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AFI presents the 22nd annual AFI European Union Film Showcase, a selection of

    top films from EU member states, including film festival award winners, box office hits

    and US premieres.



    * OPENING NIGHT! Thurs, Nov 5, 7:00 * / Sun, Nov 8, 5:00 Tickets $12/$10 AFI Members. No passes accepted.

    Swedish writer/director Lukas Moodysson’s first foray into English-language filmmaking is

    a film for and about the global marketplace, and the connections and separations it

    imposes on families. Leo (Gael Garcia Bernal) is a successful video game developer living

    in New York with his doctor wife Ellen (Michelle Williams) and young daughter, Jackie

    (Sophie Nyweide). The couple’s busy schedules mean that the main caregiver for their child is their Filipino nanny, Gloria (Marife Necesito), who has a close and loving

    relationship with Jackie, but desperately misses the two boys her own mother is raising

    for her back in Manila. A business trip to Thailand finds Leo becoming involved in the life

    of an attractive bar girl (Run Srinikornchot), a working mom with a child of her own, at

    the same time that the inherent tensions of Ellen and Gloria’s displaced mother-child

    relationships threaten to boil over into tragedy. DIR/SCR Lukas Moodysson; PROD Lars Jönsson. Sweden/Denmark/Germany, 2009, color, 125 min. In English, Tagalog and Thai

    with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    CLOSING NIGHT! Sat, Nov 21, 7:00

    Tickets $15/$10 AFI Members. No passes accepted.

    Working from a sharp script by Julian Fellowes (GOSFORD PARK), Quebecois director

    Jean-Marc Vallee (C.R.A.Z.Y.) delivers an energetic, sensitive and smart retelling of the

    romance between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, with breakout performances by Emily

    Blunt and Rupert Friend. Wary from years of court intrigue and a youth spent secluded in

    the royal palaces, 18-year-old Princess Victoria (Blunt), first in line to the crown of her

    uncle, King William (a comically crotchety Jim Broadbent), fights off the machinations of

    her mother (Miranda Richardson) and her ambitious counselor, Sir John Conroy (Mark

    Strong). Her Belgian uncle King Leopold (Thomas Kretschmann) preps his nephew Albert

    (Friend) as a politically convenient marriage prospect for Victoria; ironically, love blooms

    only after Albert denounces his uncle’s plans and earns Victoria’s trust and friendship.

    Adding to the political-romantic triangulation is crafty politician Lord Melbourne (Paul

    Bettany), Victoria’s favorite in Parliament and a major influence on herperhaps more

    than she realizes. DIR Jean-Marc Vallée; SCR Julian Fellowes; PROD Sarah Ferguson, Tim

    Headington, Graham King, Martin Scorsese. UK/US, 2009, color, 100 min. In English and

    German with English subtitles. RATED PG




    WOMEN [Män Som Hatar Kvinnor]

    Sat, Nov 7, 6:00 / Sun, Nov 8, 3:00

    This adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s international best-selling novel became the all-time box office champ at home in Sweden and a major hit in every other European country

    here it has played. Disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist), forced out of

    his position at Millennium magazine on a trumped-up libel charge, accepts an assignment

AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

from Henrik Vanger (Sven-Bertil Taube), the patriarch of a powerful family of

    industrialists, to investigate the long-unsolved murder of Vanger’s niece Harriet. In need of tech know-how to decrypt some Vanger business records, Blomkvist goes to pierced,

    tattooed twentysomething hacker Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace), with whom the

    middle-aged journalist forms an unlikely detective duo. DIR Niels Arden Oplev; SCR

    Nikolaj Arcel, Rasmus Heisterberg, based on the novel by Stieg Larsson; PROD Søren

    Stærmose. Sweden/ Denmark/Germany, 2009, color, 152 min. In Swedish with English

    subtitles. NOT RATED


    HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT’S INFERNO [L’Enfer d’Henri-Georges Clouzot]

    Sat, Nov 21, 4:00 / Sun, Nov 22, 7:45

    Film restoration specialist Serge Bromberg faces his greatest challenge: restore a film

    that was never made! In this case, the excavation of 185 cans of footage shot by Henri-

    Georges Clouzotthe French Hitchcock—for an aborted 1964 project called L’ENFER. The film was to star Serge Reggiani as the owner of a resort hotel who suspects that his

    much younger wifea radiant, 26-year-old Romy Schneideris cheating on him, and

    becomes progressively unhinged by paranoia. This documentary assembles the amazing

    footage, including numerous screen tests showing the actors in candid moments, and

    experimental shots using lens effects, psychedelic lighting and odd color schemes to

    express Reggiani’s state of mind. Interviews with surviving crew members include then

    production assistant Costa-Gavras and assistant cameraman William Lubtchansky, who

    explain how Clouzot’s personal demons and quirks led to problems on set that ultimately

    undermined the projectone that could have resulted in a landmark film of the 1960s. A

    must-see for fans of French cinema. Official Selection, 2009 Cannes, Toronto and New York Film Festivals. DIR/SCR/PROD Serge Bromberg; DIR Ruxandra Medrea.

