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Process Process Effectiveness Efficiency


    Service Service Level ; Increase in agreed Service Level Requirements ; Increase in SLA reviews conducted on time Delivery Management ; Increase in achieved SLA targets ; Increase in aligned OLAs and contracts

    ; Increase in accurate Service Catalog entries ; Increase in monitoring and reporting of SLA targets

    Capacity ; Decrease in capacity-related incidents ; Decrease in emergency capacity purchases

    Management ; Increase in accurate capacity/cost forecasts ; Increase of performance monitoring and reporting

    ; Increase in timely capacity upgrades ; Increase of change impact analyses related to capacity

    Service Availability ; Increase in end-to- end service availability ; Increase in testing after major changes

    and Continuity ; Increase in identified and managed risks ; Decrease in time to perform risk analyses

    Management ; Decrease in the cost of unavailability ; Increased accuracy of the continuity plans

    Information ; Increase in conformance to security policies ; Decrease in time to detect security incidents

    Security ; Increase in risk identification and management ; Increase in security monitoring and reporting

    Management ; Decrease in security incidents ; Increase in change impact analyses related to security

    Budgeting and ; Increase in accuracy of budgets and costs ; Decreased time to prepare accurate budgets

    Accounting for IT ; Increase in number of costed services ; Decrease in time needed to cost services

    Services ; Increase in fair allocation of indirect costs ; Increase in monitoring and reporting costs against budget

    Service Reporting ; Increase in timely and accurate reports ; Decrease in time to produce meaningful reports

    ; Increase in management use of service reports ; Increase in number of clearly described reports

    Control Change ; Decrease in change-related incidents ; Decrease in time to process Requests for Change Processes Management ; Decrease in unauthorized changes ; Decrease in emergency changes

    ; Decrease in backed-out changes ; Increase in post-implementation reviews

    Configuration ; Increase in service quality from accurate CI ; Decrease in CMDB errors

    Management information ; Decrease in time needed to audit the CMDB

    ; Increase in successfully audited CI records ; Decrease in backlog of CMDB modifications

    ; Increase in CIs under change control

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Process Process Effectiveness Efficiency


    Relationship Business ; Increase in customer satisfaction ; Increase in timely service reviews Processes Relationship ; Increase in satisfactory complaint resolutions ; Increase in documented stakeholders and customers

    Management ; Increase in actions taken from customer ; Increase in assigned Business Relationship managers

    satisfaction surveys

    Supplier ; Increase in contracts aligned to SLAs ; Increase in supplier performance monitoring and reports

    Management ; Decrease in breaches resulting from suppliers ; Increase in timely contract reviews

    ; Increase in satisfaction with supplier ; Increase in documented lead and subcontractor relationships


    Resolution Incident ; Decrease in average time to resolve incidents ; Increase in recorded incidents Processes Management ; Increase in incidents resolved by the Service ; Increase in correct incident categorization and prioritization

    Desk ; Decrease in reopened incidents

    ; Increase in customer communication ; Increase in timely management reports

    Problem ; Decrease in recurring incidents and problems ; Decrease in time to identify root cause and error correction

    Management ; Increase in successful corrective changes ; Increase in problems identified through proactive activities

    ; Increase in accurate Known Error information ; Decrease in number of unresolved Known Errors

    Release Release ; Increase in successful and timely releases ; Increase in documented testing requirements Processes Management ; Increase in Release Policy conformance ; Increase in releases with documented back out plans

    ; Increase in cost-effective releases ; Increase in pre-release training and communication

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