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Managing overall operations for executing projects involving scoping, initiating, high level design & architecture, resource mobilization, execution within

Amit Kumar Agarwal Amit Kumar Agarwal

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Seeking Managerial assignments in Process Engineering & Design/ Project Management

    with a growth oriented organization


o Chemical Engineer from IIT Delhi, with specialization in ‘Process Engineering & Design’ with Nearly 5 years of rich & extensive experience in Process Engineering & Design, Project Planning & Execution, Engineering & Purchase, Coordination & Liaison.

    o Presently associated with ‘L&T Engineering, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Faridabad Engineering Centre as Assistant Manager-Process at Faridabad (NCR).

    o Possess excellent relationship management, communication skills with the ability to network with project members, consultants, contractors, statutory agencies with consummate ease. o Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude.


? Process Engineering & Design

    o Deploying various methodologies to analyze various processes, recommending modifications to minimize escalations, realize operational efficiencies, control variability, costs and reduce cycle-time. o Executing KBC modeling of refinery units like hydrotreater, fludized catalytic cracker, and coker. o Optimizing process, debottlenecking, project feasibility and expansion studies in refinery. o Estimating preliminary and detailed capex of various refinery units, and project feasibility evaluation. o Undertaking energy audits of captive power plant to evaluate fuel expenditure in actual and in optimized case.

? Project Management

    o Managing overall operations for executing projects involving scoping, initiating, high level design & architecture, resource mobilization, execution within cost & time parameters.

    o Monitoring / tracking projects with respect to budgeted cost, demand forecasts, time over-runs to ensure timely execution of projects.

    o Conducting project closure meetings and addressing all the important issues. o Defining best practices for project support and documentation.

? Engineering & Purchase

    o Developing proposals under NPCB with detailed cost benefit analysis, & engineering drawings. o Appropriation, Procurement, execution, payment and asset capitalization. o Formulating Expense Budget proposal (Category wise breakup-30 different heads, historical and financial justification), initiating purchase procedures for AMC’s and monitoring performance.

    ? Relationship Management

    o Interfacing with customers/distributors for business development, contractors for effective and timely completion of work, vendors for better services/products at competitive cost through vendor development. o Coordinating with ‘ICS’ for maintaining ISO certifications (9001, 14001, & 18001), and with ‘DNV’ for obtaining ISRS (International Safety Rating System) Level 5 certification.

    o Pursuing local authorities (SUDA, Notified Area, Prohibited Area, District Collector and GIDC) for implementing developmental projects (alternate route, Water drain, Drinking water line etc), and for obtaining approval of new construction projects.

? Quality & Safety Management System

    o Ensuring maximum availability of plant / equipments at optimum level of operations. o Developed preventive maintenance schedule as per OISD STD/GDN for each subsystem. o Executing jobs (In-house/AMC Contract/OEM) and documentation (History cards, Inspection report). o Ensuring compliance to various safety norms applicable in Oil industry as per OISD STD and guidelines. o Functioning as the ‘management representative’ for maintaining ISO 9001 –2000, ISO 14001 2004, and OHSAS 18001-1999 certifications, & ‘Loss control coordinator’ for ISRS Certification.

    o Liasioning with Govt. Authorities like CCOE, Factory’s, W & M, PCB (Water and Air consent), Labour, DGR, Ministry of communications and central excise, for renew of existing licenses, and obtaining/extending licenses for new projects.

Larsen & Toubro Limited, Faridabad Engineering Centre Since Dec’08 ORGANISATIONAL EXPERIENCE Assistant Manager - Process Department, L&T Engineering

     Significant Milestones

    o Recognized for Quality & Timely Completion of HMEL project (30 % model review) in ‘All Hands Meet’

    o Nominated for ‘ICON award’ within 4 months of Joining

     Key Projects Undertaken

    ? Engineering Support to KBR for ROSE unit (Residual Oil Solvent Extraction) Bottoms Upgradation project for HPCL,


    Client & Technology Provider: KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root, LLC), Houston ‘ROSE’ Technology Proprietor

    Contribution: Working as Lead Process Engineer-LTEN with KBR for an assessment of the existing facilities (Utilities, Offsite) at HPCL, estimate spare capacities available, provide interconnecting diagram for process, utility & offsite areas, and quantify scope for purpose of cost estimating.

? EIL NHT Block, Guru Gobind Singh Refinery Project, Bhatinda

     Client: HPCL-Mittal Energy limited (HMEL)

     PMC: Engineers India Limited (EIL)

    Contribution: Lead-Process Support to LTEN Piping department; communicating licenser’s requirement and troubleshooting of process related queries. Interaction with EIL process group for clarifications. Process review of plant/piping model built in PDS software.

? Prebid Engineering for Coker Hydrotreating Unit (CHTU), MRPL, Mangalore

    Licensor: UOP, LLC

    PMC: Engineers India Limited (EIL)

    Contribution: Developing Model for CHTU MRPL Project in ‘Plantwise’ software with Plant Design and Piping Department support. All equipments has been placed; Underground, Utilities, and Process Pipelines are being routed to obtain PMS wise estimate of all pipeline’s length and fittings for cost estimation purpose.

? PROCAD (PROcess Computations & Documentation)

    Details: Took this initiative to develop a software tool for accessing information and performing design calculation of various projects executed at L&T FBD, by Process Department. Conceptualized Web pages and developing MS-Excel process engineering calculation modules, Supporting IT application group for execution.

    This software tool will Convert all in-house excel based process calculations to web base system & will enable all process engineers in a project to work on the same application software (where data is stored in real time at server), perform calculations, review and approve online, Record Design Changes, Version Nos and approvals.

