Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness

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Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness

Collaborative Fund for

    HIV Treatment


2006 - 2007

    Project Summaries


Table of Contents

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    In 2004 2005, the Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness developed its unique infrastructure for grant making to support community-based HIV treatment

    preparedness and community mobilization efforts in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the

    Caribbean and the CIS/Baltic region. The Collaborative Fund is a partnership of the

    Tides Network and the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, a global

    coalition of HIV treatment advocates and educators and people living with HIV. In its first

    full year of grant making, the Collaborative Fund distributed almost $3 million in support

    of HIV treatment education and advocacy and community mobilization through small

    grants, technical assistance, network development and regional coordination.

    Approximately 180 projects in about 65 countries were funded.

    In 2006 2007, another round of grant making was completed and this document provides summaries of those 184 funded projects in 73 countries. In each region,

    Regional Advisory Committees and Community Review Panels, comprised of community

    leaders most of whom are living with HIV set funding priorities, developed a Request

    for Proposals, reviewed applications and selected projects for funding. Each region

    distributed $200,000 in small grants.

This unique community-driven funding process is meant to accomplish several goals:

? To utilize the unique expertise and experience of people living with HIV and those

    from affected communities to set funding priorities and develop programs that can

    best meet their needs to secure and use HIV treatment and care effectively.

    ? To strengthen regional networks and community mobilization efforts by giving

    responsibility for funding decisions to community members.

    ? To provide an independent funding stream that allows civil society to advocate for

    effective, evidence-based approaches to HIV care within a human rights framework

    and develop new and innovative models of service delivery.

An independent evaluation of the Collaborative Fund process and funded programs was

    funded by the World Health Organization and their report is available at In 2007, the Collaborative Fund will continue its

    commitment to program evaluation, with information continuously updated through our

    web site. The next round of funding will commence in each region in 2007. The

    Collaborative Fund will also increase funds available in 2007 for technical assistance

    and regional network development. Reports on these activities will be available within

    the coming months.


This grant report represents the hard work of hundreds of people workshop planning

    groups and participants, CRP members, Regional Coordinators, grant administrators,

    and donor partners. The majority of those involved with this project are people living with

    HIV/AIDS and we believe that the Collaborative Fund represents the most

    comprehensive implementation of GIPA principles to date. Most important, this

    mechanism bring GIPA principles into the realm of funding decisions.


CRP Members

CIS/Baltic region

     Maureen Achieng Owino - Young women Sergey Musienko - Ukraine Representative Maria Bondarenko - Russia Chantal Mukandoli - Central Region Sergey Uzalovsky - Kyrgyzstan Representative Pulod Djamolov - Tajikistan Nomfundo Benedicta Xotyeni - South Rafael Ferzaliev - Azerbaijan African Representative Aleksandrs Molokovskis - Latvia Promise Mthembu - ICW Representative Evgeniy Pisemsky Russia Gregory Vergus (Reg Coordinator) - Russia West/Central Africa Koala Colette - Burkina Faso Southeast Asia Seconde Nsabimana - Burundi Shiba Phurailatpam (Regional Coordinator) Lucie Zambou - Cameroun Karyn Kaplyn for Paisan Suwannawong) - Bertrand Kampoer - Cameroun Thailand Ambroise Mamona - Congo Brazza Duong Truong Thuy -Vietnam Amani Hitimana - RWANDA

