Countrywide insures future network success with Vanco

By Raymond Hamilton,2014-05-13 15:05
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Countrywide insures future network success with Vanco

    News Release

    January 29, 2004

    Countrywide banks on network success

    with Vanco

    Service focus at the core of agreement which reduces WAN costs

Countrywide Assured Group Plc, the UK's largest Estate Agency and Financial Services

    Group, has appointed Vanco, the global Virtual Network Operator (VNO) to design, implement

    and manage two Wide Area Networks (WAN) for its Surveyor and Re-mortgaging businesses.

The three year agreements, which together are worth over ?3 million, will deliver end-to-end

    connectivity with a high level of network resilience and performance. Vanco will install two

    networks using a combination of MPLS, leased lines and ADSL, backed-up with ISDN. The

    new Vanco network for the Surveyor’s business will span 155 sites across the UK, replacing the existing Frame Relay solution. The Re-mortgaging business is new to Countrywide and

    requires a new network to link three sites across the UK with a major operation in India. Both

    networks, are designed to support a number of new applications as well as Internet access

    and email. Vanco won the business after a four way pitch which included BT, MCI and


Ray Hollidge, Group IT Manager, Countrywide Assured Group said: “We were very impressed

    with the attitude and enthusiasm of the Vanco team, combined with its approach to customer

    service. Countrywide’s data network is absolutely 100% business critical, and from what we

    have seen thus far we’re confident in Vanco’s ability to maintain the flexibility and constant

    level of service we need.

    With the Vanco solution, we’re on the receiving end of cost savings which could be as much as 50% per year, as well as important service improvements. For these reasons, we chose

    Vanco ahead of its competition. Hollidge concluded.

    Wayne Churchill, Managing Director, Vanco UK commented: Network resilience and quality are paramount to Countrywide because of the importance of its network traffic, consisting of

    critical documents such as re-mortgage applications. We designed our solution around

    business continuity and supported the deal with true end-to-end SLAs, guaranteeing our

    performance to levels specified by Countrywide. The VNO model is an increasingly

    compelling proposition for today’s global enterprises and we are delighted that Countrywide, a leading business in its sector, has signed up to our approach.”


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About Vanco

    Established in 1988, Vanco plc (FTSE: VAN) is the leading global Virtual Network Operator. With solutions available in 230 countries and territories, Vanco is selected by the world’s

    largest organisations to provide strategic network solutions. Its customers include Avis Europe, Virgin Retail, Ford Motor Company, Pilkington, RMC Group and Smith & Nephew.

    Through the Vanco network solution customers get access to the greatest geographic coverage available through a single provider. Vanco offers incomparable flexibility to customise and adapt the solution in line with market changes and business priorities.

    Vanco is recognised by the industry for its financial success and world class customer service delivery. A significant proportion of its investment capital goes into customer care which is reflected by the awards won, independent market research and customer retention.

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