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    Dorothy Emerson 4-H Citizenship Award

    1979 J. Gordon Warfield 1980 Louis Goldstein 1981 F. Grove Miller 1982 R. Nelson Phelps

    1983 Walter Schmidt 1984 Rodman Myers

    1985 Bruce Hotchkiss 1986 Eleanor St. Clair 1987 Patricia Stabler 1988 William Collins 1989 Helen Frey 1990 Lucille Gorham 1991 Caryl Velisek 1992 Naomi Brown

    1993 Catherine Rauschenberg 1994 Jean E. Reinhold

    1995 Dr. Nancy M. Booth .

    1996 Shirley Geis

    1997 Kathryn Frock

    1998 Gaston Finey, Jr.

    1999 Esther Hoffman

    2000 Cindy Ryan, Montgomery County 2001 Donna Umberger, Anne Arundel 2002

    2003 Janette Underwood, Cecil County

    Karen Carrington, Baltimore City 2004 Mary Shunk, Carroll County 2005 Myrtle Sturtz, Frederick County

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    Honorary 4-H Club Member

1980 William Blaisdell

    1981 Donald W. Dick

    1986 John Steadman

    Dr. Eleanor F. Young 1987 Ron Hermes

    1988 Governor William Donald Schaefer 1989 Stanley G. Jackson

    1990 F. Grove Miller

    1992 C. Thomas Busch

    Teri Hollenshade - Harford County

    Clinton Thomas - Baltimore City 1993 Bonnie Boyden - Charles County

    William "Bill" Spicer - Howard County

    Darrell Corbett, Baltimore City 1994 Darlene O. Dean, Worcester County 1995 Dr. Thomas Fretz

    1996 Dr. James Wade

    Louella Marlin, Montgomery County 1997 Clarice Brown, Baltimore City

    Max Mosner, Maryland State Fair 1998 Tom Denbow, Baltimore County 1999 Joan Cassens

    Carol Gazunis, Montgomery

    James Livezey, Harford County 2000 Arnold Platou, Washington County

    Carla & Bryce Robinson, Howard County

    Karen Berlin, Baltimore County 2001 Lauren Petersen, Baltimore County

    Michelle Trumpower, Washington County 2002

    2003 Mike and Lisa Drake, Washington, County

    Tom Binns, Harford County

    Gerry Bullis, Harford County 2004 Dr. Vanessa Fahie, Baltimore City

    Brenda Leggett, Washington County


    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    Maryland 4-H Family of the Year

1980 George Marvin Family

    1981 Harry Murphy Family

    1982 C. Lester Dudrow Family

    1983 Donald Chandler Family

    1984 Harold Harshman Family

    1985 George Lechlider Family

    1986 Claiborne Noffsinger Family

    1987 Harold Long Family

    1988 Carl Gepp Family, Harford County 1989 Gary Schnappinger Family, Queen Anne's County

    1990 Ed Hogan Family, Montgomery County 1991 Robert Foard Family, Harford County 1992 Martin Heinsohn, Talbot County 1993 Donald & Helen Hewitt, St. Mary's County 1994 The Markline-Waltimyer, Harford County 1995 John Hull, Jr. Family, Carroll County 1996 Edgar Harkins Family, Harford County 1997 Jerry Malone Family, Garrett County 1998 Ed Smith Family, Montgomery County 1999 The Darvin & Louise Pysell Family, Garrett County

    2000 None

    The Leroy Sellman Family, Baltimore County: Leroy, Carolyn, 2001 Carie, Jason


    2003 Carl Gepp Family, Harford County 2004 Herbert Family

    2005 The David Greene Family, Baltimore County

    Maryland 4-H Hall of Fame

1979 Dorothy Emerson

    1985 John L. Morris

    1986 Louis Goldstein

    1987 W. Sherard Wilson

    1988 James Moxley

    1989 F. Grove Miller

    1990 Amy Fry Leber

    1991 Louella Marlin

    1992 C. Lester Dudrow

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    Maryland 4-H Hall of Fame Continued

    1993 Charles Daughton

    1994 Dr. Richard R. Angus

    1995 David Patrick

    1996 Eleanor St. Clair

    1997 Shirley Geis

    1998 Henry Holloway

    1999 Claudia H. Payne

    2000 Rosie Martz, Washington County 2001 John Sies, Carroll County 2002

    2003 Myra Chichester, Baltimore City 2004 Walter Gott, Jr., Calvert County 2005 Mylo S. Downey

    Maryland 4-H Salute to Excellence

    (Volunteer of the Year and Lifetime Volunteer)