    France, 2009, color and b&w, 94 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    --The United Kingdom’s THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS (November 14),

    is perhaps best known as the late actor Heath Ledger’s final film. Boasting accomplished

    director Terry Gilliam and an all-star cast including Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Christopher

    Plummer, Colin Farrell and Ledger, the film follows the immortal Doctor Parnassus

    (Plummer) through the streets of London where he offers passersby an old-fashioned

    magic show, and for some, a trip through a magic mirror into the deepest recesses of

    their imagination. But danger lurks inside the mirror world, as the Devil (Tom Waits) is

    also a frequent visitor there.



    THE BONEMAN [Der Knochenmann]

    Fri, Nov 20, 9:30 / Sat, Nov 21, 10:00

    The third adaptation of the popular novels by Wolf Haas (following COME SWEET DEATH

    and SILENTIUM, which screened in AFI’s 2007 EU Film Showcase) from director Wolfgang

    Murnberger and star Hader is the most thrillingand funniestyet. Vienna

    slacker/sometime detective Brenner (Josef Hader) reluctantly takes on a car repo

    assignment that relocates him to a rural Alpine village. The trail of the deadbeat car

    owner goes cold at the town’s famous chicken restaurant and inn, owned by the

    physically imposing Loschenkohl (Josef Bierbichler) and managed by the attractive Birgit

    (Birgit Minichmayr). But according to Porsche Pauli—Loånschenkohl’s hot-headed son,

    married to Birgit—there’s a bigger mystery in need of investigating, involving Russian


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

pimps, Slovakian hookers and large withdrawals from his father’s bank account. And

    maybe that meat grinder down in the basement!

    DIR/SCR Wolfgang Murnberger; SCR Josef Hader, Wolf Haas, based on the novel by Wolf

    Haas; PROD Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker. Austria, 2009, color, 117 min. In German and

    Russian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    A TOWN CALLED PANIC [Panique Au Village]

    Sat, Nov 7, 7:00 / Sun, Nov 8, 1:00

    This surreal adventure in stop-motion animation and oddball comedy is the feature film

    spin-off of the Belgian TV series, which enjoys an international cult following, (and has

    been aired in dubbed version on Nicktoons). Three Plasticine characters, Cowboy, Indian

    and the sensible but temperamental Horse, navigate a series of manic adventures, from

    Cowboy and Indian’s Internet birthday barbeque that wrecks their house, to the trio’s

    travels to the center of the earth, the arctic tundra, and an underwater realm populated

    by perfidious pointyheads. Co-directors Stephane Aubier and Vincent Patar supply most

    of the manic voice talent, with guest spots given to Jeanne Balibar (VA SAVOIR) and

    Benoit Poelvoorde (MAN BITES DOG). Fans of Art Clokey’s Gumby, Monty Python’s Flying

    Circus, South Park and Robot Chicken will find much to like. DIR/ SCR Stéphane Aubier,

    Vincent Patar. Belgium/Luxembourg/France, 2009, color, 75 min. In French with English




    Fri, Nov 6, 9:30 / Sat, Nov 7, 8:45

    Framed and thrown into jail in 1944—just before Bulgaria’s Communist coup—dapper

    thief “the Moth” emerges after serving hard time, having survived by his wits and his

    fists, to the strange new world of 1960s Sofia. Almost immediately he is in peril, as an

    ex-business partner comes looking to settle an old score. But what the Moth most wants

    is to reconnect with girlfriend Ada. Shot in widescreen black & white, brimming with

    hardboiled action, charismatic performances and dynamic visual flair, Javor Gardev’s

    debut feature looks to become a cult classic of neo-Noir style. 2008 Oscar Selection,

    Bulgaria. DIR Javor Gardev; SCR Vladislav Todorov, based on his novel; PROD Georgi Dimitrov, Ilian Djevelekov, Matey Konstantinov. Bulgaria, 2008, b&w, 92 min. In

    Bulgarian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    SMALL CRIME [Mikro Eglima]

    Sun, Nov 22, 6:00 / Tue, Nov 24, 7:00

    Bike cop Leonidas fears he’ll go batty assigned to an island village where the closest he

    comes to law enforcement is telling naked tourists on the beach to put their clothes on.