    Brandford Yeboah - Ghana

    Jean Roger Kuate Democratic Republic of Sorn Sothearithy - Cambodia Congo Robin Carbonel - Philippines Kate OLUWOLE Nigeria Frika Chia Iskander - Indonesia James Clovis Kayo Cameroon (Regional Coordinator) Caribbean Rosaura López Fontanez- PuertoRico East Africa Felipa Garcia - DominicanRepublic Mike Angaga Kenya Robert Carr - Jamaica Kassahun Argaw Ethiopia Harry Beauvais - Haiti James Kamau Kenya Ian McKnight - Jamaica Lillian Mworeko Uganda Caleb Orozco - Belize Medelena Sule - Sudan Chrystol Albert - Guyana Bartolemeo Teremo - Tanzania Patricia Figueroa (Regional Coordinator)-PR Beatrice Were Uganda Mercy Otim Kenya (Regional Coordinator) China Wang hong li - Xinjiang PLWHA Support Latin America Group José Castellano Renkanghong - Henan PLWHA Support Berta Chete Group José Méndez Zhang lin - Ruili PLWHA Support Group Sergio Navas Blanco Meng lin - Ark Of Love PLWHA Support Pablo Anamaría Group Oswaldo Rada Qin Jie - Guanxi AIDS Care Julio César Odilon Couzin - China AIDS Info Estela Carrizo Thomas Cai - Chinese Country Coordinator Germán Rincón Guiselle y Flores Women’s Treatment Preparedness in Patricia Pérez Africa Lillian Mworeko - Project Coordinator (ICW) South Asia Bose Olotu - West Africa Representative Anjan Amatya - Nepal Jackline Bogere - Planning Committee Shale Ahmed - Bangladesh member Dr.Tokugha Yepthomi India Elizabeth Akinyi Owewe- East Africa Pervaiz Tufail - Pakistan Representative Loon Gangte India (Regional Coordinator)


Southern Africa Ida Mukuka, Zambia: CRP Member

    Kate Musimwa Zambia Mokhothu Makhalanyane - Lesotho

    Irene Cossa - Mozambique Njogu Morgan, South Africa

    Francina Nyirenda Malawi Venancio Simao Angola Gcebile Ndlovu Swaziland Delme Cupido Namibia Tapiwanashe Kujinga, Zimbabwe (Regional


Collaborative Fund Staff

Moises Agosto Project Manager

    David Barr Director

    Michelle Coffey Project Manager

    Susie Lim Administrative Coordinator

    Andy Quan Project Manager

    Gary Schwartz for Tides Foundation

In addition to all the CRP members and Regional Coordinators, we also thank:

    Zachie Achmat Steve Foster Othman Mellouk Olivier Adam Ellen Friedman Regis Mtutu Cryiaque Ako Jacob Gayle Alexis McDonald Mike Angaga Gregg Gonsalves Sisonke Msimang Will Aston Robin Gorna Rolake Nwagwu Sam Avrett Julia Greenburg Sunil Babu Pant Roxanna Bonnell Ian Grubb Rodrigo Pascal Scott Campbell Greg Grey John Rock Collette Camphor Anu Gupta Violetta Ross Heeyoon Chang Addie Guttag Nina Schwalbe Cathleen Crain Jeff Hoover Clare Shakya Ton Coenen Rajiv Kafle Steven Solnick Chris Collins Ted Karpf Raminta Stuikyte Mary Clare Hubert Jim Kim. MD Todd Summers Michaela Clayton Shannon Kowalski-Morton Ott Suwannawong Joanne Csete Jane Levikow Niel Takashima Delme Cupido Steven Lewis Joyce Teng Matt Curtis Sylvia Lin Kate Thomson Kevin De Cock Nancy Mahon Peter van Rooijen Yvette Diaz Kasia Malinowska-Craig Weltha Lorenzo Ersland Sempruch Daniel Wolfe Colin Foord Divers Greg Manning Yuko Woodford



    Round Two Funded Projects

Dominican Republic

    Name of Project Treatment Advocacy Project Name of Organization ASOLSIDA

    Location Santo Domingo

    Grant Amount USD 20,000

    Description This project looks to make the PLWA beneficiaries of it,

    active subjects in the development of skills and will take

    them into an assertive decision making process related to

    the ARV treatment, information management and the

    practical criteria to comply with those decisions. We look to

    have this resulting in adherence to treatment through an

    educational system that pursue their needs and with a

    peers model clearly proved.

    After finishing the Project, we will have duly accompanied

    50 PLWA in their preparation to develop adherence to

    TARV and they will develop adequate lifestyles that will

    allow them to have a good quality of life.


