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Business Processes Re-Engineering / Operations Manager. ? Applied industry standard best practices to re-engineer business practices for the company to cut



    ? 15+ years experience in all phases of Software Development and support of applications; analysis,

    design, coding, testing and implementation.

    ? 5+ years of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with Visual Studio.Net(2003,2005,2008) using

    VB.NET (1.0 & 2.0, 3.5), C/C++, C#, ADO.NET, VISUAL SOURCE SAFE ? 3+ years of Web Application development experience with Classic ASP, ASP.NET and PHP.

    Converted web sites from classic ASP to ASP.NET.

    ? Developed web sites that require forms presentation, Emailing, Faxing and manipulation of data in and

    out of Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.


    ? VB6, VBScript, JavaScript

    ? Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005, MYSQL and MS Access 2000/97/2007 ? Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, SQL Brokers (SQL 2005), SSRS/SSIS (SQL 2005) ? Microsoft office suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access

    ? Outlook, Exchange Server(2000, 2003) (Microsoft), Qmail, Zimbra (Linux).

    ? NETWORKING, setting up servers, desktop clients LAN / WAN in Microsoft (XP, 2000, Vista, Windows

    7, Server 2000 and 2003/LDAP) and Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora)


    ? Experience of managing large development teams and projects

    ? Strategic and tactical, Business/technical consulting including “Big 4” consulting firms, Business

    processes improvement and re-engineering

    ? Experience working with financial applications

    ? 5 plus years in programming in a manufacturing environment

    ? Knowledge of Project Management using the PMI methodology

    ? Strong Documentation skills, Exceptional experience in identifying and translating business goals into

    technology solutions


    AvMed Corp, Kendall, FL July 2009 Dec 2009


    ? Work with Sungard EXP Maces Document and Medical process management system.

    ? Produce various complex reports from the EXP database using SSRS (2005) for Claims and other

    departments of the company

    ? Write automation processes/programs using C# and VB.NET to produce XML and other types of files to

    work with the EXP system

    ? Participate in system and software design/design review meetings

    FIDELITY, Sunrise, FL Jan 2008 June 2009


    ? OLTP processing for Credit Card/ Prepaid Card transactions and applications on SQL 2000/2005.

? Worked with Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, Tables on a very large SQL database

    ? Worked with the Fee process for the company, where the cards are charged various types of fee. The

    fee operation was the main revenue generator for the company. The Fee process required XML

    interface from the user as input to know what type of fee to run

    ? Worked on an Escheatment application where the cards were escheated and the remaining balance

    sent to the state if the card was not used for a certain period of time. This also required an XML


    ? Application programming inVB6.0, VB.NET and C#

    ? Using SQL Brokers (SQL 2005) to communicate with a real-time application



    ? Maintain and extend a suite of large VB6 clinical applications that interface with a large Oracle backend

    database. The database has billions of records pertaining to Human Genomics data for research.

    ? The database captured study data on many diseases such as Autism, Alzheimer's disease, PD etc.

    ? The application was originally written at Duke University and was very object oriented.

    ? Wrote a system in VB.NET as a service that automatically 'pushed' any new updated DLLs, to the user's


    ? Migration of these application from VB6.0 to VB.NET/ASP.NET ZONECAREUSA, Delray Beach, FL 2004 2007

    Technical Architect

    ? Software client applications and Systems development using .NET under Microsoft and Linux platforms.

    Data extraction and report generation from MYSQL databases using VB.NET front end ? Migration of legacy application code in VB6.0 to VB.NET

    ? Developed a web for getting claim data from applicants and vendors to submit their invoices

    electronically over the web in PHP/ASP.NET. VBScript and JavaScript was used in many places to

    interface with the system I/O

    ? Automated manual accounting tasks such as monthly invoice generation, Past due collection with

    automatic generation and faxing/emailing of past-due invoices

    ? EDI interfaces with clients and vendors

    ? Generally automating many routine labor intensive manual tasks of the company saving time, money

    and labor

    ? Wrote an automatic fax server (in VB.NET) for automatic sending of 100s of faxes a day to clients on

    billing and collection issues. The documents to be sent were generated automatically from the MYSQL

    backend database and faxed to the appropriate clients

    ? Wrote many „Windows Services‟ programs in the process of automation

    EQUITRAC CORP, Miami, FL 2002 2004

    Business Processes Re-Engineering / Operations Manager

    ? Applied industry standard best practices to re-engineer business practices for the company to cut costs

    and achieve maximum efficiency on processes from Quote to the customer to Cash received by the

    company. This includes Finance, Order processing, Billing, Supply chain, manufacturing and Quality


    ? Worked for the Finance department, directly reporting to the CFO

    ? Managed Equitrac‟s billing and order processing department with 8 direct reports with volumes close to

    $1.7 MM per month

    ? Managed a project to implement a Document Imaging Management System for the firm

    KARMA GROUP INC., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2001 2002

    Business Processes Re-Engineering Manager

    ? Studied client‟s business practices and data flow

    ? Gathered requirements for future business processes

    ? Applied industry standard best practices to re-engineer client‟s business practices for maximum


    ? Worked on the design of a data-warehouse to meet the client‟s future need for business and

    management reporting

    ? Client was TruGreen-Chemlawn based in Memphis ,TN


    Volunteer CIO

    ? Maintained the school network and computer systems

    ? Wrote a very elaborate application in VB6.0 that enabled teachers to enter student attendance, grades

    and other information. This application also allowed students to send in their homework by email and

    get their class assignments. The Database backend was Microsoft SQL server 2000.

    ? Married this application with a web site such that parents, teachers and students could access their

    information / grades via the internet. ASP was used to transfer data between the application and the

    web site


    IT strategic planning and assessment Consultant

    ? Network design and development including DNS, firewalls and security aspects

    ? Systems selection and implementation

    ? Software development in VB 6.0, Classic ASP KPMG LLP 1997 2000

    Senior Consultant (e-Commerce/Healthcare Practice)

    ? Performed network and security assessment for Eckerd Corporation in Tampa, Florida

    ? Developed a strategic solution for un-insured motorist problem for State of Georgia. A demo program

    was written for the agency in VB6.0 to demonstrate the workings of the system to the state officials in

    order to „buy into‟ the system

    ? Performed Y2K audit for Cisco Systems

    ? Performed network and security assessment for University of Chicago

    ? Performed network and security assessment for University of South Florida (Tampa)

    ? Performed a Y2K audit for Ryder Systems at all their UK locations

    ? Did an „in-flight project review‟ of an ongoing project for Xerox in Chile. The project was a large VB6.0

    application that I had to evaluate it for integrity , effectiveness and quality of code

    ? Converted a legacy application into a web based application for Aetna US Healthcare


BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Mysore

    Mysore, India


    ? MCSE

    ? MCSD

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