    But when the town drunk turns up dead at the bottom of the cliffs, he suddenly has a

    real case on his hands. And when he’s introduced to the beautiful witness Angeliki—the

    town’s local celebrity, who’s parlayed a turn on the Greek version of American Idol into a

    TV gigromance seems possible, too. This charming romantic comedy, shot entirely on the island of Thirassia, near Santorini, by Cyprusborn Christos Georgiou (UNDER THE

    STARS), has delighted audiences at film festivals around the world. DIR/SCR/PROD

    Christos Georgiou; SCR Srdjan Koljevic; PROD Thanassis Karathanos.

    Germany/Greece/Cyprus, 2008, color, 85 min. In Greek with English subtitles. NOT



    Sun, Nov 22, 3:30 / Mon, Nov 23, 7:00


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

DC premiere of the new, American version! A one-of-a-kind portrait of Vaclav Havel, the

    first president of the Czech Republicformer dissident, leader in the Velvet Revolution, playwright, poet, essayist and rock’n’roll fan—culled from a decade’s worth of documentation by his close friend, filmmaker Pavel Koutecky. Given unparalleled access

    to Havel at work, the film takes viewers from internal staff debates to intense

    international summit meetings to enjoyable encounters with visiting dignitaries and

    celebrities, including Bill Clinton and a night out at Prague’s top jazz club, plus a visit to

    the Presidential Palace by The Rolling Stones that turns into a comedic set piece.

    Koutecky’s accidental death caused the project to be completed by friend and fellow filmmaker Miroslav Janek, and the final documentary is a tribute to both a great man and

    a dedicated documentarian. DIR Miroslav Janek, Pavel Koutecky; PROD Jarmila Poláková. Czech Republic, 2008, color, 119 min. In Czech with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    Sat, Nov 14, 7:30 / Wed, Nov 18, 7:00

    This broad-hearted ensemble comedy was a box office hit in its home country, the Czech

    Republic. After determining that his wife Zuzana’s nose is just too big, TV weatherman

    Oskar cheats on her with the family’s vapid nanny, leading to a downward spiral that

    finds him out of a job and in a series of loveless affairs. In the meantime, Zuzana has no

    problem finding a new partner in divorced single father Matej, aided in no small part by

    Oskar’s parents. Full of fine details and subtle wit, this delightful film skirts tragedy and

    plunges headlong into farce.

    DIR/SCR Jan Hrebejk; SCR Jirí Machácek, Michal Viewegh; PROD Rudolf Biermann. Czech

    Republic, 2008, color, 88 min. In Czech and Slovak with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    APPLAUSE [Applaus]

    Tue, Nov 10, 7:00 / Thurs, Nov 12, 7:00

    Paprika Steen gives a bravura performance as an alcoholic actress navigating personal

    crises in this debut film from Martin Zandvliet. Footage from Steen’s real-life

    performance as Martha in a recent Copenhagen production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia

    Woolf? Is intercut with scenes of Steen as Thea, a hard-bitten diva whose personality

    blends an agile-minded charisma with caustic sarcasm, the self-centeredness of a grande

    dame undercut by a desperate self loathing. Recently divorced from her now-remarried

    husband and denied custody of their two children, Thea has supposedly given up drinking

    and is working on regaining visitation rights. Painfully, Thea must face the fact that

    motherhood may not be a role she is cut out to play. DIR/SCR Martin Zandvliet; SCR

    Anders Frithiof August; PROD Mikael Rieks. Denmark, 2009, color, 85 min. In Danish with

    English subtitles. NOT RATED


    Fri, Nov 13, 9:45 / Mon, Nov 16, 7:00

    The latest film from Ole Bornedal (JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY, part of AFI’s 2008

    EU Film Showcase) continues the Danish director’s knack for exploiting genre

    conventions to thought-provoking effect. Luckless truck driver Lars, angry at the world

    and normally drunk, causes a fatality in a hit-and-run accident, but plants evidence to

    implicate the town’s Bosnian refugee handyman, Alain. After Lars’s citified, liberal older

    brother Johannes comes to Alain’s defense and takes him into his home, the local louts

    plot a pitchforks-and-torches nighttime assault, egged on by the deceased’s unhinged,

    right-wing widower. With nods to American films like RIO BRAVO and STRAW DOGS,

    Bornedal’s film provocatively examines class and ethnic differences in today’s Europe.

