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    Unit5 Parts of the Body (2)


    Teaching aims

    1.Knowledge aims

     Learn these new words:leg, foot ,(feet), hand, arm.Enable Ss to master

    the new sentences:

    How many legs/hands/feet/arms can you see?

    I can see____legs/hands/feet/arms.

    2.Ability aims

    ;1To train the Ss basic ability of listening,speaking and reading.

    ( 2 ) To help them to obtain good pronounciation and intonation. 3. Emotion aims

    To add interests and increase motivation for children learning another


    Key points:

    To enable the Ss to grasp the new words and sentences. Difficult points:

    To help the Ss ask and answer the question How manycan you

    see?and make sure they can use the plural nouns correctly. Teaching aids : word cards , multi-media ,stickers

    Teaching procedures

    Step 1. Warming up and revision

1. Greeting

    2. Have a chantHands up

    3. I say you do :Touch your head/eyes/ nose/face/ears/mouth/neck. Step 2. Presentation

    1. Present the new words

    (1).(Teacher use the body language to present the new words:hand,arm,leg, foot.)

    T: Look at me! I can touch my head/nose.I can touch with my

    hands.Learn hand/hands.

    Look! Here is my arm.Learn arm/arms.

    The teacher write the words on the blackboard, and get Ss to pronounce

    them correctly.Pay attention foot-feet.

    (2).Play a game:Whats next?

    2. Present the sentences

    T:Look at here! I have two hands . (Then ask the Ss)How many hands can

    you see?

    Present the sentences: How manycan you see?

     I can see.

    Ask some boys come to the the front of class.Then ask the Ss How many

    boys/legs/handscan you see?


    1. Finish P40 Learn to say.

2. Check it and read it.

    3. Listen and act. Clap your hands, Stamp your feet.

     Wave your arms ,Bend your knees. (Ss do and say with the teacher)

    Step4 Consolidation

    1. Make a chant with the Ss.

    2. Sing a song:Follow me

    Step5. Homework

    Tell your parents about parts of the body.Say the chant to your parents.

Board Design

     Unit5 Parts of the body (2)



    How many arm(s) can you see?



    I can see .

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