     Volunteer of the Year

    2003 Michael Mohler, Charles County 2004 Sabrina Ginn, Cecil County 2005 Sharon Rabie, Charles County

     Lifetime Volunteer

    2003 Shirley Geis, Howard County 2004 Mary Catherine Knobel, Charles County

    2005 Peggy Sprout, Cecil County

    Korea 4-H Salute to Excellence

     Volunteer of the Year

    2004 Cyncha Murray, Korea

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    Maryland Partner in 4-H

    Maryland Purebred Dairy Cattle Association

    Maryland State Fair and Agricultural Society 1979 Maryland State Fair Board

    Schluderberg-Kurdle (Esskay)

    Delmarva Farmer

    1980 MD-D.C. Utilities

    Maryland Pork Producers Association

    Maryland Cattlemen’s Association

    Maryland Egg Council 1981 Maryland Electrification Council

    Maryland Farmer

    Farm Credit Banks of Baltimore

    Maryland Council of Farmer Cooperatives 1982 Maryland Farm Bureau

    McCormick & Co.

    Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. 1983 Black and Decker

    Southern States Cooperative

    Capitol Milk Producers

    Maryland Apple Commission 1984 Maryland 4-H Club All Stars

    Maryland Sheep Breeders Association 1985 LeHigh Valley Farmers

    Baltimore-Howard Co. Rabbit & Cavey Breeders Assn.

    Carroll Co. Agricultural Center 1986 Harford County 4-H Camp

    Maryland Holstein Association

    Prince George's County Equestrian Center

    Beretta USA

    1987 Graul's Market

    Hatfield Packing Company

    Maryland Grange Maryland Horse Breeders 1988 Sandy Spring National Bank


    Eyre Bus Service

    1989 United Black Fund of the Greater Washington Area Inc.

    United Black Charities

    1990 None

    MD-D.C. Utilities Association 1991 Nathan Foundation

    Shufelt Sand and Gravel

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    Maryland Partner in 4-H Continued

    Maryland Horse Council

    1992 Mason-Dixon Kennel Club

    Wincopia Farms

    Coppin State College-Baltimore City

    Coldsprings Farm 1993 John Kimble - Southern States - Allegany County

    Westinghouse Electric - Baltimore City

    Maryland Science Center, Baltimore City

    Catoctin Mountain Orchard, Frederick County 1994 Maple Dell Farm, Howard County

    Frederick Post - Agriculture and Greenhouse Section,

    Frederick Silver Triangle Ruritan Club, Anne Arundel County

    Space Telescope Science Institute 1995 Rock Camp Board

    Maryland's Cattleman's Association, Maryland Shorthorn 1996 Association, and Maryland's Pork Association

    PEPCO, Mt. Airy Locker, Maryland State Dept. 1997 of Natural Resources

    1998 Maryland Association of Family and Community Educators

    1999 Maryland Farm Credit Associations

    SABLES of Chesapeake Chapter, Safari Club International-2000 Denise Freitag

    2001 Maryland Agricultural Fair Board


    Marye Wells Harley, Director Dept. of Parks and Recreation, 2003 MNCP&PC

    2004 Dale Wheeler, Baltimore County


    Military 4-H Family of the Year

    2003 Randy Jordan Family US Army, Camp Hialeah, Korea 2004 The Roper Family, Korea (Camp Hialeah) 2005 The Pak/Han Family

    Mylo Downey 4-H Leadership Award

1979 James R. Moxley Jr.

    1980 John Stiles

    1981 Richard N. Wills

    1982 Louella Marlin

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    Mylo Downey 4-H Leadership Award Continued

