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By Timothy Burns,2014-04-15 05:42
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Full System/Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC). Wrote Detailed Design from High Level Design for Research Assistant for asyncronous WebService Reporting and

Daniel F. Wygant Senior Software Consultant phone: (931) 433-7122 (home)

     8 Church Dr (931) 625-1207 (cell)

     Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334 email:


    I am seeking a Senior Consultant or Analyst position using Visual Studio 2008. I use C# to develop

    WebForms (ASP.NET, Silverlight, SharePoint), WinForms and ClickOnce SmartClient applications.

    ? My main interest is developing with .Net 3.5 using Silverlight, LINQ/Entities, AJAX, and WPF

    on the front end, and using WFC, WPF, and LINQ or ADO.Net to access SQL Server 2008 (or

    Oracle) Databases on the back end. Ultimately to display in an efficient intuitive User Interface

    to provide a great and consistent User eXperience across the trio: Web, Windows, Mobile.

    ? New technologies that interest me are SharePoint, Silverlight, WPF, XAML, LINQ/Entities,

    ClickOnce SmartClient, Mobile applications, Digital Media, WCF WebServices, GIS, Imaging,

    2D/3D Graphics. Geo-Search and Answer by Text/Instant Message over Mobile in Silverlight.

    ? I prefer Agile team-oriented environments with positive work values. I’ve worked telecommute

    (work remotely, at home) for many project and am happy driving to work or working where I am.

    This is easy with daily Scrums and I am confident I can deliver in this Agile model with better

    speed and lower cost.

    TECHNICAL SUMMARY: ? Areas of Interest:

    SharePoint, Silverlight, LINQ/Entities, WCF, WPF, o .Net Framework 3.5:

    XAML, ASPX, ASCX, ASHX, Web Parts, Features

    JavaScript for dynamic, client-side scripting, no-postback o AJAX, DHTML:

    Custom Data Set, Partial Class, Object Data Source o ADO.NET:

    Custom Composite Server Controls, Custom Web User o Controls:

    Controls, Designers, UI Type Editors, Type Converters,

    AutoCAD, Esri, Network Engineer, SmartSketch, o 3D/2D Graphics/GIS:

    SmartPlant P&ID, Solid Modeler, Microstation,

    GeoMedia, EMS, Tigris, IGE, IGDS, Visio

    ? Software Technologies:

    o 9 years VS.NET C# and VB.NET

    o 5+ years Microsoft AJAX Library and other AJAX libraries and techniques

    o 9 years using ActiveX

    o 10 years programming OLE & COM

    o 21 years of database projects: ADO / RDO / DAO / RIS, SQL Server, Access, Informix

    o 24 years Object Oriented Programming [OOP] & Analysis [OOA]

    o 24 years Graphic User Interface [GUI] projects

    o 10 years in Image Processing group + 3 additional imaging projects in VB since then

? Languages:

    o VS.NET: C#, VB, ASP.NET, AJAX, LINQ, Entities, SharePoint, Silverlight, WCF, WPF, o SQL, ADO.NET, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, SQL Server 2008, 05, 00, Oracle 9/10/11

    o Server Side Silverlight, Javascript, VBScript ASP, ATL 3.0 ASP, and VB 6.0 ASP

    o 8+ years using VC++, most recently ATL 3.0 and VC++ 6.0

    o 9+ years using VB, most recently VB 6.0 & VB.Net

    o 12 years C++, 16+ years C, 16+ years HTML, DHTML, JavaScript

    o VJ++, Java, Microstation Design Language [MDL], FORTRAN, ADA, Pascal, COBOL, LISP

    o Shell & Perl programming [Windows, UNIX] Page 1 of 5

? Operating Systems (hardware):

    o Windows Vista, XP/2000, Server 2003, NT 4.0/3.x, 9x/Me, 3.x & DOS

    o UNIX (Linux, Sun, Intergraph, HP)

Daniel F. Wygant Senior Software Consultant phone: (931) 433-7122 (home)

     8 Church Dr (931) 625-1207 (cell)

     Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334 email:


Phacil, Huntsville, AL 04/2009 to 04/2010

    Sr. Software Developer Environment: SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET (C#) 3.5SP1, LINQ, WPF

    ? SharePoint 2007 Web Parts and Features, Exchange Web Services, Exchange and SharePoint

    Calendars, Federated Search, Central Admin configuration pages, CSS/JavaScript, ASHX

    streaming, ASCX with GridView in _Layouts with Audiences for database access using Linq to

    Entities and getting past double-hop authentication. Overall doing anything and everything

    possible in code for SharePoint for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Portal migration from

    BEA ALUI Plumtree to Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Our team made this happen smooth as silk.

Optimal Interiors, Nashville, TN 10/2008 to 02/2009, 10/2009 to Present

    Sr. Software Consultant Environment: Silverlight 2, ASP.NET (C#) 3.5SP1, LINQ, WPF, WCF, AutoCAD

    ? Silverlight CAD for floorplan layout over the internet using ASP.NET, asmx WebService, WCF

    WebService (WPF in a WCF WebServer in a windows server for export to image), output to

    DXF using Wout Ware CADlib library. Used optimized, cached ASHX for serving images, Dxf

    from SQL’08 database. This was a remote development effort, which used tenets of Agile

    Development to keep it on track with short fast sprints and morning scrum meetings.

