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    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition



    2009 EDITION

    Prepared By:-

     Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP)

     National Secretariat,

     Plot No. 6604,Mberere Road,

     Off Chainama Road

     Olympia Extension

     P.O. Box FW 129, Lusaka

     Tel / Fax: 260 1 294856/294857




    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition


    The Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) actively involved in the promotion of enhanced democracy,

    respect for human rights, voter and political participation, advocacy and other good governance related issues.

    thAVAP was established and registered with the Registrar of Societies on 26 December, 1995.


    ? Maximize a countrywide campaign against voter apathy.

    ? Campaign for maximum voter registration as a starting point for increased voter turnout.

    ? Sensitize people over their voting rights and the importance of their participation in public apathy.

    ? Establish factors and root causes of voter apathy

    ? Re-kindle civic values among citizens through continuous democracy education.

    ? Monitor Presidential, parliamentary and local government elections.

    ? Train you people in politics

    ? Enhance citizens‟ participation in the governance arena


    In addressing the objectives, AVAP implements the following core-programmes:

    ? Managing Democracy Fora

    ? Community Civic Engagement

    ? Library services (Democracy Recourse/Information centres)

    ? Roundtable discussions

    ? Good governance Radio programmes

    ? Good Governance Activities in Learning Institutions

    ? Advocacy Sessions


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition

    Activity Objectives Process Managing Democracy Fora ? Promote and consensus-building ? Stakeholders (i.e. leaders, civil

     ? Provide for a neutral platform for the stakeholders to society organizations, Govt. depts.,

     debate on issues that affect them. Media, political parties etc) led by a

     panel of discussants brought

     together to deliberate on an issue to

     reach consensus.

    Community Civic Engagement ? Sensitize people in various communities on issues that ? People in village and townships are

     affect them. reached out by AVAP Community

     Civic Educators.

    ? Establish AVAP Democracy Library Services ? Promote the culture of reading, information Resource/information centres serves dissemination and sharing. as libraries. ? The local leadership and residents Round table Discussions ? Provide for a neutral avenue for people to dialogue on

    are invited to round table discussions local issues which affect them. and are normally held at the centres.

     ? Enhance information dissemination and sharing to members of the general public. ? AVAP runs sponsored live Radio Good Governance Radio Programmes ? Empower young people (pupils) in Institutions of Programme called “Face the People” Learning with Knowledge and information to enable on Community Radio stations them becomes useful future leaders.

    namely: Mano Kasama, Sky FM Monze, Icengelo Kitwe and Breeze


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition


     AVAP also has another Live Radio 4

     Programme called “Democracy and


    Good Governance Activities in ? Create enhanced awareness on critical governance ? AVAP conducts a variety of activities Institutions of Learning issues that affects the people. in Institutions of Learning, such as

     leadership training governance talks,

     debates, poetry dramas, reading and

     writing skills among others.

    Advocacy Sessions ? Promote collective responsibility for a common goal on ? Stakeholders are invited to the

     policy issues. advocacy learning sessions on

    specific pertinent issues to discuss

    and reach consensus.


    AVAP has a deep rooted presence with well established structures and offices (Good Governance Houses, Democracy Resource/Information Centres) as shown below:-


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition



     National Secretariat Cairo Centre Chawama Centre Matero Centre Mandevu Centre

     Along Great East Road Nairobi Place, between Chawama Road Behind Matero Main Garden Compound

     Chainama Stanbic & Barclays Banks. 400 metres from Market Opposite Ngwerere

     House No. 10423/181 Head Office (Kafue House) Snow White Bus Near Christian Bookshop Basic School

     (AVAP Property) (Rented Property) (Rented Property) (AVAP Property) (Rented Property)

Kanyama Centre

    Los Angeles Road

    Opposite Chipolopolo Bus Station.