    1983 Ron & Debbie Zepp

    1984 Norma Whetzel

    1985 Shirley Geis

    1986 C. Lester Dudrow

    1987 Gene Swackhamer

    1988 Bonnie Dunn

    1989 Loren Fulton

    1990 David Patrick

    1991 Mary Lou Cox

    1992 Sharon Carrick

    1993 Peggy Howel

    1994 Edward M. Downey

    1995 M. Garry Schnapinger

    1996 Charles & Judy Iager

    1997 George Marvin

    1998 Andy Cashman

    1999 Gail Yeiser

    2000 Sandy Melichar, Howard County 2001 Janice Beckley, Washington County 2002

    2003 Edgar (Ned) Davis, Cecil County 2004 Joyce Browning, Harford County 2005 Melanie Kilby, Cecil County

    Professional Extension Partner in 4-H

    Bill Curry, Madeleine Greene, Dr. Lee Grant, D. Michael Ensor, 1990 Dr. J. Lee Majeskie

    1991 Dr. Scott Barao, Larry Stewart, Dr. Charles Wabeck

    Dr. Nan Booth, Dr. Jerry DeBarthe, Pamela King, 1992 Dr. Robert Peters, Dr. Mark Varner, Dr. Judith Williamson

    Dr. Thomas Hartsock, Dr. Maria de Colon, Constance Pergerson, 1993 Cassandra Corridon, Pamela Townsend 1994 None

    Jackie Hill, Robert Tjaden, Dr. Merl Miller and 1995 Gayle Mason-Jenkins

    1996 Dr. Billie Frazier

    1997 Ann LaVigna

    1998 None

    1999 Dr. Susan Walker

    2000 None

    Mira Mehta (UMCP), David Ross (UMCP), Niki Whitley 2001 (UMES)

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    State 4-H Alumni Plaques - (*) denotes national winner

1954 Dr. Gordon M. Cairns*

    1957 Laura (Betty) Bull*

    1959 Beatrice S. C. Pfefferkorn*

    1960 Abram Z. Gottwals*

    1965 Erna Riedel Chapman*, Turner Grafton Timberlake* 1967 Margaret Lowery*

    1969 George A. Grier*

    1973 Jean R. Worthley*

    1974 Ruth Carson Proctor*

    1976 Louis L. Goldstein*

    1977 Carl R. Baldus Jr., Jack E. Shanks, Patricia Stabler 1978 Dr. David Morris Denton*, Paul E. Spurrier 1979 Dr. Gordon Millard Anderson, C. Rodman Myers 1980 Elva D. Hill, Paul S. Stull

    1981 Adrian McCardell Remsberg

    1982 John Morris

    1983 Leon Enfield, Charles Smith*

    1984 Joan Bowman, Earle Nicholson, Jane Smith* 1985 Helen Twining Kadlec, William Kepler 1986 George S. W. Marvin, David Miller 1987 Dr. John Toll*, Norma Whetzel

    1988 David W. Simpson*

    1989 Gene L. Swackhamer*

    1990 James Moxley

    1991 Julia Gouge, Henry Holloway, James Moxley* 1992 Charles Leist, Allen O'Hara, Henry Holloway* 1993 Richard Holloway, Mary Agnes Swann

    Cynthia Warner, Harford County

    Dr. Lonnie Luther, Montgomery County 1994 Lewis Riley, Caroline County

    William Curry, Howard County

    1995 Dr. Robert Peters

    1996 Dr. Lee Majeskie, and Dr. Thomas Hartsock 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fulton, Donald Dell 1998 Frankie Schwenk

    1999 Dr. Lee Grant, and Dr. Charles Wabeck 2000 None

    2001 Mary King, Montgomery County 2002

    2003 Ann Horner, Howard County

    2004 Dale Bowling, Charles County

    2005 Pomie Radcliff, Charles County

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    State 4-H Military Partner

2003 SuMi Hong US Army, Camp Hialeah, Korea


    2005 YeonSook Holland

    State Friends of 4-H (Level 1 - Certificate)

    Phyllis Bradford, Gertrude Chandler, Betty Dryden, Bonnie Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. Elwood

    1979 Fox, Allen Hill, Rodman Myers, Mr. & Mrs. John Overstreet,

    Mary Robinette, Mary White.

    George Bowman, Mrs. Julia Callahan, Richard Holmes, 1980 Mable Luckett, Margaret (Hank) Shirley, Mrs. Jessie Vandervort,

     Ron & Debbie Zepp.

    Eyvette Chambers, Howard Crist, Lucille Gorham, 1981 Russell "Buz" Meyers, John Morris, Lee Spear.

    George Davis, Loren Fulton, Julia Gouge, John Hargraves, 1982 Paul Phillips, Eleanor St. Clair, Louise Webb.

