Unit Five

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Unit Five

     Unit Five

    一. 单项选择

    1. Can you _______ my house tomorrow? Im free till 22.00.

    A. come over B. go over C. come over to D. go over to

    2. I have to study ___ my test ___ Saturday night.

     A. on ,for B. for ,on C. on, in D. for , in

    3. There is ___ ice in the room, so it is ___ cold.

     A.. too much, much b. much too, much C. too much, too D. much too, too

    4. ______ the evening of May1,they went to Toms birthday party.

     A.. On B. At C.. at D. with

    5. Sorry, I ___ come to your birthday party because Im going to have a piano lesson.

     A. mustnt B. cant C. dont have to D. shouldnt 6. Mr Bean enjoys _______ jokes and often makes us___________.

     A to tell, to laugh B. tells, laughs C. telling, laugh D. telling laughing.


    1.Could you lend me your book? ----- Sorry, I _____ .

    2. Can you going shopping with me? --Sorry, I _____ play tennis now.

    3. Can they go home ? --- No, they cant . Its their duty. They ______ clean the room.


    1. There is going to be a guitar C______ in our school next week.

    2. Thanks for asking . Maybe we can go to the moving a_____ time.

    3. Thanks for your i________.

    4. I have tennis t______ with the school team.

    5. I have to study for my c______ test on Thursday.


    1Hes thinking about what hes going to say. (改为同意句) Hes thinking about _______ _________ _________ .

    2. Its Sunday today.(对画线部分提问)

    _____________ ___________ is it today?

    3. He has to clean his room every day. (改为否定句)

    He _________ _________ __________ clean his room every day.

    4. They can go the the concert. (改为一般疑问句,做肯定回答)

    ______ they ________ to the concert? _______, they ________


    1. I would love _____ (make ) friends with him

    2.She ______ (go) to her guitar lessons this weekend.

    3.Are the boys _______ (listen) to the radio?

    4. Can you ______ (inviation) your friends to your part

     Unit Six 一. 单项选择:

    1. Kate is _____ of the two beautiful women.

    a. young b. younger C. the younger D. younger

    2. The twin brothers ____ students.

    A. are both B. both are C. are all D. both is

    3. Li Ning is _____ more athletic than me.

    A. little B. a little C many D. a few

    4. This book is not as ____ that one.

    A.more interesting. B. interesting as C.more interesting as D. interestinger


    5. His parents often make him ____ homework till 11 oclock in the evening.

    A. do B. does C. to do D doing

    .6. If you want to be thinner and healthier, you should eat ____ food and take ____


     A. more, fewer B. more, less C. fewer, more D. less, more

    7.Her hair is longer than _______.

     A. Tina B. Tinas C.Tina is D. Tinas is

     .用所给词的正确形式填空 1. Tom is _______ (athletic) than Sam.

    2. Alice is ______ (care ) of the two sisters.

    3.Someone _____ (call) you and left a message.

    4. Who is ________ (outgoing), Bill or Jack ?

    5.Jim is not so ______ ( heavy) as his brother.

    6. Hang zhou is one of _____ (beautiful ) cities in China.


    1.Im 12 years old, My sister is 11 years old. ( 合为一句)

     My sister ______ ________ than me.

    2. English is not as difficuot as maths. ( 改为同义句)

     Mats is ______ difficult ______ Engilsh.

    3. He draws well. (改为同义句)

     He _______ _______ _______ ________ .

    5. Tim likes flying kites and Tom likes flying kites. Too.(合并为一句)

    ______ Tim ______ Tom _______ ________ kites.

    四,根据句意及首字母填空 1. I eat more than you, so Im much h______ than you. 2. She likes sports. She is more a_____ than me.

    3. You are not the same, You look d________.

    4. Your sister is quiet, youre o_______. 5. I dont think d_______ are important in a friendship.

    6. He always b____ me in tennis.

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