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October 2006 Design and implementation of a Finance application platform enabling new Accenture legal entity in Romania. High level design of the To-Be



Address: Via Andrea Vochieri 15, 20161 Milano Place of birth: Milano

    Telephone: +39 348 0308378 Date of birth: 18/04/1973

    E-mail: Marital status: Single


May 2008 Current TEN Tecnologie & Networking: PROJECT MANAGER

May 2008 Project Manager. Business development and client relationship management

    Current responsibilities at TEN Tecnologie & Networking, partner of leading

    companies in business intelligence and CRM on-demand markets:

    Business Objects and


February 2008 “UBI CentroSystem Project Management” project at UBI Banca.

    May 2008 Introduction of CMMI certified project management tools and

    methodologies in software development projects, application maintenance

    initiatives and customer support projects activated at UBI Banca facilities

    and services department. Enhancement of the effectiveness of UBI Banca

    program management office through integration of team level project

    management processes and enterprise level program management and

    controllership procedures.

December 2007 “Asset & Document Management” project at Kuwait Petroleum Italia.

    February 2008 Implementation of an application platform aiming at enterprise integration

    and sharing of service station life-cycle. Coordination of the activities

    related to the feasibility study of a centralized asset master data

    management system. Supervision of technical design team.

August 2007 “Management Information System project at Mobile TeleSystems, Moscow.

    December 2007 Implementation of a corporate reporting system based on dashboards,

    balanced scorecards and strategy maps in order to aid top-management in

    strategic Revenue Assurance decision taking. Coordination of activities

    related to building of an enterprise single-version-of-the-truth and

    integrated view of key performance indicators in Revenue Assurance area.

    Supervision of both local and international off-shore design teams (Milan

    and Bangalore).

October 2006 Project Manager at Accenture Controllership for IGEM geography (Italy, Czech

    August 2007 Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russian

    Federation, Greece, Turkey and United Arab Emirates). Project

    management activities related to an initiative of development centralization

    at Accenture Delivery Centers in Argentina and India impacting Finance

    local applications. Implementation of the CMMI certification firm’s strategy

    for delivery quality standards assurance.

April 2006 Application Product Manager at Accenture Controllership for IGEM geography.

    October 2006 Design and implementation of a Finance application platform enabling new

    Accenture legal entity in Romania. High level design of the To-Be solution

    implementing business critical processes and legal requirements

    compliance. Project management activities during development and post

    go-live phase.

    December 2005 “Pay2Co: Payroll to Controllership” project at Accenture Controllership in Czech April 2006 Republic. Time & Expenses and Payroll processes consolidation project

    aiming at maximization of efficiency of administrative processes and

    payroll data quality improvement in order to support and facilitate internal

    audit initiatives in Finance Department.

December 2004 HRSP - Human Resources Systems Program” project at Accenture CIO

    December 2005 Local Application Product Management. Implementation of the firm

    strategic initiative in Human Resources aiming at improvement of the

    existing application platform supporting headcount increase, data quality

    assurance and implementation of global HR, Finance and CIO guidelines.

    Project management and change management activities supporting

    Controllership with adoption of the new process model in IGEM geography.

November 2000 December 2004 ACCENTURE: CONSULTANT

January 2004 “F4 Franchising – Pricing in franchisor-franchisee transactions at Carrefour.

    December 2004 Functional analysis and re-engineeding of a new pricing model in franchisor-

    franchisee transactions. Supervision of off-shore teams during development

    and EAI legacy system integration.

August 2003 “VeFa BricoCenter” project at BricoCenter (Leroy-Merlin / La Rinascente).

    January 2004 Design and implementation of a custom invoice matching system facing

    Oracle Financial accounting system and based on Accenture Asset for

    Retail industry named “VeFa – Verifica Fatture”. Functional analysis and

    development resources coordination.

    November 2000 “VeFa – Verifica Fatture” project at Gruppo La Rinascente (Retailer) August 2003 Design and implementation of an automatic, custom invoice matching

    system facing SAP accounting system in the framework of “Finance 2002”

    Finance process re-engineering project. Functional analysis of invoice,

    credit / debit note and EDI documents processing. Design of master data

    management model. Coordination of development resources assigned to

    automated batch processing.


July 1999 Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

    Thesis: “Contact pressure determination in multi-layered plate structures.

    Analytical solution development”.


    ? Accenture's Financial Strategy

    ? US GAAP Requirements for Revenue and Expense Recognition

    ? Understanding US GAAP and Supporting Internal Controls

    ? Improving Profitability Using Management Reports

    ? Critical Elements of Our Financial Statements

    ? Financial Deal Structuring

    ? Our Internal Mergers and Acquisitions Framework

    ? Accenture's Competitive Landscape

    ? Financial Analysis for Strategy by Robert Apgood, NBC CFO.

    ? Analysis for Financial Management

    ? Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies


    Fluent written and spoken English. Certificate of Proficiency in English

    - University of Cambridge.

    Beginner in spoken Russian.


    Expert in Windows and UNIX platforms, Microsoft Office applications and

    in ORACLE, SAS and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Deep knowledge

    of numerical analysis applications MatLab, MathCAD, Mathematica.

    Expertise in computer aided design based on Finite Element Method

    (Linear, Non-Linear and Dynamic Analysis) Algor SuperSAP, FEA Lusas,



    Travelling, photography, SCUBA diving.


    Privacy statement according to Italian law: “Autorizzo al trattamento dei

    miei dati personali ai sensi del D.Lgs. n? 196, 2003.

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