    DIR/SCR Ole Bornedal; PROD Michael Obel. Denmark/Sweden/Norway, 2009, color, 100

    min. In Danish with English subtitles. NOT RATED


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase


    DISCO AND ATOMIC WAR [Disko Ja Tuumasõda]

    Sun, Nov 8, 9:45 / Tue, Nov 10, 9:00

    Estonian filmmaker Jaak Kilmi (REVOLUTION OF PIGS, part of AFI’s 2006 EU Film

    Showcase) examines the most important factor in how the Communists lost the Cold War:

    the West’s one-two punch of disco music and Dallas episodes. Western pop culture,

    banned in countries like Estonia but easily picked up from Finnish broadcasts with the

    help of homemade antennas, played a major role in winning the hearts and minds of the

    then-Soviet citizenry for democracy, in textbook “soft power” fashion. Blending wonderful

    archival footage, academic interviews and deliriously funny recreations (the best being

    Kilmi’s rural cousin Urve reading his letters full of Dallas updates to a rapt village

    audience) Kilmi’s eye-opening and entertaining documentary hits just the right tone between the serious and the surreal. DIR/SCR Jaak Kilmi; SCR/PROD Kiur Aarma.

    Estonia/Finland, 2009, color and b&w, 80 min. In English, Estonian, Finnish and Russian

    with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    THE HOUSE OF BRANCHING LOVE [Haarautuvan Rakkauden Talo]

    Wed, Nov 11, 8:35; Sat, Nov 14, 5:00

    A hit in Finland, Mika Kaurismäki’s latest film takes a farcical look at love and divorce,

    Finnish style. When bored-with-each-other professional couple Tuula and Juhani decides

    on a divorce, they make a pact that they will continue to share their posh house for the

    moment, but no one is to bring home any “friends.” After Juhani’s friend hooks him up

    with a one-night stand that goes spectacularly awry, the deal’s off and the ex-couple

    start to get competitive, with Tuula literally flying in a gigolo she used to know. A raft of

    comic coincidences and couplings energize this bawdy comedy. Official Selection, 2009

    Toronto Film Festival. DIR/SCR/PROD Mika Kaurismäki; SCR Sami Keski-Vähälä, based on the novel by Petri Karra. Finland, 2009, color, 102 min. In Finnish with English

    subtitles NOT RATED


    14-18, THE NOISE AND THE FURY [14-18, le Bruit et la Fureur]

    Mon, Nov 9, 8:50 / Thurs, Nov 12, 9:10

    Jean-Francois Delassus masterfully weaves together archival documentary footage from

    World War I with a few choice narrative selections from the likes of D.W. Griffith,

    Francesco Rosi, Charlie Chaplin, and Sir Richard Attenborough, to illustrate the story of a

    French soldier/everyman, one of many “young idiots hungry for adventure,” who enlists early on and experiences “four years of such intense agony.” The soldier’s narration

    guides the viewer through the larger developments of the war, but also the basics of

    survival, the narrator’s experience of cold, fear, hunger and boredom. “A living history lesson of unusual vividness and emotional power.” (Dennis Harvey, Variety) Official

    Selection, 2009 Telluride and Montreal World Film Festivals. DIR Jean-Francois

    Delassus; SCR Isabelle Rabineau; PROD Fabrice Coat, Christine Doublet. France/Belgium,

    2008, color, 103 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED

BLUEBEARD [Barbe Bleue]

    Mon, Nov 9, 7:05 / Wed, Nov 11, 7:00

    Following the unexpected death of their father, Anne and Marie-Catherine are cast from

    boarding school and sent back to their mother. With no money for dowry, younger sister

    Marie-Catherine agrees to wed the wealthy but notorious Lord Bluebeard, whose previous

    wives have all suspiciously disappeared. Will Marie-Catherine be next? Both surprisingly

    straightforward and slyly subversive, Catherine Breillat’s retelling of Charles Perrault’s

    infamous fable teases out the class and gender conflicts present in the original,


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

reminding us that the best fairy tales just might be the darkest. Using parallel storylines,

