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He is now the Services Engineering Manager with Rider Hunt, a quantity surveying firm in Melbourne and is responsible for the cost management for electrical


    Newsletter of the Society of Monash Electrical Engineering Alumni

    Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University

    Issue 11 Editor: Bill Brown June 2006

    From the President of SMEEA speakers from NEC and Bosch. If any of you would

    I’ve just returned from a two-week sailing adventure be willing to be a part of this please let me know.

    on the Queensland coast. I crewed from Gladstone The good news from faculty is that we have

    to the Whitsundays with a brother-in-law and another absorbed the former Caulfield intake into Clayton crew member. What an experience! As we sailed while markedly increasing the quality of our intake as through the night towards Mackay through dozens of measured by the median ENTER score. This has big ships waiting to load coal from Hay point I come through instituting a number of new degrees reflected on the benefits of GPS and all the other including a BE Mechatronics, largely due to Andy instruments and communications facilities on the Russell, and a BE/Bachelor of Biomedical Science yacht and gave thanks for the thousands of electrical combined degree course. Preferences for all engineers who have made this kind of sailing so computer related courses are still weak but we have much safer. held our numbers into second year steady over the This issue of the Newsletter is made up mostly of last couple of years while continuing to grow post-brief biographies from a number of graduates, from graduate numbers. the 60s to the 90s. Their stories are typical of what Last year saw the retirement of John Zakis, Khee

    so many of our graduates have accomplished. For Pang and Greg Cambrell. They have been long those of us who have taught over the years it is very term members of the department and have made

    gratifying to learn of these kinds of achievements. great contributions over the years. Khee and Greg The Douglas Lampard Prize is usually presented are continuing to do so despite having officially

    each year for the best PhD thesis completed in the retired. We are about to advertise for more staff to

    previous year. For 2005 the Prize Committee (which make up for their departures, continuing the process

    includes Roslyn Lampard) has decided not to make of renewal of academic staff. an award. After a series of bumper years it was Currently under construction is a new transformer surprising to find that 2005 was so lean. However, testing laboratory, funded by the University, the state there are quite a few theses in the pipeline and we government through an STI grant and a number of are hoping for an award from the 2006 crop. The local power companies as sponsors of the Centre for Prize has been awarded twelve times so far, Power Transformers, headed by Valery Davydov. beginning with Rick Alexander (BE 82), who I look forward to seeing you at the dinner so we can completed his PhD in 1990. share more news. The AGM and Annual Dinner for SMEEA is planned David Morgan thfor Wednesday evening 5 July. Our guest speaker

    will be Paul Kirton (BE 72, PhD 80) who will talk From the 60s

    Garth Jacoby (BE 65) cut his teeth at the PMG (now about his experiences with Telstra Research over

    almost thirty years. Given the imminent breakup of Telstra) Research Labs. He completed an MBA at

    the Labs this will be quite a nostalgic trip. There is a Melbourne University in 1972 with a thesis entitled

    separate notice about this event including a tear-off ‘Control of R&D in Technology Organizations’. In

    slip for you to complete. Hope to see you at the 1973 he moved as a technical expert to a small team

    dinner! in the PMG which produced "Telecom 2000", a

    Bill Brown document which played a big part in transforming the

     PMG into a customer-focused forward-looking

    business. He moved to Finance in 1981 and From the Head of the Department eventually became Telecom's Finance Controller. First let me record my thanks to Bill Brown for He was intimately involved with moving the budget-continuing with SMEEA. Our alumni are important to driven PMG Government Department through many us, but it is easy for them to slip down the list when changes into Telstra, a competitive profit-oriented more urgent matters dominate. public company. Upon the start of telecom During this semester, in conjunction with SMEE, we competition in 1990 he moved to Marketing to head have had a series of talks from practicing engineers the Telstra Pricing team. He retired in 1999 but took on what life as an engineer is really like. We find that up consulting for overseas Telcos going through many of our students have little idea about the day to deregulation. His golf handicap went out from 8 on day activities of an engineer. We have had good retirement as Telstra's stock price dropped the day crowds for speakers from the Wilson transformer after!!!! group and from Vision Systems, with plans for

