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Global Support & Quality Assurance Manager, Software Projects & Development Manager. Research & Development Manager, Engineering Manager



    Personal Details

    First Name: Mauricio Last Name: Vás

thDate of Birth: 14 September 1960 Sex: Male

    Marital Status: Married with 3 children. Nationality: New Zealand & Portugal

    Address: 64 Sunrise Avenue Contact Details:

    Mairangi Bay Landline: +64 9 476 7088 North Shore City 0630 Mobile: +64 275 743 780 Auckland Email: New Zealand Skype ID: ulyssesnz or mauricio.vas

    Objectives: To make positive contributions for successful achievements of corporate goals and objectives. Achieve personal satisfaction through contributing to

    success and growth of my company and clients. Be a team player working in an integrated way within the team and across teams.

    Expertise: Extensive 25+ years experience and dedicated Information Technology

    professional who has a passion for quality, and undertakes tasks with a lot of drive and focus. My project deliverables are consistently achieved with a

    highly developed skill and innovation to overcome obstacles that present themselves. I am pragmatic, reviews existing processes and constantly seek improvements in proven methodologies and most appropriate business

    practices. I also have experience in schools and corporate governance matters.

I meet my objectives, create team unity, recruit excellent staff and meet

    deadlines. My professional attributes also include working as a valuable

    member of a senior management team, adhering to budgets, manage P&Ls,

    report effectively on progress and participate enthusiastically in all aspects of a business. My team based management style and excellent interpersonal

    communications skills have been commended by both my staff and management.

I possess strong leadership and communication skills and have gained a

    reputation for building cohesive high-performing multi-cultural teams through my people-orientation and leading by example.

    Positions Held: Regularly reporting to board of directors on strategic and tactical business

    issues, my previous roles have included key responsibility positions such as:

    General Manager National Operations Manager Global Support & Quality Assurance Manager Software Projects & Development Manager Research & Development Manager Engineering Manager Testing Manager Customer Services Manager Installations & Training Manager Technical Marketing Manager Technical Sales & Support Manager Help Desk Manager


    SUMMARY OF SKILLS: (Management Competencies)


    ? Identification and evaluation of emerging trends, identification of business risks and opportunities arising from

    the competitive market, performance standards and measurement, investment evaluation, business case


    ? Analysis of business processes and process alignment with the supporting IT systems. Business Development

    & work closely with Sales Management and Sales teams to help achieve professional services sales goals. ? Experience in schools and corporate governance matters.


    ? Hands-on management style that focuses team members to achieve performance excellence and leading by


    ? Exceptional skills in implementation of diverse teams and systems to provide business solutions, which

    increase operational efficiencies.


? Strong relationship management skills, excellent liaising, negotiating, mediating and presentation skills to

    ensure the forging of strong external relationships and understanding of clear internal business issues and

    objectives to achieve a common goal/vision.


? Experienced with setting up of quality standards, testing teams and procedures to ensure the product delivered

    to the market is of a high quality & acceptable standard.

    ? Excellent skills in software project scope, definition and resource allocation. ? Very goal focused and delivers bottom-line results through effective continuous process improvement



? Experienced with defining and implementing strategic quality standards, testing teams and procedures to

    ensure the product delivered to the market is of a high quality, acceptable marketable standard.


? Experienced in planning and management of significant operational budgets, managing funds effectively to

    ensure business objectives are delivered within budget.


    ? Extensive experience in technical staff recruitment and planning an appropriate training programme to achieve

    productive teams within a short time frame.


? Manage on-going relationships with customers and suppliers for identification and development of business


    ? Strong customer relationship management skills, including managing adherence to and measurement of

    SLA’s. Contract management experience, including contract negotiation and interpretation. ? Develop commercial relationships at all levels within the company, customer and partner organisations. ? Demonstrates excellent liaising, negotiating, mediating and presentation skills to ensure the forging of strong

    external relationships and understanding of clear internal business issues and objectives.