    (Rented Property)



    Kabwe District Kitwe District Solwezi District Chipata District Petauke District Plot No. 8043 London House Beckies Shopping Local Court Premises Uweka Premises

    ndFormer Railways Warehouse 2 Floor, Second Class Trading Area Complex Kafula Road Along Omelo Mumba 510381 Luano Street, Highridge. Plot No. 1014. C/O Solwezi Municipal Box 510381 C/O Petauke District C/O Kabwe Municipal Council Zomba Road Council Tel: 06 221449 Council P.O. Box 80424 C/O Kitwe District Council Box 110001 (AVAP Property) P.O. Box 560192 Kabwe (Rented Property) P.O. Box 20070 Solwezi Petauke (Rented Property)

    Kitwe (Rented Property)

    Tel: 02 227572 (Rented Property)


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition


    Kasama District Luwingu District Mpika District Chinsali District Kasama District Kasama Democracy Former Council Library Old Council Premises Adjacent to Finance Bank Tel/Fax 04 221686 Resource Centre Near Civic Centre C/O Mpika District Council P.O. Box 480099 Email: Near Pioneer Cemetery P.O. Box 430001 P.O. Box 450001 Chinsali(Rented Property) (AVAP Property) Plot No. 4038 Luwingu (Rented Property) Mpika (Rented Property)

    P.O. Box 410561

    (AVAP Property)


    Mansa District Samfya District Mwense District Nchelenge District Behind New Apostolic Church Civic Centre Layby, Mwense Bus Station Shepard Corner Plot No. 2238 Behind Council Chambers Near Mweleka Drug Store C/O Nchelenge District Council Mansa P.O. Box 720007 C/O Mwense District Council Box 740001 P.O. Box 710376 Samfya (Rented Property) P.O. Box 760018 Nchelenge (Rented Property) Tel/Fax: 02821923 (AVAP Property) (Rented Property)


    Kalomo District Monze District Mongu District Kaoma District El-pantano Behind BP Filling Station Near Oasis Restaurant Opposite Kaoma Trades Opposite Kalomo Filling Station Along Livingstone Road Mongu District Council Town Centre C/O Kalomo District Council P.O. Box 940287 P.O. Box 910024, Mongu P.O. Box 940287 Box 620304 Monze (Rented Property) Mongu (Rented Property) Kaoma Kalomo Tel/Fax: 07 360101


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition

    Tel/Fax: 03 2665001 (Rented Property) (Rented Property)

    AVAP draws its strength and inspiration from these structures. Furthermore AVAP has Friends of AVAP Initiatives in all the seventy two districts. The

    essence of the Friends of AVAP initiative is that the members are actively involved in the implementation of programmes initiated by AVAP and other

    collaborating civil society Organizations.


    Year Co-Operating Partner Programme/ Activity Outcome/ Lesson

     1997 United States Agency for ? Peaceful co-existence ? Villagers become aware of their rights raising a number of issues based on

    International workshops in the communities of police brutality.

    Development (USAID). Lusaka and Eastern Provinces ? Dialogue was created between the police and villagers, as a result police

    targeting the village brutality was discontinued in Petauke district especially in Chief Nyampande „s

    headpersons and villagers. area .

     1998 United Nations ? Mobilized voters in Lusaka and ? Local polls were marred with heavy rains.

    Development Eastern Province prior to the ? People busy cultivating their field.

    November 1998 local polls. ? Voter apathy was rampant as only 26.55% countrywide turned up. Programme (UNDP). ? Monitored local government ? Voter education was inadequate Basket fund for Local Election in the two stated ? A number of electoral mal-practices were exposed. Government Elections to Provinces. an NGO Consortium

    called Local Government

     Elections Network

    (LOGNET) comprising AVAP,


    and defunct ZIMT and

     Rainbow Monitors.


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition

    2000-Konrad Adenauer ? Inter-party Youth training ? Increased political co-existence. 2002 Foundation (KAF). workshops for political youth ? Built confidence in the youths.

    leaders at national level. ? Increased number of youths adopted as candidates for parliamentary and

    local Government elections. 2001 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung ? Capacity-building workshops for ? Increased political co-existence and tolerance among the youth.

    youth leaders drawn from ? Increased number of youth candidates at the level of Parliamentary and (FES).

    Political Parties at Provincial Local Government Elections.

    level. ? Formation of inter-party youth alliances.

    Konrad Adenauer ? Support for Cairo Democracy ? Free access to information. 2001

    Information Centre established in ? Citizens getting informed Foundation (KAF).

