Fast Forward Video, a renowned company known for being an

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Fast Forward Video, a renowned company known for being an ...


    Contact: Erik Jansen Contact: Bob Heiber CHAN & ASSOCIATES, INC CHACE PRODUCTIONS Phone: (714) 447-4993 Phone: (818) 842-8346 Fax: (714) 578-0284 Fax: (818) 842-8353

    Chace Productions Makes the Pink Panther

    Sound Colorfully Vivid in 5.1

    Four newly issued MGM Home Entertainment DVDs of classic Blake ?Edwards comedies feature restored 5.1 Chace Digital Stereo soundtracks.

Burbank, CA, July, 2003 TBA The Pink Panther series is a much loved, antic-filled,

    screwball comedy about the infamous bumbling Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) and the zany gags and circumstances he finds himself in while trying to recapture a famous stolen diamond named the Pink Panther. The popular series from director Blake Edwards spanned five films, beginning in the mid-60s and ending in 1982. The four Pink Panther titles that followed the 1964 debut continued to develop the inept Clouseau character, which Sellers played until his untimely death in 1980. All of the films display Sellers comedic talent, with plenty of slapstick laughs watching the Inspector fall into ponds, open doors and knock people cold and pocket flaming cigarette lighters.

MGM Home Entertainment is issuing special edition DVDs of the entire Pink Panther

    catalog. Four of these films underwent extensive audio restoration and re-mastering

    ?into 5.1 Chace Digital Stereo (CDS) by Burbank-based Chace Productions. Beginning

    with the first sequel, 1964‟s A Shot In The Dark regarded by many critics as the

    funniest of the entire series Chace also restored and re-mastered The Pink Panther

    Strikes Again (1976), Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) and Trail of the Pink Panther

    (1982), which was assembled after the death of Sellers by Blake Edwards from outtakes and unused material from the earlier films.

    Work on the films commenced with an evaluation of the various source elements for each title, provided to Chace by MGM. Deriving usable composite tracks from these

    elements proved daunting,” recalls Chace project coordinator Todd Mouser, “because the source material consisted of a dialog guide, mono music tracks, and a „filled‟ effects track for each of the four films. A filled effects track meant that the same sound effects existed on both the dialogue guide track, as well as on the corresponding filled effects track. The filled effects track was made for foreign markets, where the foreign dialogue would be recorded without any of the ambient effects that occurred in the original English production. However, because the same effects were duplicated on both the dialog guide and the filled effects track, they could not be combined into a single composite track, because the effects would be doubled or produce a range of phasing anomalies.”

    Chace restoration technicians Brian San Marco, Blake Teuscher and Jim Phillips painstakingly edited out all of the effects on the dialogue tracks and then combined the newly edited dialog stem with the existing music and filled effects stems for a usable composite track. During this stage, various audio anomalies, like pops, ticks, distortion

    ?and hiss were also removed using Sonic Solutions No Noise technology.

One element that proved extremely valuable was the original 2” 16-track music master

    of the Henry Mancini score for The Pink Panther Strikes Again. This famous and

    instantly recognizable theme, with its creeping saxophone, was nominated for an Academy Award when the Pink Panther debuted in 1964. The masters for the 1976

    installment contained the entire score, which was edited to picture by Chace mixer Greg Faust. He explains, “The music track was sampled into one of our Tascam MX-

    2424 digital tape decks and edited using Pro Tools along side the restored DME (Dialogue/Music/Effects) track. There were some sync issues, but generally the tracks Chace Productions Re-masters Four Pink Panther Films into 5.1 for DVD Release Page 2

matched the mono music stem from the DME, which I used as a guide.” The new score

    now sounds exceptionally clear and punchy. This serves as a fun compliment to the animated sequences featuring the famous Pink Panther cartoon character at the film‟s

    opening and closing credits, where visual and musical homage is paid to The Sound of

    Music, Singin In The Rain, and TVs Batman series.

Faust notes that the music to all the films now sounds even better than ever. “The new

    mixes are digital, but they retain all of the original analog warmth from the 16-track music score so they really deliver the best of both worlds to the viewer. The films we worked on spanned a time period of almost 20 years a significant length of time in

    terms of the way in which the audio was recorded and posted. In the two decades since the last Pink Panther release, audio restoration and re-mastering technology has

    ?greatly evolved. The Chace Digital Stereo processor and cutting edge mix technology

    at the facility are testament to this. It was my goal to make these films sound powerful and dynamic when played through a multi-channel home theater system, but still have them retain all the warmth of the great analog technology originally used to record the audio.”

    ?Chace Digital Stereo programming of the 5.1 track was completed by David Hunter and Randall Smith using the CDS processor. The new 5.1 sound design follows the action as Inspector Clouseau cuts a bumbling, destructive path through Paris.

Final mixing of the four films occurred in Chace Productions‟ Mix One – a digitally

    equipped THX-certified pm3 mix suite and proved to be the last challenge. “Pink

    Panther Strikes Again stands out,” recalls Faust, “because the restored music tracks possessed no reverb and the original stems had this great „plate splash‟ effect all over them. I wanted to recreate this but in a bigger, multi-channel version.” This was

    compounded by the difficulty in deciphering the track configuration of the 16- and 24-track sources, as no track list was available. Some tracks swam in reverb, while others possessed it only on certain instruments. Faust fixed the problem by employing the TC Chace Productions Re-masters Four Pink Panther Films into 5.1 for DVD Release Page 3

Electronics 6000. For a memorable Tom Jones song featured in The Pink Panther

    Strikes Again, there were no vocals on portions of the 16-track stem, but a mono music stem that was available did offer what was missing. Using Pro Tools, Faust to married the mono source vocals with the multi-channel music, and with careful mixing produced a captivating new 5.1 mix.

The collaboration between Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards for the Pink Panther

    produced a series of films that are regarded as comedy staples,” adds Chace General

    Manager James Eccles. The restored and re-mastered 5.1 mixes for these four titles are the result of the talent and technology that Chace offers. Audiences will not have to stumble around like Inspector Clouseau to discover the brilliance of the Mancini score or the hilarious contributions to the comedy genre made by Sellers.

About Chace Productions

    Chace Productions is a full-service audio post production facility. In addition to the restoration and re-mastering of film soundtracks, it also provides audio compression,

    ? NoNoiseaudio repair, music and effects construction and sync conversion transfer services.

    Contact Chace Productions at: 201 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502-2349; Phone: (818) 842-8346; Fax: (818) 842-8353; Website:


    Chace Productions Re-masters Four Pink Panther Films into 5.1 for DVD Release Page 4

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