Youth Sports in the United States

By Jason Matthews,2014-05-24 17:09
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Youth Sports in the United States

    Youth Sports in the United States

    Being good at one or two sports is so universal phenomenon in the United States of the youth.

    Parents send their children to some professional leagues early and early at all costs, just in order to

    see their children win a game. Sports in nowadays seems to be a compare tool to see whether you

    are good or not.

    Youth faces many pressure, it is detrimental to their psychology. But some parents dont pay any attention to the basic mentally needs of their children. How sad these children are. They can

    do nothing but obey their parents will.

    The original of the sport spirit has changed. There is no more about enjoying the sports,

    however, it remains some fierce wish to win the competition. We shouldnt ignore what is the youth thinking, we ought to put more attention to their basic needs. The youth is the flower of

    future of our country, we should pour it with more sunshine and more water. Seeing they grow very well.

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