    Breillat intercuts the fairy tale itself with scenes set in the 1950s, where a young girl

    scares her older sister by reading the sinister tale. DIR/SCR Catherine Breillat, based on

    the fairy tale by Charles Perrault; PROD Sylvette Frydman, Jean-François Lepetit. France,

    2009, color, 80 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    CLOUD NINE [Wolke Neun]

    Sun, Nov 8, 2:45 / Wed, Nov 11, 9:00

    “A small film with a big heart.”—Derek Elley, Variety. This is the groundbreaking and

    lyrical story of a 67-year old married woman who rediscovers passion and her sexuality

    when she falls in love with a 76-year old man. “Not since David Lean’s BRIEF ENCOUNTER has a drama so thoughtfully explored a woman’s point of view on her

    extramarital affair.” —Maria Garcia, Film Journal. Prix Un Certain Regard, 2008 Cannes Film Festival; Best Director, Andreas Dresen, and Best Actress, Ursula Werner, 2008 German Film Awards. DIR/SCR Andeas Dresen; SCR Jörg Hauschild, Laila Stieler, Cooky Ziesche; PROD Peter Rommel. Germany, 2008, color, 98 min. In

    German with English subtitles. NOT RATED

EVERYONE ELSE [Alle Anderen]

    Sat, Nov 7, 3:30 / Sun, Nov 8, 6:20

    On vacation in Sicily, Chris (Lars Eidinger) and his girlfriend Gitti (Birgit Minichmayr, Best

    Actress at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival) appear to be madly in love. But over the course

    of the vacation, their temperamental personalities clash, as do the stresses of Chris’s

    career and the inconvenient arrival of another couple with whom they have a strained

    relationship. Maren Ade’s second film (her first, FOREST FROM THE TREES, was part of

    AFI’s 2006 EU Film Showcase) masterfully and mercilessly dissects the relationship

    dynamics of two difficult people, like a modern update of great couple-trouble films from

    the 1960s like Antonioni’s LA NOTTE and Donen’s TWO FOR THE ROAD. Winner, Best

    Actress and Jury Grand Prix, 2009 Berlin Film Festival; Official Selection 2009,

    New York Film Festival. DIR/SCR/PROD Maren Ade; PROD Dirk Engelhardt, Janine

    Jackowski. Germany, 2009, color, 119 min. In German and Italian with English subtitles.



    Fri, Nov 13, 7:00 / Sun, Nov 15, 7:00

    Ulrich Tukur (THE LIVES OF OTHERS) gives a fascinating performance as John Rabe, a

    German industrialist in China who, in 1937, intervened to save an estimated 200,000

    Chinese civilians from the rape and slaughter perpetrated by the invading Japanese army.

    Reluctantly drawn into the relief effort by a coalition of fellow internationals, including an

    American doctor (Steve Buscemi) and a French school headmistress (Anne Consigny),

    Rabeand company create a safety zone at Rabe’s Siemens plant where refugees fleeing

    the Nanjing massacre can take shelter. But mounting pressure from the aggressive

    Japanese commanding officer Teruyuki Kagawa pushes their resolve to the breaking

    point. The script is based on Rabe’s diaries, which only came to light in 1997 (published

    as The Good Man of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe), almost 50 years after his death.

    DIR/SCR Florian Gallenberger; PROD Benjamin Herrmann, Mischa Hofmann, Jan Mojto.

    France/China/Germany, 2009, color, 134 min. In English, Cantonese, Mandarin, German

    and Japanese with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    ATHENS-ISTANBUL [Athina-Konstadinoupoli]

    Sun, Nov 8, 7:15 / Thurs, Nov 12, 7:05


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

A variation on the classic road movie, this thoughtful film by Nikos Panayotopoulos

    (DELIVERY) follows a depressed middle-aged lawyer, who, looking for meaning in life

    after his recent divorce, embarks on a journey from Athens to Istanbul to visit his sick

    father. He encounters a number of surprises and detours along the way, at one point

    meeting a young woman and her mysterious musician husband. An elegiac film

    punctuated by moments of sadness and humor, it features lyrical scenes that capture the

    flavor and diversity of contemporary Greek life. (Ninos-Feneck Mikelidis, International

    Film Guide) DIR/SCR Nikos Panayotopoulos; SCR Michel Fais. Greece, 2008, color, 103 min. In Greek with English subtitles. NOT RATED

SMALL CRIME [Mikro Eglima]

    Sun, Nov 22, 6:00 / Tue, Nov 24, 7:00

    Bike cop Leonidas fears he’ll go batty assigned to an island village where the closest he

    comes to law enforcement is telling naked tourists on the beach to put their clothes on.