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:



2000 Present Ulysses Solutions Limited

    (Various Free Lance Development and Consulting Projects)

    Managing Director Primary Business Consultant & Interim Management

2006 2007 Total Contact Solutions Limited

    (Software Development Company)

    General Manager

2004 2004 Task Transactions Limited

    (Petrol Station Automation & ATM Banking Systems)

    National Operations Manager

2002 2003 Task Technology Limited

    (Petrol Station Automation)

    Projects Manager

2002 2002 Advantage Retail Solutions Limited

    (Petrol Station Automation)

    Software Projects & Development Manager

2001 2001 Voltaire Limited

    (High Definition Set Top TV Systems)

    Research & Development Manager

2000 2001 Telecom New Zealand

    (Online Data Provisioning Solution)

    Test Manager

1999 2000 Geac Computers NZ Limited

    (ERP Solutions)

    Global Support & Quality Assurance Manager

1998 1998 Cardlink Systems Limited

    (Loyalty Systems)

    Technical Sales and Support Manager

1996 1998 Eagle Technology Group Limited

    (ICT Engineering and Repair Centre)

    Northern Region Customer Services Manager

1987 1995 Task Technology Limited

    (Petrol Station Automation)

    1994 1995 Technical Marketing Manager

    1992 1993 Quality Assurance Manager

    1991 1992 Deputy National Customer Services Manager

    1987 1991 Customer Services Help Desk Manager

1986 1987 Micro Business Systems Limited

    (PC repairs and services)

    Store Computer Technical Person & Workshop Engineer

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:


    1985 1986 Ultra Business machines Limited

    (Computer Design & Manufacture)

    Systems Integration, Technical Support & Production Supervisor

1984 1985 Carotronics Limited

    (Electronics & Photocopier Sales)

    Data Processing Manager and Sales in charge for Micro Computers & Photo Copier


1982 1984 Vás Electronics

    (Electronics engineering services)

    Electrical & Electronics equipment installation & maintenance


    Sept 2006 Aug 2007 Total Contact Solutions Limited General Manager

    (Software Development Company)

    Reporting to Managing Director/CEO BSPAN Group

Responsibilities: ? Establish NZ branch of an Australian company for providing web based

    Human Resource Solutions to New Zealand & Australian marketplace.

    ? 2 offices across New Zealand and Australia.

    ? 5 Staff in New Zealand & 3 Staff in Australia.

    ? Business development in the areas of Web Design & Software

    Development Services.

    ? Responsible for the development of and achieving targets set in the

    Company’s strategic and operational plans.

    ? Oversee the product development of Roster, Time & Attendance, Award

    Calculation & Payroll application with a biometric finger print capture

    terminal and secure door access control system.

    ? Recruit highly technical and administrative staff for the New Zealand


Major Achievements: ? Successfully established an operational software development business

    in New Zealand with appropriate technical and administrative staff.

    ? Successfully established a new product development project for bio-

    metric finger print time capture device with roster, time & attendance

    web based application.

    ? Successfully completed the Stage 1 development of the new flagship

    product PeoplePlan Express on time and within budget.

    ? Project managed the shut down procedures including relocation,

    liquidation of assets and closing of company accounts. Due to funding

    shortages from the Australian investor, the company was shut down at

    the end of July 2007.

    Feb 2004 Oct 2004 Task Transactions Limited National Operations Manager

    (Petrol Station Automation & ATM Systems)

    Reporting to CEO

    Responsibilities: ? Develop short term and strategic plans for the business units.

    ? Department Managers (4 direct reports)

    ? Software Engineers (21 indirect reports)

    ? Responsible for 4 business units, including all software development

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:


    projects, installations, training, maintenance, infrastructure & support.

    ? Manage the business unit in accordance with organisation policy and

    ensure that unit profit/budget targets are met. ? Prepare and submit business unit budgets and forecasts for approval.

    ? Establish overall systems and programming standards to be followed for


    ? Undertake cost/benefit analyses of modifying commercial software

    packages for total in-house development.

    Major Achievements: ? Completed the strategic review and improved operational efficiencies by

    restructuring various departments and staff re-training for both in-house,

    telephone help desk and on site teams.