    1999 ? Increased demand for more Centres 2000 -Westminister Foundation ? Establishment and running of ? Voter education was boasted at the centres. 2001 for Democracy (WFD). Democracy Information Centres ? Electoral related information was made available to the electorate.

     in the following Provinces ? Party manifestos stocked at the centres helped the electorate get informed

     Eastern (Chipata), about political parties and their Candidates.



    ? Establishment of Democracy ? Increased avenues for voter education. 2001 Royal Danish Embassy.

    Information centres in the ? Flooded voter information materials as centres serviced as distribution

    following Provinces: Central points.

    (Kabwe), North Western ? Voters had easy access to party manifestos.

    (Solwezi) and Western (Mongu)

    2001 Department For ? Electoral Corruption Awareness ? Reduced corrupt practices.

    International campaigns on the Copperbelt ? Vote-buyers were scared

    Development (DFID). Province. ? Aspiring candidates adhered to the Electoral Code of Conduct.

     2001 European Union ? Voter sensitization, Stakeholders ? Increased voter participation.

    Electoral Unit ( EU/ Fora and quick vote platforms in ? Aspiring candidates participated in the quick vote platforms.

    Southern and Western ? Electorate had an opportunity to assess and evaluates the candidates. EU).



    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition

2002- United States Embassy ? Teachers‟ Democracy Forums; ? Teachers re-defined their role in a democracy and got actively involved in

    2003 through Small and Pupils Roundtable supporting AVAP programmes in schools.

    Ambassador‟s Fund. Discussion in Western, Luapula ? Increased calls for the introduction of civics in schools as a subject

    and Northern Provinces.

    2002-? United States ? Increased Public Debates on the ? Successfully lobbies government and Parliament to buy the idea for the 2003 Agency for Establishment of Parliamentary offices.

    International Constituency offices in all 150 ? Republican President directed all Members of Parliament to open offices in

    Development constituencies. their constituencies.

     (USAID) through ? Debates were held in the nine ? Provincial Administration in all the nine (9) provinces secured office spaces

    (9) Provinces. as directed PACT- Zambia.

     ? Most National Assembly offices were established. 2002 Development Co-? Construction of Democracy

    operation Ireland (DCI). Information Centres in Kasama ? Completion of the construction done within the given timeframe.

    and Mansa Districts. ? Supplemented library services.

    ? Establishment of satellite ? Provided an avenue for information sharing and dissemination

    Centres in Luwingu, Mbala, ? Created a neutral platform for people in target Districts to discuss issues.

    Kawambwa and Samfya ? Raised awareness on issues that affect the people at the local level


    ? Held Managing Democracy Fora

    ? Community outreach


    2005 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung ? Capacity Building Workshops for ? Enhance youth participation in the political arena.

    Young People in Politics at ? Youth candidates contest the 2006 Elections at Parliamentary and Local (FES)

    Provincial level. Government level.


    Strategic AVAP Profile - 2009 Edition

    USAID through PACT ? Consultative workshops on the 2005 ? Enhanced information on the roles of elected representatives.

    causes of voter apathy. Zambia. ? Production of the Zambian Voters‟ Manifesto Konrad Adenauer ? Establishment of Chawama, ? Increased easy access to information benefiting the residents of the four 2006

    Matero, Kanyama and Mandevu constituencies Foundation (KAF) Democracy Information Centres. ? Provided for a neutral platform for dialogue and consensus building.

    2006 Zambia Elections Fund ? Voter education in Eastern, ? Electorate exercise their right to choose a candidate of their choice. (ZEF) Luapula and Northern Provinces. ? Electoral process monitored and the Elections report republished for the

     ? Election monitoring. general public.

    ? Undertook consultative ? Electoral Act analysed and gaps identified for advocacy.

    workshops to determine the

    ? Production of the Green Paper. effectiveness of the Electoral Act

    No. 12 of 2006.

    Friedrich Ebert Stiftung ? Capacity building workshop for ? Young people were inspired to participate in the tripartite Elections as 2006

    (FES) young people in politics in the Candidates

     Provinces. ? Enhanced calls for the adoption of young people as Candidates

     ? Elections management capacity ? Provided for an opportunity for Candidates to strategize on campaigns.

     building workshop for youthful ? Political tension among candidates from different political parties was

     Candidates reduced.


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