    But when the town drunk turns up dead at the bottom of the cliffs, he suddenly has a

    real case on his hands. And when he’s introduced to the beautiful witness Angeliki—the

    town’s local celebrity, who’s parlayed a turn on the Greek version of American Idol into a

    TV gigromance seems possible, too. This charming romantic comedy, shot entirely on the island of Thirassia, near Santorini, by Cyprusborn Christos Georgiou (UNDER THE

    STARS), has delighted audiences at film festivals around the world. DIR/SCR/PROD

    Christos Georgiou; SCR Srdjan Koljevic; PROD Thanassis Karathanos.

    Germany/Greece/Cyprus, 2008, color, 85 min. In Greek with English subtitles. NOT



    I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND [Nem Vagyok a Barátod]

    Thurs, Nov 19, 9:00 / Tue, Nov 24, 9:00

    The latest film from Hungarian provocateur Gyorgy Palfi (HUKKLE; TAXIDERMIA, AFI’s

    2007 EU Film Showcase) abandons the director’s exquisite art direction and controlled

    atmospherics for a loose, improvised shot-on-the-run aesthetic, collaborating with a cast

    of amateur actors. A cross-section of Budapest strivers and slackers, each in their own

    way dissatisfied in life and sliding towards dissolution, weaves in and out of each other’s

    lives, often with amorous intent but mercenary, duplicitous or addictive motivations. A

    short documentary, I WILL NOT BE YOUR FRIEND, serves as a prologue to the feature,

    and this cinema verité examination of the social relationships, alliances and feuds in a

    kindergarten classroom during playtime suggests that the seeds of misery between men

    and women are planted early on. DIR/SCR György Pálfi; SCR Zsófia Ruttkay; PROD Péter

    Miskolczi, Gábor Váradi. Hungary, 2009, color, 100 min. In Hungarian with English

    subtitles. NOT RATED


    Fri, Nov 6, 7:00 / Sat, Nov 7, 2:45

    Returning to 1963 Communist Hungary after a lengthy sojourn in the States with his

    diplomat parents, 18-year-old Miki (Tamas Szabo Kimmel) reunites with his musician

    friends and proceeds to show his countrymen and women what rock’n’roll is all about in

    this high-spirited, comedic musical. Based on the smash hit stage musical inspired by

    real-life 1960s-era Magyar rocker Miklos Fenyo, the film delivers both historical nostalgia

    and entertainingly subversive counter-history in charting Miki and company’s youthful

    reproach to Communist-era bureaucratic dullness. Perfect period detail, a winning

    soundtrack and a dynamite cast of young actors make this East-meets-West, fact-based

    rock’n’roll fantasy a real charmer. Official Selection, 2009 Karlovy Vary Film

    Festival. DIR Gergely Fonyó; SCR István Tasnádi, Norbert Köbli, based on the play by Miklós Fenyõ and István Tasnádi; PROD József Cirkó, Ádám Neményi. Hungary, 2009,

    color, 109 min. In English and Hungarian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase



    Fri, Nov 6, 5:00 / Sat, Nov 7, 1:45 / Wed, Nov 11, 7:05

    Six-year-old Eamon loves his mother…a bit too much, perhaps. He shares her bed, views

    his father with disdain, and pushes aside any and all threats to her attention. Things are

    about to come to a head, though, as a seaside vacation brings the family’s tensions a boil.

    A wicked spin on the Oedipus complex, writer-director Margaret Corkery’s amazingly

    confident debut is a darkly comic delight. DIR/SCR Margaret Corkery; PROD Seamus

    Byrne. Ireland, 2009, color, 86 min. In English. NOT RATED


    MID-AUGUST LUNCH [Pranzo Di Ferragosto]

    Sat, Nov 14, 3:00 / Sun, Nov 15, 5:15

    One of Italy’s leading scriptwriters, 59-year-old Gianni Di Gregorio (screenwriter of

    GOMORRAH), stars in his utterly charming directorial debut as the money-troubled

    Giovanni, who spends his days caring for his elderly mother. Giovanni discovers that

    some of his past-due rent will be forgotten if he also takes in his landlord’s elderly

    mother for a few days during the traditional mid-August holiday. But when the landlord

    arrives, he has both his mother and aunt in tow. Then Giovanni’s friend Luigi shows up

    with a similar caretaking request for his own aged mother. Winner of multiple festival

    wards including Venice’s Isvema Award for best first film and London’s Satyajit

    Ray Award, this film has a wonderfully loose, almost improvised feel in which Di

    Gregorio focuses on following the natural rhythms of his houseguests’ interactions with

    each other rather than a set storyline. (Note courtesy of Film Society of Lincoln Center)