The Retirement Plan Company, Nashville, TN 06/2008 to 08/2008

    Sr. Software Consultant Environment: ASP.NET (C#) 3.5, AJAX, LINQ 2 Objects, Dynamic Composite Server Controls

    ? Created a Question/Answer Server control like a repeater with each question as a dynamically

    created Composite Server Control, for TextBox, ListControl (RadioButtons, CheckBoxes,

    DropDownList), or GridView with Textbox, DropDownList, or FileUpload edit-controls per cell.

    We used Master Pages, Style Sheets, XSD-based XML Data Sets, Update Panel (MS AJAX Lib),

    and XML Serialization. This was a remote development effort, which used tenets of Agile

    Development to keep it on track with short fast sprints and morning scrum meetings.

Telcordia, Huntsville, AL 12/2007 to 05/2008

    Sr. Software Consultant Environment: Window Forms.NET (C#) 2.0, Oracle 10.0, Ersi ArcGIS, Telcordia Network Engineer

    ? Full System/Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC). Wrote Detailed Design from High Level

    Design for Research Assistant for asyncronous WebService Reporting and Automated

    Intelligence Report parameter population from XML based report name, value parameters.

    BLOBS in Oracle with both Esri and ADO using GZip with Base64 Encoding of XML, DHTML,

    RTF, Image, or plain text reports delivered asynchronously with intermediate status via

    WebServices. Using Internationalization/Localization, Error logging, COM Interop. Full

    Lifecycle documentation, including rewriting Detailed Design for As-Built design for future

    enhancement with ease. Designed automatic reporting with VS.NET to Java to VS.NET Page 2 of 5 WebServices using a loose asynchronous processes.

Daniel F. Wygant Senior Software Consultant phone: (931) 433-7122 (home)

     8 Church Dr (931) 625-1207 (cell)

     Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334 email:

Intergraph, Huntsville, AL 06/2007 to 11/2007

    Sr. Software Consultant Environment: ASP.NET (C#) 2.0, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, Gridview, CSS, Themes

    ? Rebuilt website with ASP.NET using C# Visual Studio 2005, AJAX, and SQL Server 2005. The

    site tracked hardcopy and softcopy documents for the Government. We used Master Pages,

    Custom Web User Controls, WebServices, Style Sheets and Themes, Custom Data Sets, Custom

    Printing Style / JavaScript, Update Panel (MS AJAX Lib), and controls from the ASP.NET

    AJAX Control Toolkit. Our team used tenets of Agile Development such as daily builds,

    refactoring for simplicity and reusability, as-needed pair-programming, morning scrum meetings,

    issue tracking, and testing as a process.

Emdeon/WebMD, Nashville, TN 10/2006 to 05/2007

    Sr. Software Consultant Environment: ASP.NET (C#) 2.0, AJAX, SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle, ADO, Gridview

    ? Maintained and enhanced ASP.NET websites with Oracle data warehouse backend using C#

    Visual Studio 2005. Developed techniques to use SQL Server 2005 for denormalized rollup

    tables and dynamic report generation using a toolkit build on Flash. The sites all use a middle tier

    DAL library, Multi-level Master Pages and AJAX with Prototype.js. The project team used Agile

    Development techniques along with issue tracking, accountability, and morning scrum meetings.

     Trideum Inc, Huntsville, AL 04/2005 to 09/2006

    Sr. Software Developer Environment: ASP.NET (C#) 2.0, AJAX, SQL Server 2000, Remoting, ADO, GridView

    ? Developed ASP.NET 2.0 website using C# Visual Studio 2005, upgraded from VB.NET 1.1, to

    help conduct distributed tests for the Future Combat System. Used Master Pages, Themes, CSS.

    Accessed via Pass-Through Authentication, using WebServices for document upload.

    ? Remoting Servers to access legacy (VS.NET 1.1 MFC/COM) libraries for ixChariot (Network

    Characterization) and OS Agent (TENA distributed Machine Monitoring application) to perform

    Application, Network and System Readiness testing for distributed test integration

    ? Designed ADO.NET 2005 Data Access Layer (DAL) with VS 2005 C# 2.0 Custom Data Sets and

    Partial Classes, used as an Object Data Source in a GridView, DetailsView and other controls.

    ? Prototyped the new interface using the Microsoft AJAX library no-postback webpages.

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Daniel F. Wygant Senior Software Consultant phone: (931) 433-7122 (home)

     8 Church Dr (931) 625-1207 (cell)

     Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334 email:

Applied OLAP Inc, Huntsville, AL 05/2001 to 03/2005

    Sr. Software Consultant

     Environment: VS.Net (C#, VB.Net), VB6, VC++6, ATL3, Java (IntelliJ/JBuilder), Hyperion Essbase,


    ? Researched VS.Net Code Access Security, MSI Group Policy, Zero-Touch Deployment, UAB,

    and ClickOnce/SmartClient to determine how we could use the href/exe deployment model.

