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Managed a team of engineers, providing technical leadership and high-level design, as well as budgeting and performance management.

    James Chase Strengths

    Proven leadership in the management, design, and development of major software products and SaaS

    (Software as a Service) solutions for installed, hosted, and mobile applications.

    ? Took start-up from hiring of development team to acquisition by Oracle Corporation based on

    quality of our cutting-edge solution and strength of the team.

    ? Agile coach experienced in implementing Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Test-Driven

    Development (TDD). Certified ScrumMaster trained by Ken Schwaber, co-developer of Scrum.

    ? Proven highly effective in both large and small organizations. Strong leadership with the ability to

    build, mentor, and motivate a team to deliver exceptional results on schedule and under budget.

    ? Excellent analytical and design skills combined with a very strong ability to communicate and

    present ideas. Highly creative and well organized.

    ? Loves a challenge, copes well with ambiguity, and is not afraid of risk.


     Director, Software Development

     Citrix Online, Division of Citrix Systems Inc. December 2007 Present

    ?Leading development and build teams creating GoToMyPC, the easiest-to-use solution for remote, ?secure and managed desktop PC access over the Web; GoToAssist, the most secure, reliable and ?powerful solution for Web-based technical support and customer collaboration; GoToMeeting, the

    easiest, most secure and cost-effective solution for conducting online meetings, and GoToWebinar?,

    the industry's first do-it-yourself solution for Web events. Citrix Online products are used by more than

    4,900 companies worldwide, and Citrix Online has experienced a 44% growth in revenue in 2007.

     Vice President, Software Development

     m2vc, inc. March 2006 December 2007

    Hired team and created a merchandising information exchange and a mobile inspection service, both

    implemented as multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

    ? Led creation of a Web-based on-demand service that allows suppliers, distributors, retailers,

    and sales reps to consolidate merchandising information within a permissions-based dynamic

    repository shared with partner companies throughout the value chain. Here they exchange

    product catalogs and deliver custom pricing through the recipient’s chosen delivery method

    (Web, FAX, email), manage shared advertising and promotion calendars linked to product

    libraries, share files and directories of files, and receive opt-in alerts as changes occur.

    ? Designed and managed development of a mobile inspection solution for Windows Mobile

    devices, allowing users on the Web to drag-and-drop fields onto a form without plug-ins or

    installed software. Inspectors synchronize wirelessly while in the field to get the latest routes

    and forms, and to upload their completed inspections.

    m2vc awarded:

    ? 2006 Innovative Emerging Company by Orange County Innovation

    ? 2007 Best Marketing/Operations Solution by Integrated Solutions For Retailers Magazine

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     Director, Software Development

     Oracle Corporation November 2001 March 2006

    My full development team was hired by Oracle as part of the acquisition of Indicast.

    ? Led integration of Indicast voice platform technologies into the Oracle Application Server

    Wireless platform.

    ? Managed development of an XForms processor as a plug-in to Windows Pocket IE on handheld

    devices, including local field validation, and other facilities of full XForms support for use by US

    Census project. Added facilities for automatic management of intermittent connectivity through

    local storage, and saving of form data on the device.

    ? Led team to design and build an RFID and barcode platform for handheld devices. Architecture

    includes dynamically loaded drivers and dispatchers, and interfacing through ActiveX controls for

    data collection and management.

    ? Developed RFID Sensor Edge platform and EPC compliance solutions as part of Oracle

    Application Server. Managed relationships with major vendors, partners, and systems


     Vice President, Engineering

     Indicast Corporation December 1999 November 2001

    Acquired by Oracle on the strength of the technology and the development team.

    From a rough concept and very little funding, built a development team from scratch and developed a

    robust and highly scalable voice-driven news and information service with paying customers. Content

    includes Wall Street Journal Report, ABC News, AP News, weather, real-time sports scores, traffic, flight

    times, and lifestyle, comprising almost 2,000 topics. Voice-activated dialing, email, and driving

    directions are also built into the service.

    ? First voice portal to sign a deal with a wireless service provider, Centennial Communications.

    ? Went head-to-head against BeVocal (now the On Demand division of Nuance) in a three-month

    trial of hundreds of customers at Alltel (the nation’s largest wireless network with over 12

    million customers). The competition had over three times our staff, over ten times our funding,

    and a year’s head start. We won the trial and the unanimous decision of Alltel’s senior


    ? Inventor of three of the technology architecture patents from this work (see below).