    Name of Project SMNP Buddy Program Workshop Name of Organization Stiching Mamio Namen Project Location Suriname

    Grant Amount USD 19,150

    Description This project intent to recruit and select 25-40 new buddies

    for the Buddy Program. After formally Introduce New

    Buddies to the Buddy Program we will begin the Phase 1 of

    a Workshop to adequately train the New Buddies. The

    topics will be: Medical Treatment Preparedness Efforts and

    Issues of Adherence/Resistance to Treatment. To this topic

    will follow: Social and Psychological Support and

    Empowerment for “Clients,” Reduction of Stigma. After then

    New Buddies will be introduced to New “Clients.” With the

    funds received New Buddies will be monitored to follow the

    progress and success rate of New Buddies and “Clients.”

Name of Project Sewing Workshop

    Name of Organization Stiching Mamio Namen Project Location Suriname

    Grant Amount USD 19,150

    Description Currently, there is very little information available about the

    Prevention of HIV between Mother and Child during

    childbirth (PMTCT) among women living in the interior

    villages of Suriname. Their traditions encourage families to

    have many children and sometimes breastfeed them,

    regardless of HIV status. With the Sewing Workshop its

    intended to increase the amount of information publicly

    available on breastfeeding and PMTCT. To reduce the

    amount of HIV+ births countrywide, and encourage

    practices that result in healthy children.

    Through this project there will be created banners and

    posters advertising desired information, conduct awareness

    and outreach in local pregnancy consultation clinics and

    cooperate and collaborate with MediZep (a well-respected

    organization that works in the interior villages) to continue

    providing information on PMTCT and breastfeeding after

    our proposed Campaign has been completed.

St Lucia

    Name of Project Behavioural and HIV Sero Prevalence Study of the

    Homeless Population of Non-injection Crack Cocaine Users

    in Saint Lucia.

    Name of Organization Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition Location Saint Lucia

    Grant Amount USD 12,168

    Description With the CF grant a study will be funded to identify the

    characteristics and the extent of HIV/AIDS among homeless

    substance abusers. The information gather by the study will

    help policy makers to have at hand accurate information

    about these populations. Accordingly this study will work

    with a targeted sample of homeless crack users in Saint

    Lucia in order to develop an effective intervention to provide

    anti-retroviral therapy using directly observed therapy (DOT)

    utilising the concept of low threshold drop in centres.


    Name of Project Projeter la Feuille de Résumé Name of Organization FOSREF

    Location Pourt-au-Prince

    Grant Amount USD 19,900

    Description This grant will provide training to reinforce the capacity of

    the mental health personnel involved in the psychological

    care of PLWHA.. The project will provide people living with

    HIV, access to occupational therapy activities. Through this

    educational interventions will be implemented for the

    promotion, reference and delivery of related to services of

    mental health for PLWHA.


    Name of Project Treatment Adherence Program Name of Organization The Network of Guyanese Living with and Affected by


    Location Georgetown, Guyana

    Grant Amount USD 19,900


Description The goal of this project is to provide a structured response

    to the needs identified in the area of care and support for

    150 adults and 75 children living with and affected by

    HIV/AIDS and their families/support networks, through

    information exchange, communication/education activities

    and the provision of food hampers and vitamin supplements

    by November 2007.


    Name of Project Home Based CARE Project Name of Organization Home Based CARE for HIV/AIDS Location Mandeville

    Grant Amount USD 14,669

    Description This project will address health and financial needs of

    persons living with HIV/AIDS as well as the educational

    needs of their children. Issues of social stigma and

    discrimination, and the rapid spread of HIV infection in high

    risk communities are great problems confronting the

    parishes of St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon. To

    combat these problems, PLWHA and members of high risk

    communities will train on proper nutritional practices,

    behavioral change, and overcome stigma and

    discrimination. Efforts are being made to respond to the

    educational needs of PLWHAs children by purchasing

    educational materials. Most PLWHAs are faced with a

    dilemma as to how to finance their health and family needs,

    hence skills training and capital injection into individual

    projects is being sought through funding.


