Oztag Corporate Challenge

By Christopher Adams,2014-06-17 21:06
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Oztag Corporate Challenge


    Corporate Charity Challenge


    Supporting the Starlight Children’s Foundation

When Where Nominations Due

    thSunday 20 June Walkers Rd Urangan Friday May 14th

     Sporting Fields


The Oztag Corporate Charity Challenge is a fun charity event proudly supporting the Starlight

    Children’s foundation. The event will assist the Starlight Children’s Foundation in brightening the

    lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children. We know with your help this fundraiser will become

    an annual event that the Star Light Children’s foundation can count on.

What is Oztag?

    Oztag is the latest craze in recreational sport that now has competitions running all over Australia.

    It is a non-tackling game. Normal dimensions of the field are 70 metres x 50 metres. Eight players

    in each team are on the field at any one time. Players wear shorts with a Velcro patch on each

    side. A strip of cloth is attached to the Velcro, known as a tag. The object of the game is to score

    tries. Defenders prevent this by tagging the ball carrier, removing the tag from the shorts.

    A round robin competition will be held in both men’s and mixed divisions with a minimum of 4 games. Games will be 20 minutes in length. We will also have a Dash for Cash Relay race.

    What the day involves:

    Children’s activities:

Free jumping castle to keep the kids occupied

    Team Structure:

    A team will consist of a max of 10 players. For mixed teams this will consist of a min. of 4 women.

Winners Categories:

    ? Champion Team: Winners of games in both Men’s and Mixed divisions

    ? Champion Fundraisers: Team that raises the most money for the Event

    ? Oztag Relay Champions: Quickest team are the champions

Winners Prizes:

    ? Champion Team: Oztag Shorts (Mixed and Men’s)

    ? Champion Fundraisers: Oztag Shorts

    ? Oztag Relay Champion: Oztag Shirts (Mixed and Men’s)

What to bring:

    ? Oztag Shorts for any existing Oztag ? Boots or appropriate footwear for grass

    players sports

    ? Hat and sunscreen ? A sense of fun and team spirit

    ? Tent/umbrellas/chairs (optional) ? Supporters and a cheering squad

What Oztag will provide

    ? Oztag belts (to secure the Velcro tags) will be provided for anyone that currently does not

    play Oztag

    ? Shorts will also be on sale for anyone that would like to purchase shorts to wear on the day

    ? Canteen facilities and toilet facilities

    ? Oztag merchandise

    ? Prizes

    There will also raffles held on the day with prizes donated by local businesses.


    Corporate Charity Challenge

    Team Nomination

Please complete the team nomination sheet and return with payment (cheque) made payable to

    Hervey Bay Oztag to:

    96 Seafarer Drv

    River Heads Qld, 4655

    Team nomination forms can also be emailed to . Once this is completed and returned you will be sent a team registration pack. You will be required to complete the

    official team registration sheet and bring it with you on the day of competition.

Contact Name:_______________________ Company Name: _______________________

    Address: _______________________ Email: _______________________

    Work Phone: _______________________ Mobile: _______________________

Nomination Fee:

    Please tick which fee/s your team will be paying.

    Team Entry - $150 Relay - $50

    I would like to register a mens team I would like to register a mixed team

    Both Packages $200


    Corporate Charity Challenge

    Conditions of Entry


    ? The tournament will be run under the auspices of Australian Oztag Sports Association. ? All teams must abide by the Code of Conduct and Rules set by the Australian Oztag Sports



    ? A maximum of 10 players per team will be allowed to participate in the tournament ? Of the 10 players only 4 can be existing (current registered Oztag players) players ? Mixed teams will consist of a minimum of 4 women

    ? To be eligible to play a player must turn 15 by the last day of the tournament


    ? Official Oztag Shorts purchased through Oztag Merchandise are permitted to be worn by

    players. Shorts will also be on sale at the event. However Oztag belts (to secure the Velcro

    tags) will be provided for anyone that currently does not play Oztag.

    ? Shorts with pockets cannot be worn if using Oztag belts.

    ? All team members must wear the same shirts

    ? No football boots with screw in studs or cleats will be permitted. Moulded sole boots

    (blades accepted), sandshoes are allowed.

    ? No jewellery. Studs only in ears.


    ? The official Rules of Oztag will be used during the tournament. (Can be found at

    ? Players must abide by the Oztag Players Code of Conduct

    ? Games will be of 20 minute duration. 10 minutes each way, with no break at half time. ? Teams must be at field ready to play at least 5 minutes prior to end of the last game. ? Teams should take the field and be ready for the kick off siren, which will be one long blast.

    A team will require 5 players to start the game. The referee will whistle the start of the

    game after hearing the siren.

