3B Unit4 Time The first period

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3B Unit4 Time The first period

一、 Teaching content 3B Unit 4 Time Part B C

    二、 Teaching aims and requirements:

    1. To enable the students to learn the numbers: one , two , three ,

    four , five , six , seven , eight , nine , ten , eleven , twelve and the

    sentences:Whats the time?Itsoclock.

    2 The ability of speaking and the ability of using these numbers

    in oral practice.

    三、 Main point:

     To master these numbers and sentences

    四、Difficult point: Can speaking the numbers "three, seven, eleven and

    twelve " use correct pronounce.

    五、Teaching aids: Some real objects , some pictures , etc.

    六、 Teaching procedure:

    Step one : Greetings

    T:Class begins.

    Ss:Stand up.

    T:Good morning, boys and girls.

    S:Good morning, Miss jin.

    Step two : Warm up

    1. Sing a song: "Hello!How are you?"

    TLets sing a song,Ok?


    TVery goodSit downplease.

    2. Free talk T:Today,xxx is the super come here.


    S1Whats this in English?


    S1:Whats that in English?


    S:Is this your……? SsNoit isnt S:Whos he?


    S1:Whos she?


    TGood.Thank you.

    Step four : Presentation

    1. one ,two,three

     T: Now,boys and girls,look here.guess,whats this?(露一半)

    SsIts a monkey.

    T:Yes.Look at the pictures. How many monkeys can you see ? Let’s count. One,two,three.

    Ss:One,two,three (教师引导) T:Well done.follow me.One,one,two,two,three,three 用升降调)

    Ss read after the T.

    TWho can read?


    TThreefollow me.(注意读音) T This group,say one by one.


    TLook at my hand, say the words in a low voice and a loud

    voice.Such as(举例)

    Ss read it.

    T:When I want you to be quiet, I’ll say one, two, three. And you should say three,two,one,Ok?

    Ss(坐端正): Ok

    T:Well doneNow,spell the words by yourselves.

    Ss spell the words.



    T:Who can spell the words?(举不同的单词) S……


    2.Now,look here(再贴三只猴子),how many monkeys can you seeLets……six.

    T:Good.Follow me,four,four.five,five,six,six.

    Ss read after the T.

    T:I point you say.

    T:Good.I say the numbers ,and you clap your hands.Such as,I say 5,you shou

    ld clap your hands 5 times and say one,two,three,four,five.Ok?

    T: Good,lets count from one to six.

    Ss count together.

    T:lets count from 1 to 6?指板书 2. seven , eight ,nine ,ten,eleven , twelve

    T: T: The six monkeys are very hungry. Hungrydo you understand?饿了

    They need some bananas and peaches.Look,. How many bananas can you see ?

    Lets count.One two,…… seven.Ohseven领读,注意读音)

    TSay one by one.

    T:From low to high.(group)

    Ss read it.

T:Look here, How many peaches can you see ?

    Ss:Eight peaches.

    T(领读)Eight.This group,this roup,

    T:Now,who can read?


    T:Good.nine bananas,ten peaches.nine,nine,tenten(升降调)

    T:Lets count from seven to ten.

    Ss count it.

    TNow,say the next number.If I say 7,you should say 8,I say 9,you should say



    T:Now,say the number.If I say 9,you should say 8.Ok?


     T:The number is Seven ,.Is it the word seven?

    Ss:No,its eleven.

    T:Good.eleven,eleven.Who can read?

    S read it.

    T:eleven bananaes.(板书11+1)eleven plus one is……


    T:twelve.This group,say one by one.


    TI point you say.

    T:The monkeys are hungry.Can you help them to get the bananas ?Who can come

    here?(六人)This monkey get (轻声,学生跟说)

     T: Get seven bananas . Get ……

     S: 根据教师指令摘相应的香蕉。

    5. Practice

    a.Listen to the tape.

    Good job!Now,boys and girls,look at the blackboard,listen to the tape and

    read after it.

    b. Heres a ball,who can come here and bounce the ball?The others say the numbers.

    C: T: Look here, one student read the numbers quickly ,and others write

    them down. (Show the magic box)

    Step six: Production

    1. What's the time? (Show the clock.)

    T:Sit straight. Look, what's this?

    S: It's a clock.

T:Yes, one oclock,two oclock……Follow me,oclock(板书,并写中文……

    点钟)Who can?


    TLets count.

    T:What's the time?

    S: It's six oclock.(引导学生说Its T: (板书句型,领读) What's the time? It's……oclock

    T:This group asks,this group answer.

    T:Take out your pictures and work in pairs.


    Step 5Consalidation

    1.A game: Pass and say.

    2.A game:转盘游戏

    Homework: T: That's all for today. After the class, talk about your

    telephone numbers with your partener and write them down .

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