    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Surat Apr’05-Nov’08

Officer Retail SBU

     Significant Milestones

    o Accomplished timely and quality execution of TAS (Terminal Automation System) 3rd location to be

    commissioned among 18 locations, Phase I.

    o Successfully executed first retail outlet automation project (Phase I 22 nos of Retail Outlets) of Vadodara

     Retail Region executed, commissioned, and stability achieved.

    o Received approval for project for addition of BS-II MS storage and handling facilities (Capex - Rs 3.41 crores)

    initially proposed as ‘Inplace assignment project’ from CFD under NPCB 2007-08.

    o Contributed as MR (Management Representative) and OHSAS Team leader to obtain ISO 9001 2000, ISO

    14001 2004, and OHSAS 8001-1999 certifications in April 2006. ‘TQM international Pvt Ltd’ certified ‘Internal

    Auditor’ for ISO (QMS & EMS).

    o Achieved annual savings of 50 lakhs by installation of stripper pump (Rotary Type) in parallel to existing

     centrifugal pump has enabled effective decantation of T/W Header, which reduced MS stock loss significantly

     from (-0.64 to -0.30 %).

    o Awarded Best participant in ‘Finance Appreciation Training Program’, ‘ERP – Projects and Purchase Module’, and

    Runner up in ‘Terminal Automation Training’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence Leadership’ workshop.

     Key Projects Undertaken

    o TAS (Terminal Automation System) Tank Farm Management, TLF & TWD Pump house Automation,

    Loading /unloading /blending automation, Fire Fighting System, Terminal Security system. Interface with

    Mecon (consultant), Advanced Systek Pvt Ltd (Formerly, Daniel Measurement & Control (I) Pvt. Ltd

    Subsidiary of Emerson group) and HPCL Engineering HQO for ascertaining specifications, developing schedules

    & plans for early and effective implementation. Monitoring onsite activities to ensure project execution as per

    approved specifications, discuss project status / review during the course of periodic project review meetings.

    o Retail Outlet Automation Forecourt Operations (OPT, TVD, Level and Density), Sales management (PCC,

     POS, & ATG), Back Office Software (Focus, Quickens), Inventory management & reconciliation, and Head

     Office Logistic and Control (4 COM). Installation and commissioning related activities of automation at 22 nos

     of retail outlets of Vadodara retail region were executed in coordination with ATOS origin and AGS InfoTech.

    o VFD (Variable Frequency Drive): Installation and commissioning of VFD system on six nos of centrifugal

     pumps by L & T. o VMS (Vehicle Management System): Installation and commissioning of GPS based system by MTIL and Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar Aug’04-Apr’05 CMC, to track the movement of petroleum tanker, which results in better logistic planning. Chemical Engineer, Process modeling & Technology in STF (STF is a team of chemical engineers that carries out troubleshooting, process optimization, debottlenecking, project feasibility and expansion studies in refinery)

     Significant Milestones

    o Selected for ‘Process modeling & Technology’ group of STF, among a batch of 120.

    o Distinguished for being considered an early confirmation based on performance within 8 months of joining.

     Key Projects Undertaken

    o KBC modeling of VGO-Hydro Treater: Calibration of KBC model and Prediction of Quench gas flow

     requirement for higher VGO throughput, as a part of expansion study of existing two VGO-HT trains from 103

     KBPSD to 125 KBPSD.

    o CAPEX Estimation for Ras Issa Refinery, Yemen: Capex estimation for piping of Crude, Naptha stabilizer,

     Naptha HT units in Ras-Issa refinery and for fire water systems, Flare systems and HP-LP distribution network

    o Economic feasibility study of Expansion of Crude-trains (608 to 800 KBPSD): Developed an MS-Excel

    based model to calculate incremental GT’s, HRSG’s, STG’s, and AB’s requirement for incremental power and

    steam demand.

    o Energy Audit for Captive Power Plant: Fuel consumption in Gas Turbines (GT), Aux-Boilers (AB) and Heat

     Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) were calculated to evaluate fuel expenditure in actual and optimized case

     using an in-house developed model.


     Dual Degree (5 Yr) M.Tech from IIT Delhi, (Process Engineering & Design) with CGPA 9.58 (on scale of 10)

    2004 B.Tech from IIT Delhi, (Chemical Engineering) with CGPA 7.87 (on scale of 10)


    o 2nd rank in M. Tech among batch of 32.

    o GATE Scholarship (2003-2004) from IIT-Delhi.

    o MCM Scholarship (1999-2003) from IIT-Delhi.

    o Secured rank among top 1% in IIT JEE- 1999.

    o Excellent Performance Award by BSER 12th (80.62 %).

    o Certificate of Merit by MHRD for excellent performance in BSER 10th (81.09 %).


     L-valve Characteristics and Design

    Threshold aeration rate equation as function of system and equipment variables is obtained from experimental and literature data. Mathematical Model is suggested to account effect of aeration point location, standpipe height and length of horizontal section on solids flow rate as a function of aeration rate.

     Plant Design for LLDPE production using ‘Fluidized Bed Process’

    Feasibility analysis, Material and Energy balance, Design of Fluidized bed reactor, Design of Trombone cooler, Cost estimation, and Economic analysis was done in this project.

     Minimization of production cost in cement industries Problem formulation to minimize raw material cost & product cost in cement industries and GAMS was used to solve this non-linear optimization problem.




    o Winner of ‘Business simulation management games Nov 2007- Zonal round’, Facilitated by All India

     Management Association (AIMA). tho Participated in ‘34 National Competition for Young Managers - 2008’ organized by AIMA

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