    ? Teams not on the field and ready at the kick off whistle will be penalised one (1) point. ? In the event of a draw during Preliminary Rounds, 2 points for each team will be awarded. ? During the Quarter Final and Semi Final series Golden Try will be played. 8 Players will play

    the first 5 minutes extra time. If no try is scored, a further 5 minutes will be played with

    only 7 players taking the field. If no score after this time a further 5 minutes will be played

    with 6 players until there is a result.

    ? In Grand Finals 10 minutes of extra time, Golden Try, will be played with teams changing

    ends after 5 minutes. If the game is still drawn after 10 minutes teams will change sides

    every 5 minutes and drop a player until there is only 5 players left. They will be play there

    until there is a result.

    ? The referee will conduct a coin toss for all periods of extra time. The captain winning the

    coin toss may choose whether they kick off or receive and the direction the team will run.

    ? Unlimited inter-change rules apply.

    ? Inter-change can only be made when your team is in Attacking Mode.

    ? Interchange players must swag tags on the sideline, not on the field with the player being


    ? Only 8 sets of tags will be issued per team/per game.

    ? A breach of the substitution rule may result in a penalty being awarded


     WIN = 3 POINTS

     DRAW = 2 POINTS

     LOSS = 1 POINT

     BYE = 3 POINTS (5 tries for and 0 against)


    ? FORFEITING Teams will receive 0 points and 5 tries against

    ? 2 Points will be awarded for each female try in a Mixed Game


    ? Due to the heavy schedule, games must start on time. Teams must be in attendance at

    their playing fields five (5) minutes before commencement of their match.

    ? The offending team will receive a maximum of five (5) minutes from the commencement of

    the game (siren/whistle) to position the team on the field and be ready to commence play.

    ? Officials will keep the time. In the event of the team not taking the fields of play within five

    (5) minutes, a 5-0 victory will be awarded to the attending team.

    ? Forfeits for any reason in the final series negate the forfeiting teams right to participate

    further in the tournament.


    Send offs

    ? Any player who throws a punch (even in retaliation) will be sent off and will be disqualified

    from the tournament with no right of appeal.

    ? Anyone sent off for any other infringement will receive and automatic 1 game suspension.

    The suspension will carry over to future tournaments.

    ? If there are extenuating circumstances eg: serious nature of the offence, the Referees

    Director may deem it necessary to convene an immediate judicial hearing. Length of

    penalty will be at the judiciary’s discretion.

    ? Suspensions can affect the player’s ability to play in any Oztag Competition.

Sin Bins

    ? If a player is sin binned it is for a period of 5 minutes.

    ? If a player is sin binned twice during the course of the game he/she will take no further par

    in that game but can be replaced by another team member at the completion of the 5



    The following rules apply if two or more teams finish on the same points within a division:

    1. The total for and against points will determine which team has finished in a higher position.

    2. If teams are still tied, the team with the most in the ‘for” bracket will finish higher.

    3. If these teams played each other, the winner of that game will go through to the finals.

    4. If these sides did not play each other, the team scoring the most tries in their first game

    will go through. If still tied, most tries in the second game and so on until we get a result.


    ? They have been given a job to do so please abide by their instructions and show them the

    respect you would expect for yourself.


    ? No alcohol is to be brought into the grounds. This is a requirement of the venues licence.

    A bar service is available at the grounds. If teams are caught with alcohol brought into the

    venue they will be asked to leave and may face disqualification from future tournaments.


    ? Any unacceptable behaviour whilst attending a tournament will be met with severe

    repercussions from the Australian Oztag Sports Association.

    ? All players, coaches, managers, delegates and spectators who attend an Oztag Tournament

    are bound by the Australian Oztag Sports Association Code of Conduct.

    ? In the past penalties have included life bans from playing Oztag.


    ? For players to be covered by insurance, it is necessary that they be registered on the team

    registration sheet. Team managers are required to complete the Registration Form

    correctly and loge it with the tournament director prior to the first game of the



    ? Coaches/Players/Managers are not to approach the referees who officiate their games.

    ? All referee inquiries are to be directed to the Tournament Director


    ? Protest and dispute matters will be heard and determined by the Tournament Director.

    ? Protests/appeals should be written and in the hands of the Tournament Director within 20

    minutes of the game being completed (please note protest regarding referee conditions or

    perceived errors will not be accepted)

    ? All protests shall be adjudicated by a tournament committee consisting of the tournament

    director, head referee and one other person if required.


    ? Any player with a bleeding cut or abrasion is to leave the field immediately and have the

    cut or abrasion cleaned and covered. At this time, any blood stained clothing must also be

    either cleaned or replaced.


    ? All injuries should be reported to the Tournament Director, NOT REFEREE, immediately

    following the conclusion of the game.

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