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    School of Russian Studies

    University-Higher School of Economics

    11 Pokrovsky blvd., Office J-517, J-521, Moscow 109028, Russia

    Tel: +7-495-621-3357, fax: +7-495-772-9590*2336, email:

    APPLICATION FORM Please, type or print clearly:

    Last name:

    First name: Middle name:

Date of birth: Nationality: Sex: day/month/year M/F

     Mailing address: Street, building#, apartment#

     City Country Zip code Phone: Fax: e-mail: Country code area code tel# Country code area code fax#

     Permanent address: Street, building#, apartment#

     City Country Zip code Phone: Fax: e-mail: Country code area code tel# Country code area code fax# Name of Current School/University [for students] / Name and Address of Company [for employees]:


    Phone: Fax: Country code area code tel# Country code area code fax# Summary of Academic Background

    Date of attendance University (High school) Degree (Diploma) obtained

Unofficial Transcript

    Please attach an unofficial transcript to your application form to SRS. If you believe this transcript is an

    incomplete or otherwise inaccurate reflection of your academic record, please briefly explain here:

If you are a transfer student, please list the name(s) of any previously attended institutions:

Outreach Inquiry

    Information gathered in this section will help us improve our efforts to spread the word about the School of Russian

    Studies opportunities. Please complete the following few questions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    When did you first hear of School of Russian Studies Program?

     What outreach events or publications did you find most effective?

If other, please describe:

Applicant’s Full Name: Last Name, First Name, MI

Select Program(s)

    In this section, you will choose the location(s) for which you would like to apply. Late applicants may

    apply to one program only. (Please mark with “X)

     Spring School 2010: Spring Semester 2010: Autumn Semester 2010:


    ?When applying to International Master’s Program please refer to

Internship Inquiry (optional)

    SRS will try to accommodate your request but does not give any guarantee. Responding in the affirmative

    does not bind you to the internship, but it allows us to gauge the number of interested applicants.

    What field you might be interested in taking internship in (Ex: Business, Banking, Law)?

Russian Language Background

    Please complete the following questions. Please be as accurate as possible, keeping in mind that we will

    use this information to match you with appropriate resources and opportunities. We ask that all students

    complete this section regardless of program language requirements.

Years of high school study:

    If AP exam was taken, what was your score?

    What is the highest level language course you will complete prior to departure on a SRS Program (e.g. 4th year H.S. Russian, or 1 year Russian at your university): Please rate your

     writing ability:

     reading ability

     listening comprehension:

    Briefly, is there any other information we should know about your language abilities or experiences?

Statement of Purpose

    Please submit your statement of purpose along with the application. (See attached form)


    Information for visa support

    Passport number Citizenship Date of issue Valid until

     NumberName of Country dd mm yyyy dd mm yyyy

    Place of birth Country City/town Russian Embassy/Consulate where you wish to obtain your visa: Country, City

     Proposed date of arrival to Moscow dd mm yyyy

     Please, send the invitation letter to: Mailing addressPermanent address

Additional information:


    I declare that all the answers to this application are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge including the

    information on my academic background. I have been informed on the regulations of admittance to the University and

    on the tuition fee. I am prepared to timely cover the expenses of studying and living in Russian Federation. I am

    warned that failure to report all the complete and accurate information will invalidate my application and my result in

    invalidity of a degree obtained if admitted.

Date: June 10, 2010 Signature

    Applicant’s Full Name: Last Name, First Name, MI

    School of Russian Studies

    University-Higher School of Economics

    11 Pokrovsky blvd., Office J-517, J-521, Moscow 109028, Russia

    Tel: +7-495-621-3357, fax: +7-495-772-9590*2336, email:


    Instructions for Statement of Purpose

    The statement of purpose (SP) is your opportunity to tell us why you want to go to Russia with SRS Program. We are

    interested in knowing both your academic and personal reasons for applying to our program(s).

    Before writing your essay, you should become thoroughly acquainted with the program descriptions and course

    information on our website.

    In writing your SP, please be as clear and specific as possible. For each program to which you apply, be sure to include

    complete responses to each of the following questions:

    1. Briefly reflect on your personal motivations for going abroad. How will this particular program contribute to your

    overall university experience?

    2. What classes would you intend to take overseas, and why do they interest you? How do they fit in with making

    progress toward a major or minor?

    3. Are there other elements of the overseas experience that you plan to take advantage of (paid or unpaid internships,

    public service, other extracurricular activities, etc)? If so, please elaborate.

    If you are applying to multiple programs, your SP should provide thoughtful responses to the questions above as they

    apply to each location. Keep in mind that different reviewers will be reading the same SP, so please be sure to address

    each of the programs to which you apply in a complete manner.

    Because some applicants will be applying to multiple programs, we expect the length of SPs to vary. If you are

    applying to one program, please do not exceed 1000 words; if applying to two programs, please do not exceed 1500


    ?Prior to uploading, please be sure your name is included in the body of your statement of purpose. Then save it in the

    following format: lastname_firstinitial.doc.

    Please start here

Applicant’s Full Name: Last Name, First Name, MI

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