2010 MIF Reflections

By Roger Hill,2014-12-12 15:32
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2010 MIF Reflections

INTL 402 MIF Reflections


    1. How does the MIF promote the internationalization of Macao? Give concrete examples and experiences of foreign companies doing business in Macao and may be represented at the MIF.

    2. Do you think the MIF is successful in diversifying Macao’s economy? How is

    this going to be achieved through the MIF?

    3. Give concrete suggestions and recommendations to improve the MIF event in the future.

    ndthOn October 22, our IB mates went to Venetian to join the activity of the 15 Macao

    International Trade & Investment Fair (MIF). It was a great event for us to experience.

    Macao is known as a multicultural city just as Hong Kong does. And due to the special political background, Macao becomes a city for international business. MIF is a good exhibition to promote the internationalization of Macao.

    How does the MIF promote the internationalization of Macao? In my opinion, the most efficient part or section is the MIF service center which includes exhibition guide, conference guide, and business matching and information center. After I talked to Jason (one of the MIF officer), he told me that the business matching service

    platform did great job to help globalized Macao. He said that there were already signed 17 contracts. And one of them was involved with the Chinese International Trade Association (Hunan Province) and Macao. The contract about the agriculture and bibliography development in between Macao and Jiangxi Province also gave a big contribution to internationalization Macau. Of course, some of the Macao associations or company did make contacts with Thailand, Italy and so on. Jason told me, that Macao is a attractive place for business to go international and for foreign investment which want to approach Chinese market.

    In the MIF, not only making deals can help promote internationalization of Macao, the forums also give big hand. Different topics of forums were given on different day different time. These can educate people about nowadays trends and gain knowledge. Whats more, I did talk to one of the organizer of English Business Association. After talking with her, I realized why there were different regions/countries they would like to sign up and set up the counters in MIF. She brief introduced to me how this organization operates. The English Business Association is a non-profit organization that mission at helping small or middle size of foreign businesses who wants to enter Macao market. It main job is to help the company get start in Macao. Mortons the

    Steakhouse and Lord Stows Bakery is the members of this association.

    I think these can be good examples of show foreign companies doing business in Macao.

Does MIF is successful diversifying Macaos economy?

    My answer is absolutely YES. And how is this going to be achieved through the MIF? Lets have a glance.

    Since MIF is an international conference/exhibition, the extent of countries and business it covered is wide enough to attract business all over the world. And again, Macao is a special administration region of China, special political environment also benefit foreign investment. Finally, after study about Macao, people/business should found Macao is a wonderful place for them to expand themselves. MIF values too much.

    I remember on that day, I also talked with a founder of a small fruit wine business from Taiwan, Mrs. Ma. I asked she why choose Macao, and why choose MIF, what motivate her to come here? Her answer was simple but meaningful. She said: if you

    want to make more money, why not here? Why not being in Macao? Since I did

    agree with her that diversifying Macaos economy is very important, fruit wine

    business can be a good beginning.

    When I went back from MIF, I gathered some of my friends to talk about our experience of MIF. Then I figured out that after all, MIF was considered to be success, however, it still has something to improve to make it better.

    Such as the shuttle buses it provided, it was very thoughtful that MIF provides many shuttle buses from many different areas in Macao, but the last schedule of the shuttle buses was careless. It should be at least 2hours after the exhibition ended. Then I found out that some MIF participants they just put some bill-boards in the conference, but nothing else. I think these kind of action was quite waste of opportunity. If the participant tried very hard to earn a billing booth in MIF, why they do not use it? My suggestion is that, if next time these still happened, I think the best way to solve this problem is to give the chance to somebody else who truly wants to attend this event.

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