My Fashion Design

By Jill Perez,2014-04-17 17:35
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My Fashion Design

    I want to design a shirt,a jacket,shoes and jeans. I want them not to be too special.So you can wear them in your daily life.Im sure they will look

    cool on anyone.

    The shirt,the jeans and the shoes are made of cotton.I think cotton clothes are very comfortable.The jacket is made of leather.

    First,the colour of the shirt is black and white because I

    think black and white go well with any other colour.

    Next, I am going to design a black jacket.The jacket is

    short.It matches the shirt very well.

    Then,I dont want my jeans to be too long.They are a litter

    shorter.You can bare your ankle.So you will feel cool when

    wear them.

    Finally,I am going to design a pair of shoes.They are very

    light.The shoes are made of soft material,so they are

    comfortable,too.They will be brown.

    Thats all for my fashion design.I think my clothes are suitable for students.You can wear them in sping.Do you like them?

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