unit 9

By Alfred Reyes,2014-05-20 19:57
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unit 9

1. be born

    2. a tennis player

    3. the world record for

    hiccupping 4. start/begin to do

     Start/begin doing

    5. stop doing

    6. tooto do

    7. for example

    8. write music

    9. play for

10. the national team

    11. a movie star

    12. spend time doing 13. spend money on sth.

    14. hum songs and

    pieces of music

    15. at the age of four when he was four

    years old

    16. take part in

    17. win first prize 18. because of 19. major in

    20. how long

    21. ride a bike 22. go skating 23. the world record for sneezing

    24.a loving


    25. free time

26. a well-known

    Chinese pianist

    27. a gold medal

    28. a skating champion

    29. be alive

    30. travel around the

    USA/tour the USA

    31. an international

    sports star

    32. a boy called Jim

    33. in the speech


    34. womens singles player

    1. When was she born?

     She was born on

    thJanuary 13, 1981. How long did he


    He hiccupped for 69

    years and 5 months.

    No matter how young

you are,

    Mozart started writing music when he was


    Deng Yaping joined the national ping-pong /table tennis team in 1988.

    An unusual boy

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