 UOH-HYD

    University,Hyderabad Conventional link

    Active Agharkar Research 2. LL -512 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 03 Jan, 2005 IUCAA-PUNE Institute.,Pune Conventional link


    3. AICTE Headquaters.,Delhi LL -1 Mbps 1:3 Router-1721 29 Aug, 2002 EIS-DELHI

    Conventional link

    Active Ambedkar Institute Of 4. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 05 Mar, 2007 EIS-DELHI Technology,Delhi MLLN link


    5. Anna University.,Chennai LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 19 Mar, 2008 IIT-Ch

    Conventional link


    6. B.J.Medical College,Pune LL -2 Mbps 1:3 Router-1721 30 Sep,2006 IUCAA-PUNE

    MLLN link

    Babasaheb Bhimrao Active

    7. Ambedkar LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 26 Mar, 2008 IIT-KAN

    University,Lucknow Conventional link

    Active Banaras Hindu 8. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 23 Aug, 2006 IIT-KAN University,Varanasi Conventional link

    Active Banglore 9. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 19 Mar, 2008 IISC_BLR University.,Bangalore Conventional link

    Active Barkatullah 10. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 18 Mar, 2008 CAT-INDORE Vishwavidyalaya,Bhopal Conventional link

    Bengal Engineering & Active

    11. Science University, LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 01 Nov, 2007 VECC-CAL

    Howrah,Howrah Conventional link


    Router-1721 12. Bharati Vidyapeeth,Pune LL -2 Mbps 1:1 26 Mar, 2008 IUCAA-PUNE Conventional link

    Active Bombay Veterinary 13. LL -256 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 25 Jan,2005 NCST-MUM College,Mumbai Conventional link


    14. Bose Institute,Kolkata LL -1 Mbps 1:3 Router-1721 20 Dec,2004 VECC-CAL

    Conventional link

    West Bengal University of Active

    15. Animal & Fishery LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 29 May,2008 VECC-CAL

    Sciences,Kolkata Conventional link

    Active West Bengal University Of 16. LL -64 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 19 Apr,2004 VECC-CAL Technology,Kolkata Conventional link

    Active C-DOT, Banglore, 17. LL -2 Mbps 1:3 Router-1721 20 Aug,2003 IISC_BLR Bangalore Conventional link

    Active CCS Haryana Agricultural 18. LL -512 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 29 Apr,2005 EIS-DELHI University,Hisar Conventional link

    Active Central Arid Zone

    Active Kurukshetra 80. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 07 Nov,2007 EIS-DELHI Univ,Kurukshetra Conventional link

    Madras Research Centre of Active

    81. Central Marine Fisheries LL -128 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 26 Feb,2005 IIT-Ch

    Research Institute,Chennai Conventional link

    Maharana Pratap Active

    82. University of Agriculture & LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 01 May,2007 EIS-DELHI

    Technolgy,Udaipur Conventional link

    Disconnected 83. Bose Main Campus - PoP LL -2 Mbps 1:1 20 Dec,2006 PoP at Bose Institute, Kokata

    Active Maharishi Dayanand 84. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 07 Nov,2007 EIS-DELHI University,Rohtak User End-MLLN

    Active Mahatma Gandhi Kashi 85. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 26 Mar,2008 IIT-KAN Vidyapeeth,Varanasi Conventional link

    Active Maulana Azad National 86. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 26 Mar,2008 UOH-HYD Urdu Univ.,Hyderabad Conventional link

    Bose Institute Madhyam 87. LL 2Mbps Bose Institute PoP, Kolkata Gram

    National Academy of Active

    88. Agricultural Research LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1721 10 May,2007 EIS-DELHI

    Mgmt.,Hyderabad Conventional link

    Active National Aids Research 89. LL -2 Mbps 1:3 Router-1721 30 Sep,2006 IUCAA-PUNE Institute,Pune MLLN

    Active National Bureau of Plant & 90. LL -1 Mbps 1:3 Router-1721 06 Aug,2007 EIS-DELHI Genetin Resources,Delhi Conventional link

    National Bureau of Plant Active

    91. Genetic LL -128 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 13 Apr,2005 UOH-HYD

    Resources,Hyderabad Conventional link

    National Bureau of Soil Active

    92. Survey And Land Use LL -128 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 01 Apr,2005 VECC-CAL

    Planning,Kolkata Conventional link

    National Bureau of Soil Active

    93. Survey& Land Use LL -128 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 28 Jan,2005 IISC_BLR

    Planning,Bangalore Conventional link

    Active National Centre for Router-1721 94. Agricultural Economics and LL -512 Kbps 1:1 09 Apr,2007 EIS-DELHI Conventional link Policy Research,Delhi