    Name of Project Against Stigma and Discrimination Name of Organization Jamaican AIDS Support for Life Location Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay Grant Amount USD 19,900

    Description The objectives of this grant are to provide HIV positive

    substance abusers, men who have sex with men, and

    PLWHA with regular care & support and to encourage

    adherence to prescribed drugs. Also it is look to identify and

    conduct needs assessment of groups to be served by the

    project. Monthly care packages of nutritional supplements,

    vitamins, and other hygienic items will be given to target

    groups. It is a goal as well to identify and secure a safe and

    confidential space to conduct monthly support group

    meetings and other activities. With this grant the JASL will

    conduct bi-weekly home, hospice, hospital visits to monitor

    and advocate for clients in an effort to improve living and

    medical conditions, adherence and lessen the levels of

    stigma and discrimination. Adherence strategies will be

    identified and employed with counselors to coordinate and

    monitor the project. Education will be a component of this


    effort, JASL will distribute low literacy pamphlets for target

    groups and assist clients financially to treat opportunistic

    infections and attend support group meetings and other



    Name of Project Self Support meetings project Name of Organization Jamaican Network of Seropositives (JN+) Location Kingston

    Grant Amount USD 16,220

    Description The feedback from 4 regional planning meetings has

    revealed many issues facing our Network in the areas of

    advocacy, and treatment preparedness. Participants

    identified the following challenges:

    ? Lack of knowledge of treatment protocols (pre-

    treatment care and testing, treatment options for OIs

    and HIV, drug interactions and side effects,

    problems resulting from adherence inconsistency

    and resistance, psychosocial care, and treatment


    It is the goal of this project to increase the knowledge within

    our Membership of treatment protocols and enhance

    Member‟s ability to benefit from Self Support Groups.

Trinidad & Tobago

    Name of Project Newsletter Distribution Project Name of Organization MSM Non Political Agenda

    Location It is proposed that the Newsletter be distributed to the

    following sixteen (16) regional countries: Anguilla, Antigua

    & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica,

    Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Nevis,

    St. Lucia, St Maarten, St. Vincent & the Grenadines,

    Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. Grant Amount USD 18,900

    Description While the epidemic in the Caribbean is predominantly

    heterosexual, MSM have high rates of infection in some

    islands and there is considerable under-reporting of cases

    of HIV infection, and access to prevention, treatment, care

    and support services arising from sex between men, due to

    the stigma associated with MSM in the Caribbean.

    Through the Newsletter, it is expected to increase

    awareness of HIV/AIDS/STIs and safe sex among MSM

    and PLWHAs, increase empowerment of MSM and

    PLWHAs, through building self-esteem, and promoting

    community mobilization to respond to HIV/AIDS.



    Name of Project HIV AIDS health education project for MSM HIV+

    individuals, prisoners and their families. Name of Organization United Belize Advocacy Movement Location Orange Walk, Corozal, Stann Ceek, Belize and Cayo


    Grant Amount USD 19,600

    Description With this grant it is intended to provide training, sexual

    health and psycho-social information for MSM and HIV +

    prisoner „s and their affected families, while sensitizing

    health care providers, prisoner officers and educators on

    the effects of stigmatizing the men who have sex with men

    and dealing with PWLHA bodies after they die.

    The objectives of this project are: to create educational

    sexual health and referral materials that is service specific

    in home base care for affected families to deal with HIV +

    MSM family members, prisoners and for MSM individuals.

    Also a documentary on stigma and discrimination will be

    produced while implementing stigma reduction workshops

    with health care providers, prisoner officers, educators and

    families to better build a circle of care for the PWLHA

    populations, be it the MSM, prisoner or youth at risk

    populations. Counseling will be provided in support groups

    and care training for prisoners that are HIV+. We look to

    establish administrative support to carry out training and the

    production of psycho-social and sexual health information

    that is for MSM and prisoner specific.

Latin America

    Round Two Funded Projects


    Name of Project Im-patient women

    Name of Organization Red Argentina de Mujeres Viviendo con SIDA Location Argentina

    Grant Amount USD 13,500

    Description This project is based on completion of a strengthening

    process for adherence an quality of life improvement for

    WLWHA through training and experiences exchange, and

    completion of a qualitative and quantitative study which

    investigate the situation of WLWHA in Argentina.

    Under this framework a National Meeting of WLWHA will be

    held. This action will convene 80 women from all provinces

    in the country. It will last three days and will consist of three

    instances: experiences exchange; training on adherence,

    treatment and quality, strengthening and self-esteem,

    gender and WLWHA, ARV treatment side effects and


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