    ? Successfully reviewed and implemented enhanced service contracts and

    improved monthly billing collections by over 50%. ? Successfully project managed the ATM implementation project/teams,

    implementation and delivery to customer satisfaction. ? Managed the implementation and outsourcing of various manufacturing

    operations to reduce immediate costs and improve bottom line


    Dec 2002 Mar 2003 Task Technology Limited Projects Manager (Petrol Station Automation)

    Reporting to CEO

    Responsibilities: ? Review project requirements and re-define the project planning

    activities related to the nationwide PC Hardware & Software rollout


    ? 6 Staff.

    ? Develop the technical capability and expertise of the installations

    engineers group.

    ? Recruit, train and develop project staff.

    ? Deliver project on time and to budget.

    ? Assist Customer Services group with product and systems field support

    of legacy systems & new implementations. ? Proactive involvement as a key member of the Retail Management

    Team providing innovative ideas and solutions.

    Major Achievements: ? Successfully reviewed the project requirements and delivered the

    solutions rollout within the allocated time frame and budget. ? Successfully recruited & trained project staff. ? Achieved improved customer satisfaction by assisting the customer

    services group to provide an enhanced technical support to customer

    base on legacy systems.

    Apr 2002 Oct 2002 Advantage Retail Solutions Limited Software Projects & Development


    (Petrol Station Automation)

    Reporting to General Manager Retail Automation Division

    Responsibilities: ? Responsible for managing leading edge technology projects in

    applications software design, development, quality assurance,

    maintenance & global support.

    ? 2 offices across New Zealand

    ? Service Delivery Managers (6 direct reports) ? Software Engineers (54 indirect reports)

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:



    ? Control System Design and project planning activities related to large

    number of projects.

    ? Provide input to strategies, policies and processes of the division to

    ensure best practice.

    ? Develop the technical capability and expertise of the division and its


    ? Recruit, train and develop staff to embrace new technologies

    ? Maintain a high level of knowledge in the developing technologies

    industry and their application.

    ? Deliver projects on time and to budget.

    ? Excellence in customer support and maintenance.

    ? Proactive involvement as a key member of the Retail Management

    Team providing innovative ideas and solutions.

    Major Achievements: ? Successfully managed the development & implementation activities

    relating to a company restructure in the regional office.

    ? Managed the change from a project focused team to customer focused

    engineering teams.

    ? Managed to initiation planning of a major directive towards ISO 9001

    accreditation project and preparation towards Business Performance


    ? Assisted in the logistics & planning of a major office relocation of 50

    staff and equipment from Marton to Palmerston North.

    Previous Years: ? Details can be provided on request.


Scholastic Achievement:

    1981 1982 Selected to The National Dean’s List USA Year of 1981-82 in recognition of an

    academically gifted student for achieving a Grade Point Index of 3.64 on a 4.0



    1980 1982 Vincennes University Vincennes, Indiana, USA

    Associate in Science Degree /Major in Electronics

    Graduated with HONORS DISTINCTION

    Special Project in Robotics & Industrial Automation.

Professional Development:

    2001 Glenfield College Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    (Community Education)

    Adobe Photo Shop Stage 1

    Graphics Design Tool Basic skills training.

    Adobe Photo Shop Stage 2

    Graphics manipulation for Digital Photography.

    Macromedia Flash Stage 1

    Vector Graphics design for the web.

    Macromedia Dreamweaver Stage 1

    Web Site Development Tool Basic skills training.

    Macromedia Dreamweaver Stage 2

    Web Site Development Tool Intermediate skills training.

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:


    2001 Westlake Boys High School Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    (Community Education)

    Digital Photography

    Case Study of various Digital Cameras and graphics manipulation. 1997 Auckland University Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    Management Games

    Case Study of an example “start up” company growth & life cycle. 1996 Auckland University Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    Business Financial Accounting

    Accounting for business managers, developing & tracking budgets. 1995 David Forman International Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    Sales Development

    Sales cycle and developing customer relationships.