    ? Developed AppliedOLAP StarOffice Add-In using Java and the Hyperion Essbase XTD Java API

    to display multi-dimensional Essbase Cube Database data in a StarOffice spreadsheet.

    ? Developed VB, VS.Net (C#) and Java (IntelliJ/JBuilder) based Hyperion Essbase WebService

    API and GUI front-end for displaying Hyperion Essbase OLAP cube in Excel-like in a web

    browser or standalone application. Uses XML/SOAP/HTTP to retrieve data from Java Servlet.

    The Java Servlet uses Hyperion Essbase XTD Java API to pull OLAP data from Essbase cubes.

    ? Developed Hyperion Objects 6.5 using the Essbase WebService API, including controls for the

    DataServer, Outline Treeview, Member Select, Button and Combo, using a WebService Java

    Servlet that acts as an interface to Hyperion Essbase XTD.

    ? Ported AppliedOLAP’s Essbase API from VB6 to VS.Net (C#)

PathGroup, Brentwood, TN 10/2000 to 05/2001

    Sr. Software Consultant

     Environment: VB6, VC++6, ATL3, ADO, SQL Server/T-SQL, Barcoding/Scanning/Imaging Database

    ? Redesigned applications for barcoding, scanning, viewing, storing, retrieving and validating a

    Document Imaging Database system.

    ? PathGroup uses these new VB6 applications to maintain the database of images of the paper

    Pathology billing documents.

AniVision, Huntsville, AL 04/2000 to 10/2000

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Environment: VB6, VC++6, ATL3, ADO, Access, 3D Animations, Digital Video

    ? Lead team in the design, prototype, and development of both an OLE ActiveX Control Internet

    Application for viewing 3D Animations of SEC Football highlights and a Video Track Editor for

    creating the 3D Animations from Digital Video.

     Dialogic Communications Corporation, Franklin, TN 11/1999 to 04/2000

    Sr. Software Consultant Environment: VB6, VC++6, ATL3, ADO/DAO, Access, and SQL Server, Computer Telephony ? Designed and developed components for the next generation Computer Telephony [CT] project

    referred to as Reciprix

    ? Used LeadTools to develop VC6 ActiveX ATL 3 component for a VB6 based FAX-blasting


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Daniel F. Wygant Senior Software Consultant phone: (931) 433-7122 (home)

     8 Church Dr (931) 625-1207 (cell)

     Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334 email:

Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville, AL 1985 to 1999

    Sr. Software Analyst

     Environment: VB 5.0, SmartSketch 2D CAD, SmartPlant P&ID, VC++ 5.0 OLE, C & C++ programs

    and libraries, Informix database (RIS for file management), RPC Server ? Extended Intergraph’s SmartSketch 2D CAD drawing product to create an advanced, native NT4

    Process & Instrumentation Design [PID] software product.

    ? Extended the OLE Automation model for Intergraph’s SmartSketch 2D CAD drawing product to

    expose a set of lightweight interfaces to its geometry and math libraries

    ? Developed an architectural software product from this 2D CAD product

    ? Developed an ActiveX EXE Document Viewer for .IGR files

    ? Developed an OLE ActiveX DLL Data Server (InProcServer) for various CAD/CAM formats

    (AutoCAD, Microstation, EMS, SAT...)

    ? Prototyped hyper/multimedia GIS browser application that would run on multiple H/W platforms

    [Sun and Intel] from a CD-ROM. The browser-based application provided hyperlinked GIS-

    related data at the Country, Region, or City level, including media, maps, buildings, and overlays. ? Lead development team in "tiger-team" programming effort for the Peer-to-Peer computing,

    process execution, & control product [FPM] within DCP/S for creating & producing digital ortho-

    mosaiced GIS-overlay images on read/write optical disks (OD) from scanned or digital imagery.

    ? Designed & developed programs for planning, scheduling, executing, tracking of process steps

    for an integrated set of distributed image processing and GIS feature extraction applications for

    the AIX and MAP2 projects. This includes many GIS and imagery capabilities including image

    orientation to known GIS features, image enhancement, digitizing GIS roads and buildings

    overlaid on the imagery with highly accurate GIS lat, long, elevation data, and feature

    measurement using the GIS orientation and polynomial rectification coefficients.


    ? Bachelor of Science, Pure Mathematics, Florida State University

    ? Completed Major requirements for a Bachelor in Science in Computer Science


    Projects I complete provide at least one order of magnitude payback for development costs in either

    saving from the application or in sales of the application. My depth and breadth of experience allows me

    to implement Agile Processes in the development and maintenance cycle for near-zero defects with

    extreme RAD delivery times (2-8 weeks per delivery from design through delivery). My logic skills, first

    developed at Florida State University in Pure Math, give me a unique advantage in my ability to use

    logic in program flow to achieve results beyond requirements. I founded and have helped managed a

    User Group of 1300 members for nearly a decade, and have helped to lead and build a solid team in my

    current position. Also, my GUI’s are great and documentation is complete!

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