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Download - Welcome to Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda






1.0 The Ministry of Education and Sports will hold a two-day National Stakeholders

    Conference to consult and adopt a Comprehensive Country Program for Improving the

    ththQuality of Primary Education in Uganda. This Conference will take place from 1011

    December 2007 at Colline Hotel, Mukono.

2.0 The main objective of the Conference will be to provide a forum for stakeholder

    consultations and agree modalities for implementing credible interventions for

    enhancing quality primary education.

3.0 The participants in the Conference will comprise key stakeholders in the planning and

    management of Education and Sports activities drawn from: relevant Sessional

    Committees of Parliament, the Education Funding Agencies Group, Line Ministries,

    Local Governments, Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Organizations of the Ministry

    of Education and Sports, Public and Private Institutions of Learning, Private Sector,

    Civil Society, NGOs, Teachers Associations, Parent-Teachers Associations and Ministry

    of Education and Sports (See a detailed list in section 8.0 below).

4.0 The representatives from Local Governments will include all Local Council V (LC5)

    Secretaries for Education, Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), District Education

    Officers (DEOs) and District Inspector of Schools (DISs) from all the 80 districts as well

    as Local Council IV (LC IV) Secretaries for Education, Town Clerks, Municipal

    Education Officers (MESs) and Municipal Inspectors for Schools (MISs) from all the 13


5.0 Invitation letters accompanied with: (a) the draft Comprehensive Program for

    Improving the Quality of Primary Education in Uganda, (b) terms of reference for the

    Conference and (c) draft timetable have already been dispatched to all participants using

    Expedited Mail Service (EMS) Courier.


    6.0 Other documents for information will, among others, include: (a) the Customized

    Performance Targets (CPTs), (b) Public Service Standing Orders, (d) the Local

    Government Act, CAP 243 (as at 15/11/2000) (e) Public Service Standing Orders (an

    Extract), (e) The Education Act, 1970 (f) Report on the Diagnostic Study on Low Primary

    Completion Rates, (g) Report on the Efficiency Study on Public Education in Uganda, (h)

    Report on Impact Evaluation of Basic Education in Uganda, (h) Tracking Study Report

    on the Flow and Utilisation of UPE Capitation Grants, (i) Teachers’ Code of Professional

    Conduct, and (j) the Disability Act.

    7.0 All the invited participants should note that:

? Attendance is by invitation only;

    ? Those invited should acknowledge in writing receipt of their invitation and this

    acknowledgement will serve as your confirmation to participate in the Conference; ? You should come along with the Conference Documents circulated to you. While at

    the Conference venue, there will be no further distribution of documents listed in

    paragraph 6.0 above.

    8.0 The participants will include the following:

1. Hon. Minister of Education and Sports

    2. Hon. Minister of State for Education and Sports/Primary 3. Hon. Minister of State for Education and Sports/Higher 4. Hon. Minister of State for Education and Sports/Sports 5. Four Representatives of the Parliamentary Sessional Committee on Social Services 6. Two Representatives of the Parliamentary Sessional Committee on Local Governments and

    Public Service.

    7. Head of Public Service/ Secretary to Cabinet

    8. Deputy Head of Public Service/Secretary Administrative Reform 9. Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Education and Sports 10. Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury

    11. Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Local Government 12. Permanent Secretary Office of the Prime Minister 13. Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Public Service 14. Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Health

    15. Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment 16. Permanent Secretary/President’s Office

    17. Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development 18. Representative of the National Planning Authority 19. Director Human Resources Management/Ministry of Public Service 20. The Chairman, Education Service Commission.

    21. The Deputy Chairman, Education Service Commission. 22. The Secretary, Education Service Commission.

    23. Two Members/Commissioners of Education Service Commission. 24. Resident District Commissioner, Gulu

    25. Resident District Commissioner, Kampala

    26. Resident District Commissioner, Mbale

    27. Resident District Commissioner, Mbarara


    28. All LC 5 Secretaries for Education countrywide (80 in number) 29. All Chief Administrative Officers countrywide (80 in number) 30. All District Education Officers (80 in number) 31. All District Inspectors of Schools (80 in number) 32. All Secretaries for Education at Municipal Council level (13 in number) 33. Town Clerks from all Municipalities (13 in number) 34. All Municipal Education Officers(13 in number) 35. All Municipal Inspectors of Schools (13 in number) 36. Representative of the Uganda Urban Authorities Association 37. The Chairperson and Secretary of Uganda Local Government Finance Commission 38. Representative of Uganda Local Governments' Association 39. The Co-ordinator, Education Funding Agency Group (EFAG) 40. The Senior Programme Officer, GTZ