    1991 1994 Auckland Institute of Technology Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

    National Certificate of Business Computing

    LAN Network Support (Novel Netware) 1991

    UNIX Operating System 1993

    Database Management Systems (Oracle) 1993

    Marketing & Presentation 1993

    Beginners Programming in C (MS Quick C) 1994 1991 Service Management New Zealand Business School

Community Activities:

2007 to Current Day Member of the Board of Trustees

    (3 year term) (Sunnynook Primary School Auckland) Responsible for Finance. 2004 to Current Day Hockey Coach Division 1 & Division 2 Teams

    (Sunnynook Primary School & Murrays Bay Intermediate Auckland) 2004 Scouting New Zealand Scout Leader

    (Sunnynook North Shore City) rd Division Hockey Team 2004 Played in the North Harbour Masters 32003 Hockey Coach Division 1 & Division 2 Teams

    (Winchester Primary School Palmerston North) 2002 to 2003 Scouting New Zealand Cub Leader

    (Hokowhitu Palmerston North)

    2001 to 2002 Scouting New Zealand Cub Leader

    (Sunnynook Auckland)

    1999 to 2001 Member of the Board of Trustees (Sunnynook Primary School Auckland)

    Responsible for ICT strategy and implementations. 1998 President Goan Overseas Association New Zealand (GOANZ) 1997 GOANZ Representative at Auckland Ethnic Council rd1988 to 1990 Played in the Auckland Western Districts 3 Division Hockey Team 1980 to 1982 Played in the University Soccer Team

    1974 to 1977 Played in the College Hockey Team

    1963 to 1974 Played in various sports teams and represented High School Senior

    Hockey Team from 1970 to 1974


"Mauricio was thorough, organised and had an attention to detail essential to the QA role. He

    implemented systems and processes to assist the company achieve its objectives in Product

    Development and Support." Direct Manager.

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:


    "Mauricio is an excellent manager to work for. His calm manner and good people skills made it a

    pleasure to work with him. He created a great team atmosphere and ensured that the software

    testing went through a well-organised process and was well monitored." Staff Member.

"I worked for Mauricio at Geac (now Infor) and at Agilent Technologies and learnt much from him.

    He was an excellent people person which he needed to be, managing a large team of test and

    support analysts. His knowledge of QA and testing was superb and he could always be relied upon

    to provide sound advice. He is one if the best Test Managers I have worked for." Staff Member.

"Mauricio is a very hands-on type manager. His technical background makes him a perfect

    software development type project manager. He is also a very people kind of person, very easy to

    get along with." Staff Member.

"Mauricio is a technically skilled manager with a great deal of integrity, thoroughness and

    professionalism. He is very approachable and easy to talk to. He has a great IT knowledge and is

    always aware of the latest technologies as they become available." Staff Member.

"Whenever I have an IT problem I instantly think of Mauricio. If anyone can solve it he can. He is

    extremely knowledgeable and always takes the time to ensure I understand the process. A very

    patient man with a good sense of humour. He always works within the boundaries of my budget

    and gives accurate quotes. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Mauricio for any of your IT needs."


"Prior to my appointment as International Channels Manager I was Product Design Manager and

    then Design & Quality Manager and was based in Wellington. When I was appointed to the

    Marketing role, Mauricio took on the responsibility for QA. He developed the team in Auckland and

    was successful in maintaining the quality of the product. At this stage of the development of the

    product, I had started developing the overseas market, and we had started exporting the product.

    Mauricio was also responsible for providing support for those customers and achieved this using

    Web based technology. Co-Manager.

"Mauricio is supporting our business in a prompt and professional manner. We have now been

    using Mauricio’s service for nearly 5 years. He is always focussed on understanding of our needs and delivering value. Service Category: IT Consultant, Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than

    once), Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity.” Customer.

"Mauricio provided an open door management policy were anyone could discuss issues related both

    to work and family. He created a family like atmosphere within the department that he managed.

    He encouraged us to pursue our career goals and was given the opportunity to move within our

    division to fulfil our goals were possible." Staff Member.

    Individual Referee details are available on request.

    64 SUNRISE AVENUE • MAIRANGI BAY • AUCKLAND 0630 • NEW ZEALAND PHONE: +64-9-476-7088 • MOBILE: +64-21-743-780 • E-MAIL:

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