Interview in U.S.A

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Interview in U.S.A

; Interview Question and Answer(2012-05-02)

Q1. Medicine school is very demanding. There is a lot of work and studying. It’s good to be well-rounded.

    What do you do in your free time to get balance in your life?

    A1. 无。 仅作见面时第一了解。虽无答案?但面试者如何回答?往往会影响面试官对下面得分题的判断。

    Q2.A classmate of yours (Jane) was recently admitted to the hospital for a routine surgical procedure. A fellow classmate (Jim) who works at the hospital was able to view the chart, and you observe him telling others in the class about information that was directly taken from the chart. How would you react to this situation? Would your answer change if Jane was admitted for a mental health condition?



    0 1 2 4 3

    Actively encourage Minimal Indirect Appropriate Exemplary concern unprofessional concern/issue action/some concern for for welfare of and/or illegal knowledge of legal welfare of deflection. colleague.

    behavior. responsibilities. colleague.

    ;;;;Student ;;;;Student ;;;;Student sees chooses to ;;;;Student would ;;;;Student

    no problem with ignore the issue takes indirect takes direct proactively take

    and not action (talk to action to stop action to stop the discussion.

    the the discussion intervene. Jim privately).

    ;;;;Student and remind conversation.

    participates in ;;;;Student ;;;;Student others who heard the discussion would only ;;;;Student acknowledges the conversation or otherwise address the references HIPPA some legal to not speak gives an answer mental health and FERPA but violations, no about the issue. which directly issue in an does not fully mention of


    violates HIPPA indirect fashion explain the ;;;;Student actual laws.

    or FERPA. (talk to Jim ramification specifically ;;;;Student privately). responsibilities acknowledges

    makes a that the in answer.

    distinction discussion is a

    ;;;;Student between mental violation of

    makes only a health HIPPA and FERPA

    minimal disclosures and and reminds the

    distinction other students of

    between mental disclosures. these laws.

    health and any

    other type of ;;;;Student

    illness. makes no


    between mental

    health and any

    other type of







    Q3. Suppose you were the manager and Doctor-in-Charge of a busy community hospital, who is currently seeking to hire a new, full-time doctor. What types of characteristics would you be looking for in a potential candidate?


    0 1 2 3 4

    Very little or no Some Some Medicine-specific Excellent response

    characteristics characteristics example plus plus exceptional explanation.

    with minimal specific to adequate explanation and

    Medicine and some


     explanation. explanation. explanation. great examples

?;;;;Simply ?;;;;Gives some ?;;;;Gives

    refer to medicine-specific multiple examples

    ?;;;;Gives very ?;;;;Gives

    examples: empathy of licensure.

    basic multiple examples

    for patients, characteristics, ?;;;;Nothing characteristics of

    patience with both general and done to list or applicable to characteristics,

    patients, etc. medicine-related. explain any profession: both general and characteristics reliable, ?;;;;Gives basic ?;;;;Explains medicine-related.

    attention to each examples.


    detail, characteristic

    ?;;;;Inadequately each


communication explains the characteristic well

    importance of each skills, etc. well.


    example to the

    ?;;;;Gives ?;;;;Adequately explains the

    profession of

    explains the importance to the basic examples.


    importance of each profession of ?;;;;Can’t

    example to the medicine. explain why

    profession of there would be ?;;;;Provides


    reasons to hire practical,

    real-world the person.



    Q4. Define the word “integrity” and explain why it is important to the profession of Medicine.


    0 1 2 3 4 Very little or Some Some Medicine-specific Excellent

    no characteristics characteristics example plus response plus

    with minimal specific to adequate exceptional explanation.

    medicine and explanation and explanation. explanation.

    some great examples



    ?;;;;Generates ?;;;;Generates ?;;;;Generates

    superficial a knowledgeable an extremely ?;;;;Not ?;;;;Generates

    thoughtful definition. definition.

    able to a reasonable

    definition. define the ?;;;;Does not ?;;;;Gives a definition.

    term or provide an clear ?;;;;Gives a

    ?;;;;Gives an

    provide an explanation explanation thorough


    intelligible and/or does not about how the explanation

    but lacks a

    relate definition about how the explanation.


    explanation to relates to the definition ?;;;;Random explanation

    the practice of practice of relates to the thoughts about how the

    medicine. medicine practice of


    with no real definition medicine

    relates to the focus.


    practice of

    ?;;;;Poor practical,


    knowledge real-world base. examples



    experience. Q5. Please give an example of a violation of professional ethics. If that violation occurred in your

    place of work or study, how would you deal with it? A5.


    0 1 2 3 4 Very little or no Some valid Reasonable example and Knowledgeable, Excellent

    response with some practical example and response and explanation.

    minimal explanation with explanation. explanation.

     explanation. great examples

    ;;;;Generates a

    ;;;;Not able to ;;;;Generates knowledgeable ;;;;Generates give an ;;;;Generates a superficial an extremely example.

    example. reasonable example. thoughtful example.

    ;;;;Provides a example. ;;;;Unable to ;;;;Provides a limited ;;;;Does not clear

    provide an explanation of how to provide an explanation of ;;;;Gives a very intelligible deal with the issue. explanation of how to deal with thorough explanation. how to deal with explanation of the issue.

    ;;;;Provides a limited how to deal with the issue.

    ;;;;Random explanation within ;;;;Provides a the issue. thoughts with the context of ;;;;Does not clear

    medicine practice. no real focus. relate explanation ;;;;Provides a

    explanation to within the very clear ;;;;Poor the practice of context of explanation knowledge base. medicine. medicine within the

    practice. context of


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