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Welcome to the Euro Challenge 2010 an exciting educational

    opportunity for high schools students (grades 9 & 10) to learn about the European Union (EU) the largest trading partner

    of the US and its single currency, the euro. Now in its fifth year, the Euro Challenge is designed to appeal to students with a

    background in global studies, economics, world history/geography or European studies.

    "There is no other program that enables students to learn, first hand, about

    international issues like the Euro Challenge."

     Libby Nowak, teacher, New York, NY

    "The academic experience was one that I will cherish. The insight into the affairs of the EU will

    prove truly valuable to me in years to come."

     Molly Niedbala, student, Miami, FL

The competition aims to:

    ? Support local learning standards related to global studies and economics

    ? Foster economic and financial literacy and understanding of economic policy issues

    ? Increase students’ knowledge and understanding of the European Union and the euro

    ? Develop communication, critical thinking and cooperative skills

The competition

    Each team must make a 15-minute presentation describing the current economic situation in the euro area and analyzing a

    specific economic challenge in a country of their choice. Teams then answer questions from a distinguished panel of judges.

    Preliminary rounds are held in each of the participating regions, and the regional winners advance to the semifinal and final

    rounds held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Cash prizes for the top teams are generously provided by The

    Moody's Foundation.

    Learning resources and support ? Orientation Seminars in each region give teachers a chance to learn

    about the competition.

    ? Check out for training videos, research

    materials, and web resources.

    ? The Euro Challenge on-line forum allows teachers and students from

    across the country to communicate with each other and the

    competition organizers.

    ? The Euro Challenge Guide provides all the information about the

    competition (rules, schedule, contact information for each region).

How to Register?

    To register for the Euro Challenge 2010, please complete and send in the enclosed registration form.

    For more information about the competition in the North Carolina region, contact Gali Beeri at or


    The Euro Challenge is a program of the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States.




    Please fill out the Euro Challenge 2010 registration form and email it back to Eric Katzman at or fax it to 212-980-5053. For questions about registration, please contact Eric Katzman at 212-421-2700.

    ALL PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS MUST complete the following:

Yes, please register ________________________________ (school name) to participate in the Euro Challenge

    2010. I, ________________________________ (name), will be the designated contact person from my school.

    RETURNING PARTICIPANTS: If your school participated in Euro Challenge 2009 and your contact information has not changed, you ONLY need to complete the section above. Simply submit this form via the email address or fax

    number above. If you DO need to update any contact information, please indicate changes in the section below.

    ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Please complete the following section. Please PRINT CLEARLY and provide email addresses and cell phone numbers where requested to enable w!se to effectively communicate with your school throughout

    the year. Principals MUST sign the agreement at the bottom of the page.

    School Name Principal’s Name

    Address Principal’s Phone Number

    City State Zip Code Principal’s Email

    School Telephone Number & Fax Number Department Chair/AP’s Name


    Faculty Advisor’s Name (this is the person to whom all programmatic information will be Department Chair/AP’s Phone emailed)

    Faculty Advisor’s Cell phone Number Faculty Advisor’s Email Department Chair/AP’s Email

    Additional Teacher’s Name Teacher’s Phone Number Teacher’s Email

The Faculty Advisor and School Principal agree to all the following:

    1. Enter one (1) team of three (3) to five (5) students in the Euro Challenge 2010.

    2. Participate in the competition events (student teams must be accompanied by faculty Advisor).

    3. Submit administrative forms including Media Release Forms and trip consent forms.

    Principal’s Signature: ______________________________ Date: ___________________________

    th?2009. Copyright Working In Support of Education, 227 East 56 Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10022 212.421.2700

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