aspen process economic analyzer

By Stacy Hall,2014-05-24 09:39
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aspen process economic analyzer


Aspen Process Economic Analyzer

    (formerly Aspen Icarus Process Evaluator?) Project scoping tool that enables the optimization of lifecycle costs of a process

Aspen Process Economic Analyzer is a powerful project scoping tool that enables

    process engineers to evaluate the economic impact of their process designs

    (including generation of overall investment cash flow curves to quantify量化 the contribution of the plant or the owner’s business). Aspen Process Economic Analyzer

    is most valuable in the early phases of the conceptual design to compare competing

    technologies and/or evaluate alternative process configurations.(进行不同工艺和技术的比较) It can expand unit operations from simulator output to equipment models

    using proprietary mapping technology, and calculate preliminary sizes for these

    equipment items.

    Aspen Process Economic Analyzer is a core element of AspenTech’s aspenONE?

    Process Engineering applications.


    ? Interactive equipment sizing to determine operating costs and investment


    ? Automatic generation of block and process flow diagrams from the process stream information

    ? Interfaces to all major process simulation tools, including Aspen Plus and

    Aspen HYSYS?

    ? Based on the same Aspen Icarus technology used in both Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator and Aspen Capital Cost Estimator



    Aspen Process Economic Analyzer provides benefits across a broad range of

    industries, including refining, petrochemical, chemical, specialty chemical, pulp纸浆

    and paper, mining & minerals采矿与矿物, pharmaceutical制药的and food & beverage

    饮料industries. Benefits include:

    ? Evaluate lifecycle business impact of design alternatives in the early phases of

    conceptual design

    ? Generate operating costs and investment cash flow curves to quantify a

    plant’s business contribution

    ? Expandthrough proprietary mapping technology测绘技术unit operating

    into actual equipment models and calculate preliminary sizes

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