    National Dairy Research Router-1721 95. LL -512 Kbps 1:3 05 Feb,2005 EIS-DELHI Institute, Karnal Conventional link

    Active National Inst of Res on Jute 96. LL -256 Kbps 1:3 Router-1721 01 Apr,2005 EIS-DELHI &Allied Fibre Tech,Kolkata Conventional link

    National Institute of Active

    97. Education Planning and LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 02 Mar,2006 EIS-DELHI

    Administration,New Delhi Conventional link

    National Institute of Active

    98. Fashion Technology, New LL -2 Mbps 1:2 User Router 23 Aug,2007 EIS-DELHI

    Delhi MLLN

    Active National Institute of Public

    Active Vidyasagar University 158. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 16 June,2008 VECC-CAL West Bengal Conventional link

    Active Vishva Bharti University 159. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 28 June,2008 VECC-CAL West Bengal Conventional link


    Mangalore University Router-1841 160. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 5 July,2008 IISC_BLR Karanataka MLLN


    Gulbarga University Router-1841 161. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 3 July,2008 IISC_BLR Karanataka Conventional link

    Sri Chandersekharendra Active

    162. Saraswathi Viswa Maha LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 1 July,2008 IIT-Ch

    Vidyalaya, Kanchipuram Conventional link

    Active Bunndelkhand University 163. LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 4 July, 2008 IIT-KAN Jhansi MLLN


    164. NIXI-Kolkatta LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1720 Existing VECC-CAL

    Conventional link


    165. NIXI-Mumbai LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1720 Existing NCST-MUM

    Conventional link


    166. CDAC Bangalore LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1720 Existing STPI_BLR

    Conventional link

    Active 167. CDAC-QOS Bangalore LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Existing STPI_BLR Conventional link

    Active 168. IIT Guwahati Backbone LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Existing VECC-CAL Conventional link

    Active 169. ICMR HQ,Delhi LL -2 Mbps 1:1 16 May,2008 EIS-DELHI MLLN


    170. ICMR TRC Chennai LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 16 May,2008 ICMR HQ



    171. ICMR NJILM Agra LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 9 May,2008 ICMR HQ



    172. ICMR NICED Calcutta LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 2 June,2008 ICMR HQ



    173. ICMR NIN Hyderabad LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 4 June,2008 ICMR HQ



    174. ICMR NIRH Mumbai LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 4 July,2008 ICMR HQ

    Conventional link


    175. ICMR NIV Pune LL -2 Mbps 1:1 Router-1841 13 June,2008 ICMR HQ



    176. SJCIT, Bangalore LL -64 Kbps Router-1720 Existing IISC_BLR

    Conventional link

1. No of Intercity Links 66

    2. No of Intra city Links 110

    3. No of links for which modems not under warranty, to be maintained 159 4. No of links for which modems under warranty, to be maintained 17 5. No of links for which routers not under warranty, to be maintained 148 6. No of links for which routers under warranty, to be maintained 28

** Bidder will ensure arranging refund from BSNL/MTNL for any access amount paid for a link/link

    to be commissioned.

** Purchase order/work order will be issued as per actual no of links/modem pairs to be maintained


Scope of Works of the liaison agency for ERNET India

    Commissioning of the links:

1. Collection/submission of Application formthe agency will collect duly filled applications

    for new links from ERNET India and submit in MTNL/BSNL accordingly.

2. Collection of demand note from MTNL/BSNL -- the agency will collect demand note raised

    by MTNL/BSNL, for any link and handover to ERNET Personnel. The demand note is to be

    handed over to ERNET India within maximum of 2 weeks from submission of the application.

3. Deposition of payments- - the agency will collect the payments against demand notes

    raised by MTNL/BSNL, from ERNET India and deposit the payments in MTNL/BSNL, accordingly.

4. Collection of the money receipts in original and hand over to ERNET personnel.

5. Commissioning of link to be completed within maximum period of 4 weeks from release of

    payments against demand note.

6. Commissioning includes end to end testing, connection of router and testing the internet

    access by connecting at least single PC to the router.

7. Obtaining of Commissioning Report from the user for the link and hand it over to ERNET


    Maintenance of the links:

1. Collection of payments for any link against demand notes raised by MTNL/BSNL for

    any link.

2. Deposition of payments, released by ERNET India/ user for the link at BSNL/MTNL


3. Collection of the money receipts in original and the same will be handed to ERNET


4. To resolve all the problems related to the links. All faults are to be rectified within 4


5. If any problem related to link is reported the link to be tested by connecting a single

    PC/lap-top computer to the router.

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