    From the 70s introduction of the Machine Room Less (MRL) Ross Gawler (BE 71, PhD 79) worked at the SEC Elevator to Australia. He is now the Services Victoria for 15 years and EDS Australia for 5 years in Engineering Manager with Rider Hunt, a quantity transmission and generation planning, electricity surveying firm in Melbourne and is responsible for market consulting and IT business development. At the cost management for electrical, mechanical, EDS Australia in 1993 he founded a consulting hydraulic, communications and fire services on major practice in electricity market analysis during the commercial building projects. privatisation of Victoria's electricity assets. Since 1998 he has been a director of McLennan Magasanik Chris Leckie (BE 87) completed a PhD in Computer Associates where he continues his work in electricity Science at Monash in 1995. He has been at the market analysis. His main professional contributions University of Melbourne since 2000, where he has have been on using creative engineering and been researching on network intrusion detection as a economic analysis to identify unnecessary Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Software investments and to accurately predict wholesale Engineering. In 2005 he won the Kelvin Medal for electricity prices. His advice has created the teaching in Engineering and has been collaborating opportunity to avoid billions of dollars of wasted with a local company (Intelliguard IT) to capital investment. commercialize some of his recent research. Prior to 2000 he was a researcher in the AI group at Telstra Allen Conduit (BE 75) obtained a PhD in fibre optic Research Laboratories. communications from Southampton University in 1982. He has extensive experience in the From the 90s development of technology businesses. As one of The following three were in their final year BE in the first Australians to identify the potential of fibre 1995. They have remained close friends in spite of optic technologies he has played a prominent role in geographical separation. developing and promoting these technologies in Stephen Handley enrolled in a Master of Science in Australasia. In 1983 he founded Fibernet Pty Ltd a Music Engineering at the University of Miami Florida major supplier to the regional telecommunications in the USA. He paid course fees by donning an carriers. In 1996 Fibernet and its joint venture Akubra and entertaining patrons of the Outback companies were sold to the US AMP Corporation, Steakhouse with tails of crocodiles and sharks and which retained him as Director, Engineering & ended up marrying the head bar tender. After Technology until 1999. In 2000, he became the first graduating from Miami he embarked on a series of CEO of Redfern Optical Components Pty Ltd based jobs working for companies with interests in the in Sydney and involved in the development of emerging digital media industry. (TI, SonicBlue (Rio) advanced Bragg grating filters. At the same time he and Portalplayer). After 3 jobs in 4 years he now was a Director of Techstream Pty Ltd and associated works for Microsoft leading a team responsible for companies and helped transition the group into deployment and certification of digital media Whise Acoustics Ltd, a pooled development fund technologies, including the PlaysForSure program. specializing in acoustic technologies. In 2003 Allen Keep your eye out in your local Harvey Norman, Dick became the CEO of Ceramic Fuel Cells, one of the Smith or JB Hi-Fi in the July time frame. largest research and development investments in Australia and a world leader in solid oxide fuel cells Chris Millar began his career with Fuji Xerox in for efficient electricity generation. Ceramic Fuel Cells Melbourne, within the IT department, a distinct step was floated on the ASX in July 2004. He resigned away from the engineering degree he’d just from full time employment at the end of 2004 and is completed. After holding a number of roles, he currently on a sabbatical and studying for a Master of moved on to become the Victorian State Commercial law at Monash University City Chambers. Administrator. In 2000, keen to get experience living Upon completion of these studies he intends to apply and working abroad, he moved to London and joined his accumulated experiences in business-creation, Granada Television within their IT Department. After management and law to Directorship positions and in surviving a merger in 03/04 he became the London this way contribute further to the stimulus of growth Technical Manager for ITV. Chris’ responsibilities

    and maximizing return on investment in technology now revolve around the management of staff, businesses. systems and projects across a number of sites in the

    UK. From the 80s David Martin worked for BHP Steel (now Bluescope) Peter Cass (BE 81) moved around in the early years for five years in project and operational roles before to gain experience. He spent time with Norman joining Nylex’s Engineering Department at its Disney and Young on electrical and lift consulting Mentone facility. He was promoted to Plant Manager engineering, Honeywell on projects and sales of of Nylex’s production facility in Sale before joining his building control systems, Kuttner Collins on electrical current employer, Marand Precision Engineering in consulting to health and education projects and January 2004. He is now based in Moorabbin and David Price and Associates on electrical and has progressed to the role of General Manager of instrumentation consulting to the petrochemical Marand’s rail division after gaining experience in industry. He then worked for Kone Elevators as a Marand’s automotive and aerospace operations. He Sales Engineer for 11 years. Kone are based in is one subject away from completing an MBA and is Finland and supply escalators and lifts to the building married with one child and another due any day now. industry. While there he was involved in the

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