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By Donald Berry,2014-09-09 14:07
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for speech.

Honorable judges, fellow students;

    Good afternoon,

    I am the grade 2 student from the faculty of Materials Science and Engineering. Today I will talk something about the college students’ innovative undertaking.

    With the quickening of the process of globalization, we found that everything around us are changing so fast, Although life seems better than ever, we couldn’t deny that

    we are suffering a complicated and unstable economy situation, which will always be a potential threaten, because now and then It will lead to big disaster just like the eruption of the global financial crisis in 2008. In these circumstances, society needs talents who have a strong ability in creativity, and a quick reaction to emergency.

     Possess good enterprising spirit will help us to be this kind of talent.

    But what kind of spirit on earth should we have? As far as I see, these four are the most important: Goal, self-control, share and faith.

    As we all know, a clear and definite goal will make you easier

    to gain success. We all have goals, but why there are still many corporations go bankrupt everyday? As I see it, One of the

    reason is they didn’t make a staged target. Staged targets can help us to experience success and establish ours self-confidence.

    Self-control is the second momentous factor. There are

    many aspects in self-control; I think emotional-control is most useful .We should get used to be silent when we are angry, make ourselves looks gentle. These can also win us a good relationship between others.

    Besides, share is another important factor . The most stupid thing in our life is that we always hold onto our belongings, never want to take it out and share. No share, no gains. Its obviously that others will give you more when you are willing to give them yours first. Share can help you get more.

    Finally, I think Faith is the top-flight. Martin Luther

    King once said With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair stone of hope.” Yes, on our way

    to success, diverse of difficulties are waiting for us. Desperation is a mountain; hope is one small stone of this mountain. But we just need to get one stone, and we get hope. We must have faith not only in ourselves but also in others around us. We must have faith not only when we

    are in favorable circumstances but also in dilemma. Faith is the power for us to carry on and move forward.

    Goal, self-control, share and faith, these are important but not enough. we also need a mind which perceives both past and future insight to catch the opportunity; a courage to get down doing something immediately when we

    decide, a full-scale visual angle in the situation of

    globalization . In a word, we have a lot of things to learn in innovative undertaking. And we can make it. Eventually, I

    will use a friends word to end my speech, which he

    summarized from his own creation story.

    Since you have made your choice, you should take your footsteps bravely no matter how tough the situation might be.

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