Empanelment of Courier Agencies at Mumbai

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Empanelment of Courier Agencies at Mumbai

    Empanelment of Courier Agencies at Mumbai

    Scope of work

    Delivery and despatch of official documents to various destinations within or

    outside India.

    Procedure for empanelment and calling of bids

    ? The empanelment of agencies will be done by the Bank on the basis of

    pre-qualification criteria (Next para) :

    ? The panel will be valid for 3 years.The agencies empanelled by bank

    will be advised regarding empanelment and thereafter competitive bids

    will be invited from only empanelled agencies on the basis of detailed

    scope of work, which will provide complete information regarding the

    total requirement under the contract

    Prequalification Criteria

1) The agency should be Mumbai based. The agency should be registered with

    Registrar of Firms / Companies and should be in existence for the last 5 years.

2) The agency should essentially have ISO certification with established brand

    name and standardized process.

3) The agency should have executed jobs for All India Financial institutions /

    public sector banks / undertakings / MNCs / large private sector corporates.

4) The agency should have countrywide network of branches located at all the

    major cities in India (essentially in the cities as mentioned in the Annexure).

    The connectivity to the destinations through agents/franchises will not be


5) The agency should be able to handle Air Courier, Air Cargo and Surface


6) The agency should have achieved annual courier sales turnover of Rs.500 Rs.500

    crores in any of the last three financial years.. crores in any of the last three financial years..

7) The agency should have online 24X7 tracking system.

8) The agency should have the service levels at above 95%.

    9) The agency should have adequate professionally trained manpower

    (organization chart and details of organizational structure and details of

    manpower directly employed may be furnished).

    10) Names, address & telephone numbers of three big corporate clients may be

    provided for obtaining necessary confirmation regarding the standard of

    service and other relevant details.

    11) The agency should have Security Department for investigation of wrong /

    fudged deliveries.

    12) The agency should be an income tax assessee having valid PAN number and

    having filed its return for the last three assessment years. (copies of IT-

    returns may be furnished).

    13) The agency should be prepared to provide the services on Sundays/Holidays

    besides normal working days also, if so required by the Bank.

    14) The agency should be prepared to deliver the services for bulk consignment

    other than regular pick-up, if so required by the Bank.

    15) The agency should give the list of destinations viz. Metros, tier-I cities and

    tier-II cities covered by them.

    16) The agency will be required to submit PODs within five days from the date of

    delivery, if so required by the Bank.

    17) The agency will be required to offer a minimum of 5 weeks credit limit.

    How to apply

    Only application of agencies who fulfill the pre-qualification criteria would be considered by the Bank.

    The Bank reserves the right to add / delete / modify any terms and conditions besides reserving the right to accept or reject the applications. Accepting the

    application for empanelment by the Bank would not guarantee the award of contract.

    The application in sealed envelope marked on top Empanelment of Courier

    agencies” alongwith the copies of the certificates, if any, and other specified

    documents may please be forwarded to :

The General Manager(Administration)

    Small Industries Development Bank of India

    SME Development Centre

    Plot No. C-11, G Block

    Bandra Kurla Complex

    Bandra (East), Mumbai- 400051

    Last date for receipt of application is upto 03.00 PM on May 25, 2009

    Application Format for Empanelment :

    (Courier services at Mumbai)






    The General Manager

    Administration Department

    Small Industries Development Bank of India

    SME Development Centre, C-11, G-Block

    Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra(East)

    Mumbai- 400051

    Sl. Particulars Details to be filled in by the No. Agency

    1 Name of the Firm/Agency

    2 Registered office/business address of the agency with

    telephone, cell, Website, Email and fax number 3 Name of Contact Person(s) 4 Address with telephone, Fax numbers, Email and name(s) of

    the contact person (s)

    5 Year of Incorporation/Constitution

    5 Income Tax - PAN No. (Attach copy of PAN)

    6 Service Tax/ VAT No. (Attach copy of Service tax registration

    No./VAT No.)

    7 PF/ESI No. (Attach copy)

    8 Whether registered with Registrar of Firms/Companies ? Date

    of Registration (Attach copy of Registration)

    9 Customer Profile (Attach copy of orders/proof) 10 Infrastructure details

    (1) Whether the agency have countrywide network of

    branches located at all the major cities in India (essentially in

    the cities as mentioned in the Annexure). The connectivity to

    the destinations through agents/franchises will not be


    2) Whether the agency have latest computerized document

    tracking system.

    3) Whether the agency have adequate professionally trained

    manpower (organization chart and details of organizational

    structure and details of manpower directly employed may be


    4) Whether the agency is providing services to All India

    Financial institutions, public sector banks / undertakings,

    MNCs and large private sector corporates in past two years.

    11 References (Names, address & telephone numbers of three

    big corporate clients may be provided for obtaining necessary

    confirmation regarding the standard of service and other

    relevant details)

    YES/NO : ……… annual sales turnover of 12 Whether the agency has achieved Turnover for :- Rs.500 crores in any of the last three financial years i.e.

     FY 2006 Rs.................CrFY 2006/ 20007 / 2008 (Attach copy of P&L A/c of FY 2007 Rs.................Crrelevant year) FY 2008 Rs…………..Cr13 Highest single contract value and company name

14 Whether the agency is an income tax assessee valid

    PAN number and having filed its Income tax return for

    the last three assessment years i.e. 2006, 2007 and

    2008. (Attach copy of Income Tax returns for all the

    three assessment years).

    15 Whether the agency is in a position to make available

    dedicated staff for servicing the need of the Bank.

    16 Whether the agency is prepared to provide the services

    on Sundays/Holidays besides normal working days also,

    if so required by the Bank

    17 Please indicate whether the agency is prepared to offer five

    weeks credit

    18 Any other relevant information

     19 Verification - The application for empanelment should be signed by the authorised signatory verifying that all the details furnished in the application are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge and that in case of furnishing any false information or suppression of any material information would

    lead to rejection of application besides initiation of penal

     proceedings by the Bank, if it deems fit.

    20. Format for giving details of key personnel of the agency

    Sr. Name of key Designation Years with the Contact Any other

    No. personnelS Agency number information


    Date : Name & Seal of Firm/Co.


    Northern UP Eastern Zone Western Zone Southern Zone Zone Zone Bhubaneshwar Ahmedabad Aligarh Ambattur Lucknow

    Andheri / Gangtok Baddi Bangalore Varanasi Mumbai

    Jamshedpur Aurangabad Chandigarh Chennai Kanpur Kolkata Baroda Dehradun Coimbatore Patna Bhopal Faridabad Hyderabad Raipur Indore Gurgaon Kochi Ranchi Mumbai Jaipur Pondichery Rourkela Nagpur Jammu Tirupur

    Guwahati Panaji (Goa) Ludhiana Vishakhapatnam Region

     Agartala Pune New Delhi Balanagar Aizawl Rajkot Noida Erode Dimapur Surat Jalandhar Hosur Guwahati Thane Jodhpur Hubli Imphal Gandhidham Kozhikode Itanagar Vapi puducherry

    Nasik Shilong Peenya

     Nariman Poiint Trichy


    As on 31.03.2009 there are 100 branches of SIDBI all over India

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