    DIR/SCR Gianni Di Gregorio, based on a story by Gianni Di Gregorio and Simone

    Riccardini; PROD Matteo Garrone. Italy, 2008, color, 75 min. In Italian with English

    subtitles. NOT RATED



    [Klucis - Nepareizais Latvietis]

    Sun, Nov 22, 9:45 / Mon, Nov 23, 9:30

    This film is a deeply personal view on the life of artist Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost

    representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde art. When his career was at its

    peak, he fell victim to Stalin’s terror. His fate after his arrest in January 1938 was kept secret for many years; the only thing his widow Valentina Kulagina managed to squeeze

    out of the KGB was the date of his death. Years later, even that bit of information was

    found to be wrong. This film tells a story in which the controversial life and career of an

    artist reflects the tragedy of a whole nation during the first decades of the 20th century.

    (Note courtesy of 2009 Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival) DIR Peteris Krilovs; SCR

    Pauls Bankovskis; PROD Uldis Cekulis, Jean-François Le Corre. Latvia/France/Greece,

    2008, color, 88 min. In English, Latvian and Russian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    LOW LIGHTS [Artimos Sviesos]

    Sat, Nov 21, 2:00 / Sun, Nov 22, 1:30

    North American Premiere! Thirty something office drone Tadas is looking for something

    new. Despite a good career with an insurance company, a pretty wife and a nice new

    apartment in Vilnius, he craves some excitement. When he runs into an old friend, ne’er-

    do-well Linas, who has been living a more Bohemian existence since their schooldays, he

    is introduced to a more adventurous world, including Linas’s favorite recreation,

    “nightriding,” driving through Vilnius’s underworld, looking for excitement. What follows

    is a quirky urban road movie, as Tadas and Linas encounter an assortment of odd


AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

characters and odder situations. Official Selection, 2009 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

    DIR/SCR Ignas Miskinis; PROD Ieva Norviliene, Dagmar Neihage. Lithuania/Germany,

    2009, color, 92 min. In Lithuanian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    REMBRANDT’S J’ACCUSE Fri, Nov 6, 5:00; Sat, Nov 7, 12:00; Mon, Nov 9, 9:00

    A scholarly yet broadly accessible illustrated lecture by British auteur Peter Greenaway,

    this film is an enthralling docudrama that examines the Dutch master's most famous

    painting, "The Night Watch," for proof that it was responsible for his dramatic fall from

    grace. A companion-piece to Greenaway's NIGHTWATCHING (AFI’s 2008 EU Film

    Showcase), this film brims with juicy conspiracy theories and forensic investigations

    worthy of top-tier TV crime drama. (Richard Kuipers, Variety) DIR/SCR Peter Greenaway;

    PROD Bruno Felix, Femke Wolting. Netherlands/Germany/Finland, 2008, color, 86 min.



    PIGGIES [Swinki]

    Sat, Nov 7, 12:45 / Mon, Nov 9, 7:00

    When straight-arrow 16-year-old Tomek (Filip Garbacz) discovers that his athletic,

    charismatic friend Ciemny (Daniel Furmaniak) has been turning tricks with German

    motorists from across the river for cash and clothes, he drags him to the youth group

    priest out of bewilderment and concern. But when Tomek falls for club girl Marta (Anna

    Kulej), a stylish minx with expensive tastes, he’s tempted to follow Ciemny’s example to

    earn the needed cash. A powerful morality tale from writer-director Robert Glinski (HI

    TERESKA). DIR/SCR Robert Glinski; PROD Eike Goreczka, Witold Iwaszkiewicz, Thomas

    Jeschner, Mario Schneider. Germany/Poland, 2009, color, 94 min. In German and Polish

    with English subtitles. NOT RATED

SWEET RUSH [Tatarak]

    Sat, Nov 7, 5:00 / Tues, Nov 10, 7:00

    The latest film from Polish master Andrzej Wajda (KATYN, part of AFI’s 2008 EU Film

    Showcase) is built on a hybrid, experimental structure necessitated by the sudden illness

    and death of lead actress Krystyna Janda’s husband Edward Klosinski during shooting

