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    Tony and Belinda Taylor



Local residents Tony and Belinda Taylor are set to help clean up in the

    Christchurch area after launching a new professional oven valeting business

    believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

Ovenu offers a professional oven valeting service for householders. The

    environmentally-friendly process takes around 3 hours to complete and not only

    helps to keep ovens clean, but extends their life and can help prevent them

    becoming a health and fire risk.

Belinda and Tony emigrated from the UK to Gisborne, New Zealand, in

    September 1974. Tony held a position at Watties until the Gisborne branch

    closure in 1998. Belinda worked for a local transport company, Nicol‟s, and then with Countrywide Building Society which became Countrywide Bank and then

    part of the National Bank of NZ.

In 2001 they decided to try the big „Overseas Experience‟ in Europe, as having

    both been in the Royal Air Force they had few opportunities to travel in that part

    of the world. The experience saw them living and working in England, Scotland

    and Wales whilst also visiting many other European countries.

    Tony said, “Over the years we have visited Christchurch on several occasions. It‟s a fantastic area and we are looking forward to providing a high quality service

    that, to the best of our knowledge, is the first of its kind in the country operating at

    this level.

    “Bringing the Ovenu franchise to New Zealand is a successful way for us to start our own business, along with the support and experience of an established and

    respected business behind us. We‟re really looking forward to going out into the

    region and establishing a client base. We aim to build the business and raise

    awareness for the excellent reputation of the Ovenu service, with a view to


Rik Hellewell, Managing Director, said, “I‟m really pleased to welcome Belinda

    and Tony to our network of franchisees. The opening of the first Ovenu in New

    Zealand is a very positive step forward for the brand and once established, the

    Christchurch franchise will help grow Ovenu‟s reputation and create further

    opportunities across the country.

    “Ovenu has established an excellent reputation among its customers for high levels of customer service and the success of the franchise model around the

    world continues to go from strength to strength.”

For more information or to arrange an Ovenu appointment please contact Tony

    or Belinda on 0800 580 123 or visit


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