Senior Technologist, Office of the Chief Technology Officer

    Autodesk, Inc. January 1995 December 1999

    Reporting directly to the CTO, and with minimal supervision, led development teams, performed product

    research and analysis for current and future products, created prototypes as feasibility studies and

    market validation, pursued relevant advanced technologies, and regularly reported to the Executive

    Management team. Acted as a resource for marketing and engineering management on technical issues,

    and was the technical liaison with Intel and other large partners.

    ? Led the technology due diligence for the successful $450M acquisition of Discreet Logic (now

    part of Autodesk Media & Entertainment Solutions), a film and video special effects and non-

    linear editing products company. Their products have been used on all Best Picture Academy ?Award nominated films for the past ten years. The division has exceeded all financial goals for

    revenue growth.

    James Chase, Page 2

    Autodesk, Inc. (continued)

    ? Developed initial concept and led all teams to a common vision of a new personalized MyAutodesk community Web portal for over two million registered Autodesk product users,

    including definitions of audience, goals, and required features. Established and managed

    partnerships for Web content providers and external services including personalization and

    profiling infrastructure, general and industry news, calendar and to-do list, discussion groups,

    instant messaging, chat, free email, a new Customer Care Center, and an HTML email

    newsletter with personalized content from user preferences.

    ? Assumed leadership of Database Connectivity development team to resolve technical and

    management issues. This included mentoring and motivating engineers and managers, as well

    as technical guidance and decision arbitration across development teams. Technical issues were

    resolved, teams were again communicating well, and project schedule was put back on track.

Manager of Component Technology, Database Division

    Autodesk, Inc.

    Managed a team of Windows developers working on AutoCAD drawing database features.

    ? Led the object model team that designed and built the framework for an advanced CAD product.

    Designed and implemented a working prototype of the COM-based object model that included

    instancing, persistence, notification, a flexible data typing concept, and versioning control.

     Designed a tool to analyze customer drawing files, and led a team to write the program and

    user guide. Managed the distribution of the tool to 130 beta sites to gather statistics on the

    graphical objects in over 50,000 drawings. The data was used to drive a number of file space

    and execution time optimization projects.

Lead Engineer

    Stratus Technologies May 1988 January 1995

    Founded Stratus division as part of a team to develop, sell, and support an open Operating System,

    database platform, and application environment running on Stratus’s fault-tolerant symmetric multi-

    processing systems.

    ? Managed a team of engineers, providing technical leadership and high-level design, as well as

    budgeting and performance management.

    ? Ported a multi-user database and application environment from a proprietary OS to Unix SVR4

    running on an Intel i860 RISC-based symmetric multi-processing system. Wrote a Streams

    module to drive intelligent terminal I/O.

    ? Ported a multi-user database environment from an MC68030 to an Intel i860 RISC-based multi-

    processing system, including the design and development of a module to isolate OS and

    hardware dependencies. Made beta release ahead of schedule.

    ? Designed and made kernel modifications to proprietary symmetric multi-processing OS (both

    RISC and CISC).

    ? Represented division at trade shows and supported sales efforts with engineering expertise.

    Performed product demonstrations and presentations.

    ? Recipient of Stratus North American Division Excellence Award for 1993.


    C#, VB.NET, Windows Mobile, SQL Server, IIS, .NET Forms, ASP.NET, SOAP, Java, J2EE, C++, Linux,

    Apache, MySQL, Perl, Oracle, DOM, XPath, XSLT, XForms, VoiceXML, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

    Flash, ActionScript, Mac OS X, Objective-C, Cocoa, iPhone

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    Master of Science, Computer Science; California State University, Fullerton

    Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; California State University, Fullerton


    Inventor of three technology architecture patents:

    6,775,358: Method and system for enhanced interactive playback of audio content to telephone callers.

    7,028,252: System and method for construction, storage, and transportation of presentation-

    independent multi-media content.

    7,440,555: Method and apparatus for rendering audio streams from textual content for delivery to a


    Contact Information

    James M. Chase

    1701-B Loma Street

    Santa Barbara, CA 93103 James Chase, Page 4

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