    (Klosinski was the cinematographer on Wajda’s films MAN OF MARBLE and MAN OF IRON,

    both starring Janda.) The adaptation of a story by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, about a

    doctor’s wife in 1950s Poland who, having lost her two sons to the war, becomes

    dangerously infatuated with a young man, is intercut with Janda’s own personal

    monologue about love and loss. DIR/SCR Andrzej Wajda; SCR based on the short story by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz; PROD Michal Kwiecinski. Poland, 2009, color, 85 min. In Polish

    with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    TO DIE LIKE A MAN [Morrer Como Um Homem]

    Fri, Nov 6, 9:20 / Sun, Nov 8, 8:45

    Faced with a fading star, leaking implants, a junkie lover and an AWOL sonnot to

    mention a sense of Catholic guilt that prevents her from undergoing a sex-change

    operationaging drag queen Tonia makes a final decision: to live as a woman, but die

    like a man. A gorgeous, eccentric and moving study of gender, identity and loneliness,

    this film definitively marks Joao Pedro Rodrigues as one of Europe’s leading auteurs. DIR/SCR João Pedro Rodrigues; SCR Rui Catalão; PROD Maria João Sigalho. Portugal,

    France, 2009, color, 133 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED



AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

    2009 EU Film Showcase

THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD [Cea Mai Fericita Fata Din Lume]

    Fri, Nov 6, 7:15 / Sun, Nov 8, 12:45

    Delia, a high school junior, has just won a brand new car in a contest sponsored by a soft drink company. Ecstatic, she heads to Bucharest with her parents to tape a TV commercial for the soft drink and collect her new car. Little does she know, her father wants her to sign the car over for him to sell before she’s even gotten behind the wheel. In between takes of the commercial, which the crew, comically, can’t get right, Delia and her parents wage a battle of wills. This debut feature by acclaimed short filmmaker Radu Jude wonderfully illuminates the generation gap between parents and children, and the pervasive influence of capitalism in the new Romania. DIR/SCR Radu Jude; SCR

    Augustina Stanciu; PROD Ada Solomon. Netherlands/Romania/France/Japan, 2009, color, 100 min. In Romanian with English subtitles. NOT RATED

POLICE, ADJECTIVE [Politist, Adj.]

    Fri, Nov 20, 7:00

    Stuck in a provincial backwater, police officer Cristi spends his days trailing a teenager suspected of dealing pot. Although his absurd “investigation” reveals nothing, his superiors push for an arrest, leading to a crisis of conscience for the cop and a vigorous debate about the meaning of the Law. A masterpiece of real-time long takes, dry wit, and deep intellectual engagement, this film is a new high-water mark for Romanian cinema. Winner, FIPRESCI Prize and Un Certain Regard Jury Prize, Cannes 2009.

    DIR/SCR/PROD Corneliu Porumboiu. Romania, 2009, color, 115 min. In Romanian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    Tue, Nov 17, 9:15 / Thurs, Nov 19, 7:00

    Mara and Iancu, madly in love, are planning a wedding party the town won’t soon forget. Seven-day period of national mourning for the Communist nation. Undeterred, the wedding guests gather in a barn to have a secret, “silent” wedding, to avoid detection. The inventive lengths to which the revelers go in their effort to avoid noisemaking plays like an extended homage to silent film comedy, while the absurdism of their subversive enterprise represents its own commentary on Romania’s Communist past. The feature film debut from veteran actor and stage director Horatiu Malaele recalls both the dreamy reverie of 1960s era Fellini and the bawdy black comedy of many Czech New Wave films. DIR/SCR Horatiu Malaele; SCR Adrian Lustig; PROD Vlad Paunescu.

    Romania/Luxembourg/France, 2008, color, 87 min. In Romanian with English subtitles. NOT RATED



    Sun, Nov 15, 3:00 / Tue, Nov 17, 7:00

    Entertaining and surprisingly inviting, this documentary takes viewers on an international trek exploring the myths, phobias, quackery and physiology of menstruation. Combining personal experience with the social stigmas associated with basic female functions, this insightful film uses humor, spontaneous interviews and even Claymation to allay the fears of many viewers and offer welcome information and insight to many more. (Note courtesy of 2009 Chicago International Film Festival) DIR/SCR Diana Fabiánová; PROD

    Jerónimo Molero. Spain/France/Slovakia, 2009, color, 75 min. In English, French, Spanish, Slovak and Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED


    LANDSCAPE NO. 2 [Pokrajina St.2]

    Tue, Nov 10, 9:15 / Thurs, Nov 12, 9:15


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