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Prior to commencement of the Business of the Meeting the Chairman invited PC Chris

    Lord to address the Council, who gave an update on recent crime activity in the area.

    The Chairman then invited Electors present to address the Council and the following

    points were raised:-

    Chairman of the History Society asked for a grant from the Parish Council towards

    digitalisation of microfilm of the John Amphlett’s diaries from Worcester College

    Oxford. The Parish Council applauded him for his attitude towards Clent and this item

    is to be dealt with under Finance in the main part of the Meeting.

    An Elector asked “What is the latest thing with the Cricket Pitch; it is my understanding due to the grant it has to have a pavilion? We do not have to have a pavilion as we never applied for a grant. If a grant is something somebody proposes later on we

    would look at it.

    Another Elector asked a question on Affordable Housing “Has the Valuer yet been chosen and appointed? On the advice of our Solicitors we have appointed Scriven

    and Company from Quinton but the Valuation has not yet taken place as they are

    awaiting guidance from the Royal Institution of Surveyors on Social Housing.

     thMinutes of Clent Parish Council held on Monday 20 July 2009 at the Parish Hall, Clent


    Present Chairman, Cllr Malek, Cllr Muggeridge, Cllr Mrs Hobbis, Cllr

    Skelding, Cllr Faraday, Cllr E Moore and Cllr Waldron.

    Also Present Ruth Mullett, Clerk and Peter Harris, Asst. Clerk.

    The Councillors present signed the Attendance Register. An Apology

    was received from Cllr Mrs Sherrey and this was accepted.


    Councillor Moore, Agenda Item 9.2 personal interest.


    It was unanimously RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Meeting held on th Monday, 15June be signed as a correct record. The Chairman duly

    signed and initialled each page.


    Members suggested various items to be included from the approved thMinutes held on Monday 15 June 2009.

2009/379 FINANCE

    1. Cash Flow and Bank Reconciliation - reports circulated. Bank

    Statements scrutinised by the Chairman.

    2. Accounts for Payment.

    Cheque Payee Detail Sum


     189 Ruth Mullett Salary and expenses/refund 951.39

    of Tax/NI

    190 Mr G Hill Lengthsman 394.17

    191 Peter Harris Salary and Expenses 304.80

    192 NALC LCR Subscription 108.00

    193 Ellteve Lighting Maintenance 65.45

    194 SLCC Books 55.60

    195 Countrywide Grounds Maintenance June 799.62


    196 Viking Direct Printer Ink/Stationery 105.98

    197 CH Systems Computer Set-up 103.50

    198 Vision ICT Hosting Website 112.70

    199 G Collingwood Maintenance 140.00

    200 E Sheppard Travel Expenses 54.69

    201 NPower Street Lighting 1628.18

    202 Clent History Donation 796.00


    203 Pearson Rowe Centenary Field 747.50

     It was RESOLVED that Cllr Moore and Cllr Malek sign the cheques.

    3. It was RESOLVED that the Council, in accordance with its powers

    under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, should incur

    the following expenditure, which, in the opinion of the Council, is in

    the interests of the area or is inhabitants and will benefit them in a

    manner commensurate with the expenditure - ?796.00 to Clent

    History Society for digitalisation of Microfilm of John Amphlett’s

    diaries from Worcester College Oxford.

    4. It was unanimously RESOLVED to agree the reinvestment of Bank of

    Scotland Bond.


     District Council Decisions

     09/0323 4 Summerfield Avenue, single storey extension Granted

     09/0318 37 Western Avenue, approval of reserved matters Granted

    Parish Council Comments

    09/0468 104 Kidderminster Road South, No Objections

    2 storey side extension

     09/0325 22 Summerfield Road, No Objections

     Alteration to flat roof

    Planning Appeals

    APP/P1805/A/09/2104240/WF 26 Newfield Road, Hagley detached


    APP/P1805/A/09/2106740WF Clent Hill Lodge Tow storey extension

    2009/381 PUBLIC AREAS

    Cllr Waldron had acquired 100 packets of wildflower seeds from

    Jordan’s Cereals on the understanding that once planted, we send in

    photographs of them. It was agreed that Cllr. Malek and Cllr. Waldron


would drive around the Parish to ascertain the best locations for planting

    the seeds and the Chairman thanked Cllr. Waldron for obtaining them.

    2009/382 PLAYING FIELD/RECREATION AREA It was unanimously RESOLVED to agree the quotation from PD Hughes for top-up of play bark on the recreation area of ?1,485.00. Clerk to

    instruct PD Hughes.

    2009/383 CENTENARY FIELD

    1. The Chairman gave an update on the project to date.

    2. We have received confirmation from our Solicitors that Mitchells and

    Butlers have looked through our agreement and have agreed to

    waive the clause in the lease at a cost of ?650 plus VAT. It was

    unanimously RESOLVED to pay this amount and the Cricket Club

    have agreed to reimburse the Parish Council by form of a donation.

    3. It was unanimously RESOLVED that the Parish Council would pay

    for the civil works, hardware and connection charges relating to the

    water supply to the site and the Cricket Club have agreed to

    reimburse the Parish Council by form of a donation.

    4. It was unanimously RESOLVED to agree the grass cutting quote

    from Countrywide items 1 and 5 to be a regular cut, and items 2 and

    3 as and when requested. Clerk to inform Countrywide.

    5. It was agreed that David Lally would get a working party to remove

    the orange perimeter fence around the Cricket Pitch. It was agreed

    that the fence between the pool area and that cricket pitch was to be

    removed. Clerk to obtain a quote on put on next month’s Agenda.

    The Cricket Pitch have asked if a sign could be erected advertising

    the new home of Clent Cricket Pitch. This was agreed in principle

    but would agree a location and terminology later.

    2009/384 FOOTPATHS

    Worcestershire County Council have now confirmed responsibility for the

    footpath to the rear of the pool.

    2009/385 HIGHWAYS

    Proposal for Flashing Speed Sign ongoing. Cllr. Mrs Hobbis had asked the School Governors whether they would be

    prepared to turn the flashing school signs on and off if they were

    installed but they had confirmed that it would not be possible for them to

    do this.

    Clerk was instructed to ask the Lengthsman to cut the hedge in Holy

    Cross, opposite the Hairdressers.

    The drains in Adams Hill, Violet Lane and Woodman Lane were getting

    blocked, Cllr Moore to contact Highways.



    It was agreed that the Parish Council would obtain the Police Report

    from Redditch Police Station at a cost of ?75.00.


    Nothing to report.


    Parish Council are still awaiting valuation report from Scriven and

    Company which is to be delayed, awaiting guidance from the Royal

    Institution of Chartered Surveyors on Social Housing.


    Nothing to report.


     It was unanimously RESOLVED to appoint John Benner Accounting

    Services as our Internal Auditor for 2009/10. Clerk to instruct.


    1. Clerk had received a telephone call from a parishioner in

    Belbroughton Road, Holy Cross thanking the Parish Council for

    cutting the right of way adjacent to his property.

    2. Clerk had received a letter from Clent Primary School confirming they

    would discuss with Governors and staff the using of the Trim Trail

    and would reply in the Autumn term.

     2009/392 CHEQUE SIGNING

     Cheques signed as approved under Minute No. 2009/379.


     West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy Final Project Plan

    Charity Commission News

     Bromsgrove District Council Review of Gambling Act 2005

2009/394 DATE FOR NEXT MEETING OF THE COUNCIL thTo be held on Monday, 17 August 2009 at 7.30p.m.


    Chairman of the Council


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