    41. The Senior Operations Officer, World Bank

    42. The Development Attaché, Irish Aid

    43. The Education advisor, Ireland Aid

    44. The Operations Officer, European Union

    45. The Senior Education Advisor, Royal Netherlands Embassy 46. The Education Advisor/JICA

    47. The Education Specialist, USAID

    48. The Senior Education Advisor, USAID

    49. The Director, Department for International development(DFID) 50. The Head, Education; UNICEF

    51. The Education Economist, African Development Bank 52. The Education Advisor, UNHCR

    53. The Program Advisor, World Food Programme

    54. The Chief of Party UNITY Project/USAID

    55. The Program Officer/FENU

    56. Director of Education

    57. Secretary National Council of Sports

    58. Chairperson Education Service Commission

    59. Under Secretary/Finance and Administration/MoES 60. Four Representatives of Uganda National Examinations Board 61. Four representatives of the National Curriculum Development Centre 62. The Director and Heads of Department, ESA

    63. Regional representatives of Education Standards Agency (ESA) 64. Chairperson of the Principals of Primary Teachers Colleges 65. Chairperson NUDIPU

    66. Chairperson Uganda Primary School Headteachers Association(UPSHA) 67. Representative of Northern Uganda Primary School Headteachers’ Association (from Arua


    68. Representative of Western Uganda Primary School Headteachers’ Association (from

    Ntungamo district)

    69. Representative of Eastern Uganda Primary School Headteachers’ Association (from Tororo


    70. Representative of Central Uganda Primary School Headteachers’ Association (from

    Kampala district)

    71. Commissioner Education Planning Department, MoES 72. Commissioner Secondary Education, MoES

    73. Commissioner Teacher Education, MoES

    74. Commissioner Special Needs Education, Career Guidance and Counseling, MoES


75. Commissioner Higher Education, MoES

    76. Commissioner Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training, MoES 77. Commissioner Pre-Primary and Primary Education, MoES 78. Commissioner, Physical Education and Sports, MoES 79. Assistant Commissioner/Construction Management Unit, MoES 80. Assistant Commissioner Personnel, MoES

    81. Assistant Commissioner/Instructional Materials Unit, MoES 82. Ag. Assistant Commissioner/Planning and Budgeting, MoES 83. Assistant Commissioner/Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation, MoES 84. Assistant Commissioner Primary Teacher Education, MoES 85. Assistant Commissioner Technical, MoES

    86. Assistant Commissioner Business, MoES

    87. Assistant Commissioner Vocational, MoES

    88. Assistant Commissioner Secondary Teacher Education, MoES 89. Assistant Commissioner Guidance and Counseling, MoES 90. Assistant Commissioner Special Needs, MoES 91. Assistant Commissioner Higher Education, MoES 92. Principal Economist (Projects), MoES

    93. Principal Economist (Budget), MoES

    94. Principal Statistician, MoES

    95. Principal Assistant Secretary, MoES

    96. Principal Assistant Secretary, Office of Prime Minister 97. Principal Policy Analysts (I &II), MoES

    98. Principal Education Planner,, Monitoring and Evaluation, MoES 99. Senior Economist, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development 100. Assistant Commissioner, Human Resource Development, MoPS 101. The Secretary General UNESCO (1)

    102. The General Secretary and Secretary UNATU

    103. Secretary Uganda Joint Christian Council (to nominate other participant from Church of

    Uganda, the Catholic Secretariat, the Orthodox Church and SDA) 104. Secretary, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

    105. Secretary, UMEA

    106. Secretary Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group, MoES 107. Secretary Pre-Primary and Primary Education Working Group, MoES 108. Secretary Special Needs Education and Career Guidance Working Group 109. Secretary Higher Education Working Group

    110. Secretary Secondary Education Working Group 111. Secretary Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training Working Group 112. Secretary Teacher Education Working Group

    113. Secretary Education Sector Budgeting Working Group, 114. Representatives of NGOs (1 from SNV, 1 from Agha Khan Foundation, 1 from UPHOLD)

    9.0 The Conference will be residential/full board i.e. accommodation, breakfast, break tea,

    evening tea, lunch and dinner will be provided. Transport refund for two vehicles per

    district or Municipal Council will be paid. In addition, stationery items shall be

    provided to all invited participants.


    For further information please visit our website at www.Education. You may also contact Mr. Mayoka James, Embassy House, Floor 6, Room 6.12 on phone number 0414342277/4258629 , 0772428929 or e-mail epd@education.

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