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    Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

Benefits of Etiquette

    ; Good manners make a positive impression

    ; A positive perception enhances credibility

    ; Knowing you are behaving appropriately helps you feel relaxed and confident so you can

    focus on business

    ; Being polite shows you are a team player

    ; People do business with you when you make them feel comfortable


    How to Meet and Greet

A good beginning makes a good ending.

    --English Proverb

When it comes to handshaking and introductions: Both men and women should stand

ABC of Introductions

    ; First say name of person who holds position of most authority or importance

     who want to flatter most

    “Ms. Manager, I’d like to introduce to you Mr. New Employee.

    ; Keep it simple

    ; Aim to say each persons name only once

    ; Provide just enough information to get conversation started.

    ; Information should be neutral or positive.

     “Mr. Nesmith is the one to see when your computer won’t cooperate - he can find

    files no matter where they hide.


    Clear, interesting, positive, well-delivered

Meeting and Greeting

     Who introduces who?

     Traditionally, a man is always introduced to a woman. Not necessarily in


     Highest person of rank is mentioned first. Remember: “Big, may I introduce


     A younger person is always introduced to an older person

     It is helpful to include the persons title

Always state your name.

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