FC Minutes 124, draft dated 131005 - (FC Minutes 124, draft

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FC Minutes 124, draft dated 131005 - (FC Minutes 124, draft ...

    (FC Minutes 145, draft dated 12/09/07)

     Approved at KPC Meeting 16/10/07

Kedington Parish Council

    FINANCE COMMITTEE 11 September 2007

    Library, Community Centre, Arms Lane, Kedington

    Present: Mr John Cahill (Chairman)

    Mrs Gloria Double

    Mr Peter Garner

    In attendance: Ms Marion Farrant (Clerk)

     ACTION 1 Welcome and Apologies

    The Chairman (Mr Cahill) welcomed everyone present. Apologies were

    received from Mr Terry Wheeler (Vice-Chair).

    2 Minutes of last meeting 10 July 2007

    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.

    Proposed: Mrs Double; Seconded: Mr Garner.

    3 To accept members’ Declarations of Interest on Agenda items


    4 Financial Statements: Receive budget statement and any other

    financial reports; consider action

    4.1 Budget statement effective 31 July and 31 August 2007: Annexes

     Budget statements effective 31 July 2007 and 31 August 2007 were received. 1 - 6

     The financial position was satisfactory; as at 31 August 2007, ?11,991 of the

     budget had been spent, leaving ?24,459 in hand. Additionally, ?31,349 was

     held in Reserves.

    The sum of ?98 had been reposted from Clerk’s Expenses to Audit and

    Accountancy as this amount was travel expenses incurred for taking audit

    documentation to Internal Auditors and picking it up again.

    5. Clerk’s Report

     ; Play Equipment: Handyman has replaced the “driving unit” on the

    main frame of the equipment with bolts sent by Playworld. Playworld

    will also be sending a representative to inspect the equipment

    following Clerk’s report that rust was appearing in certain places

    through the plastic coating.

    ; British Telecom: Information received that Parish Council now

    have a designated contact at BT. His name is Kevin Yaw and contact

    number is 01767 691111. As the Parish Council have been a customer

    with BT for over ten years they qualify for a line rental price


    FC 145 Page 1

    Office: Three new filing cabinets have been purchased The ;

    Laminator purchased in March 2007 is faulty. Clerk has spoken to

    supplier who will issue a credit for this. At present the supplier has a MF

    special officer on a laminator that retails at ?99.99, but is on

    promotion at ?49.99, as it was a more robust model than the small

    one previously purchased. Proposed by Mrs Double and seconded by

    Mr Cahill that the Clerk purchase this.

    ; SALC Budget Workshop: SALC are offering a Budget Workshop thon Thursday 11 October 2007 from 6.30 9.00 p.m. Clerk reported

    she would be interested in attending this training if the Parish Council MF

    thinks it is worthwhile and suggested it may be of benefit for the

    Chairman to attend as well; Mr Cahill also thought this would be

    beneficial. Proposed by Mrs Double and seconded by Mr Garner that

    both the Clerk and Chairman attend this course.

    5.1 Consider further action (on action taken or reports received since last



    6 New Bank Signatories

     Clerk reported that change of signatory form for Bank Of Ireland had been

    sent off. Mr Garner signed the form for change of signatory at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank.

    7 Internal Audit

     Clerk confirmed that Heelis & Lodge had completed internal audit, who had Annex 7

    confirmed that the Parish Council accounts were all in order. It also stated

    that during 2007/08, the Parish Council should undertake a review of the

    effectiveness of the Internal Audit Process and record this in the council

    minutes. Additional comments from Heelis & Lodge read: “ Thanks are

     extended to the Clerk to the Council for her assistance during the

     course of the audit work. The books and associated documents were

     considerably aided the internal audit extremely well presented which


Clerk confirmed that completed Annual Return has been sent to Lubbock


Clerk also read out a letter from Heelis & Lodge sent to the Chairman of the

    Parish Council, which commended the Clerk for the detailed layout of all records associated with the internal audit work. They added that as a result of

    the meticulous record keeping and detailed breakdown, which enabled them to undertake the audit work in less time than would normally be anticipated

    with the level of activity associated with a council such as Kedington, they

    were reducing their fee this year by 15% in recognition of the assistance

    provided by the Clerk. Clerk reported she had shared this information with

    the Accountant and thanked her for all her hard work.

    8. Office Accommodation

     Clerk reported that a valuation of the garage was awaited. She also confirmed

    that Mr Whiffen had given her a copy of the Deeds and original Lease.

    FC 145 Page 2

    9 Street Furniture

    9.1 Goal posts on Old School Field:

     Mrs Double proposed that the Handyman is asked to rub down and paint the

    goal posts on Old School Field as they were in poor condition; seconded by MF

    Mr Cahill and agreed by Mr Garner.

    9.2 Sign for “No Unauthorised Cars” Silver Street Park

     No costing available as yet deferred to next meeting

    9.3 Any other street furniture matters:


    10 Grounds Maintenance

    10.1 Autumn Cutting consider quotations received: th Deferred for KPC meeting on 18 September 2007.

    10.2 Any other grounds maintenance matters:

    10.2.1 Hedge School Road / Mill Road

     Mr Garner reported that weather conditions this year has promoted rapid

    growth. Mr Cahill suggested that as the hedge was looking very unkempt it thshould be discussed at the KPC meeting on 18 September whether there KPC

    should be a specified height for the hedge to be retained at, with the exception

    of the part of the hedge in front of the play equipment

     The Clerk requested permission to ask Suffolk County Council to sweep

    residue grass off of the safety play surfaces when they cut the grass around the

    play equipment. She confirmed that it looked very unsightly and could be MF

    hazardous when wet for children using the play equipment. Agreed by all


    11 Outstanding estimates awaited or work ordered (updates, if any)


    12 Grants

    12.1 Uptake:

     Thank you letters received from Kedington Ranger Guides and Kedington

    Community Association.

    12.2 Applications:


    12.3 Consider Royal British Legion Grant for Remembrance Day

     It was proposed by Mrs Double and seconded by Mr Cahill that a grant of

    ?50 for the purchase of a wreath for laying on Remembrance Day, on behalf MF

    of the Parish Council. Any surplus from this money should be put towards

    the 2007 Poppy Day Appeal.

    FC 145 Page 3

13 Payments

13.1 Ratify payments made since last meeting:


13.2 New payments:

     Six payments, one credit and one direct debit valued at ?1616.86 were

     approved under proposals by Mr Cahill and Mrs Double.

     Cheque payable to Suffolk ACRE for insurance renewal (?1579.48) due for stththe period 1 October 2007 30 September 2008 was signed, as the due date

    for payment was before the next meeting.

The next meeting of the Finance Committee will be on Tuesday, 9th October 2007 at 7.45 p.m.

Signed: ……………………………………. Date: ……………………………………..

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