TO-4 Instruction Sheet

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TO-4 Instruction Sheet

    TO-4 Instruction Sheet

    Office of Information Technology Services Telephone: (919)-754-6700 Telecommunications Services Fax to: (919)-850-2828

    4110 Mail Service Center ITS Home Page Web Address: Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4110

    Note: This instruction sheet and the TO-4 form, that is dated 12/18/01, supersede all other versions.

    Function Instruction

Open Form “Enable Macros” if prompted. Save Form Open the TO-4 Form; Name it and Save it (Save As) to your computer; Use the saved form. Print Form If prompted “Print Outside Margins,” answer Yes. If prompted “Fix,” answer No. Print Preview While working, use Print Preview to verify that the form is still on one page. Open File / Properties to view the Author, Title, Version (Date), and Contact Properties Information for the form.

    Mouse, Enter Key, Tab Key and Arrow Keys Use the Mouse, Tab key (Forward), Shift+Tab key (Backward) or Arrow keys to move from field to field. In each field, the cursor stops on a rectangular shaded area where you can enter text. Correcting Page Overflow In addition to adding too much text in a field, the Enter key may also cause your text to overflow the page. Correct page overflow by backspacing or selecting and deleting your input (Delete key). You can also use the MS Word Undo function in the task bar. Note: MS Office adjusts the form to the settings of your default When entering your Service Request detail, in the section “Describe the Service printer. Before you start, you may want to Verify that the blank Request in Detail” your input text will wrap automatically. You can start a new line form prints correctly. or a paragraph and can use the Enter key at least 10 times before a page overflow occurs.

    Line Item Name (Field) Line Instruction

    E-Rate Request (E-Rate Only) Check this box if this is an E-Rate request.

    Process (E-Rate Only) Check this box if you have received SLD approval.

    Pending (E-Rate Only) Check this box if you are waiting for SLD approval. Date Date you fill out this TO-4 and submit this service request. Format = mm/dd/yyyy. Page Number each Page, including any addendum. E-Rate Start Date (E-Rate Only) Date that the E-Rate work can be started. Format = mm/dd/yyyy. Requested Due Date Requested Due Date for completion of work. Format = mm/dd/yyyy. Service Request Number (ITS Use Only) The Service Request Number is assigned to the TO-4 by the Technology On-line Management System (TOMS) to create, distribute, and track work orders. This field is ITS Use Only (IUO).

    Bill-To Number (Optional) The Bill-To number is the telephone number of the Department / Division responsible for payment of the work completed. This is an Optional field. Requestor Name Requestor Name. Name of the person who is ordering the work.

    Requestor Telephone Number / Extension Requestor Telephone Number / Extension.

    Requestor E-mail Requestor E-mail.

    Requestor Fax Number Requestor Fax Number.

    Federal ID A Federal ID is a “Required” field when setting up a Department Code for a new account.

    Billing Location Code (ITS Use Only) The Billing Location Code is a number in TOMS that provides a work location, a building name and a street address. ITS Use Only (IUO). Floor (Work Location) Floor number at the work location.

    Room (Work Location) Room number at the work location.

    Department Code Previously the Billing Account Code (BAC). The Department Code enables precise billing of your phone service. Your Department Code number is on your phone bill. Department Code format = aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa, where a = an alphanumeric Note: The Agency can be identified by the Department Code. character.

    Department Name The Department Name of the Agency that is requesting this service. Division A Division is a functional entity of a Department. Street Address (Work Location) The Street Address, is the physical location where the work is to be completed.

     Do Not Use a PO Box Number.

    City / Town City / Town where the work is to be completed.

    Zip Code Zip code where the work is to be completed. Zip Code can be either 5 or 9 digits.

    County County where the work is to be completed. Site Contact Name Site Contact Name at the location where the work is to be completed.

    Site Contact Telephone Number / Extension Site Contact Telephone Number / Extension.

    Site Contact E-mail Site Contact E-mail address.

    Site Contact Fax Number Site Contact Fax Number.

    Room Number Site Contact Room Number.

    Type of Service Please check the Type of Service requested.

     Building Leased or Owned (Work Location) Check one the boxes to indicate ownership of the building where work is to be performed.

    Name of Building Manager (If Leased) Name of Building Manager or agent.

    Telephone Number (Building Manger): Telephone Number (Building Manger):

    This field is mandatory. All service requests must be signed by an authorized Budget or Fiscal Officer’s Signature Budget or Fiscal Officer or you must have a “Signature on File,” before this service request can be processed.

    Check the Signature on File (SOF) box only if you have an existing “Signature on Signature on File (SOF) File.” Note: An agency can submit a “Signature on File” request in writing, using their agency letterhead, to authorize specific individuals to submit service requests on behalf of the agency. The “Signature on File” allows an authorized individual to submit a service request without having to sign the request. A “Signature on File” request must be signed by an agency Budget or Fiscal officer.

    The Telephone number of the Budget Officer, the Fiscal Officer or the person that Telephone can authorize this service request.

    The Date that this TO-4 Telephone Order Service Request authorization was Date signed by the Budget or Fiscal Officer. Format = mm/dd/yyyy.

    Contact Information

    If you need assistance, please call the following number and one Detailed Product and Service information and additional contact information can be of our Business Services Analysts will assist you. found on the ITS web site.

    Business Services Switchboard: (919)-981-5226 ITS Home Page Web Address:

    TO-4 Instruction Sheet. Version (Date) 12/18/01.

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