    Michael Birch, Charlotte Booze, Rudy Erb, Dale Gardner, 1983 William Kepler, Beverly Linn, Ginger Jones, Donald Sealing,

    Ed Soutiere, Jennifer White.

    Katrina Bradshaw, Nelson Dorsey, Charles Leist, Maxine 1984 Lloyd, Max Mosner, Jean Reinhold, Pat Sebol, John Steadman.

    June Brinsfield, Frankie Becker, Paul Catlin, Nelson Dorsey,

    Annette Fleishell, Ed Hogan, Judy & Charles Iager, Bill Kirby, 1985 George Sakkal, Patricia Stabler, R. Calvert & Cynthia Steuart,

    Nancy Vader.

    Ed Bender, Joan Bowman, Bill Collins, Charles & Judy Dolak, 1986 Sapienza Majeskie, David Patrick, Catherine Rauschenberg,

    Ed Smith.

    Becky Brashear, Alan Brauer, Howard & Clarice Brown, 1987 Alice Marvin, Gretchen Mobberly, Joan Neels, Beverly

    Platzke, Jean Reinhold, Gary Schnappinger.

     Sarah Adkins, Judy Cole, Frank Downey, Berenice Franey,

     Crickett Goodall, Irene Harper, Billy Kimbles,

    1988 Kay Roe Miller, Warren Streaker, Jill Tomsho, Fana Wolff.

    Naomi Brown, Dorell Corbett, David Fabricante, Shirley 1989 Hyman-Hendricks, Donald King

    1990 Betty Ann Hyssong

    Andrew Cashman, Alice Eckard, Marjorie Eyler, Danny Jones, Donna Myers, Pat and 1991 Dutch Langenfelder, Robert Pittman, Jack Price, John Sies 1992 Laurie Brown, Warren Burger, Marjorie Johnson

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.


    State Friends of 4-H (Level 1-Certificate Continued

    Donna & Charles Burman, Walter McCoy, Paul Leatherman, Kathryn Frock, Nadine Armstrong, David Steele, Mark 1993 McDuffie, Gerald Davis, Dr. James Resau, Barbara Sneed, Bob

    and Doris Bell

    Jerry Worrell, Annette Murray, Tom Rickle, Ruby Schwinn, 1994 Phyllis Wiley, Nina Smith, Darryl-Ann Buschling,

    Eleanor Bradley, Nancy DeHart, Phillip Zimmerman

    Regina A. Moolenschot, Beth Greaser, Bud and Jean 1995 Corazza, Robert and Doris Kirkland, Susan Todd Jackson 1996 Dr. Gwendolyn El Sawi, Gail Yeiser, and Joanne Parrott

    Joseph Voshell, Linda Garrett, Mark Bateman, Kathy Iager, 1997 Karen Holloway, Billy Moore, Walter Johnson, Jennie & Hans

    Schmidt, Carolyn Olson-Beck

    Nickie Coroneos, Pennysaver, Nancy Hitchcock, Gwen Brown, 1998 Mary Knobel

    1999 None

    State Friends of 4-H (Level 2 - Plaque)

    Kate Kozak, Conrad Liden, Louella Marlin, F. Grove Miller, 1979 Madeleine Greene, Andrew Schmidt, Guffrie Smith, John Stiles

    Mary Lou Cox, Charles Daughton, Richard Heavner, Henry 1980 Holloway, Walter & Nancy Schmidt

    1981 Carl Baldus, Frank Brown, Bonnie Dunn, Allie Messer, David Pitt

    Lou Campbell, Erna Chapman, Rodman Myers, Charles St. Clair, 1982 Ron & Debbie Zepp

    Richard Holmes, Roberta King, Mark Moore, Lillian Murphy, 1983 Norma Whetzel

    1984 Lucille Gorham

    Mel Dyson, John Hargrave, Maxine Lloyd, Eleanor St. Clair, 1985 Hank Shirley, Gene Swackhamer, Georganna Cottman

    Eyvette Chambers, Marlin Hoff, Fred Kirby, Max Mosner, 1986 Paul Phillips, George Wills

    Ed Bender, Dr. Frank Bentz, Howard Carle, Wayne Cawley, Bill Collins, Loren Fulton, Bill McGuirk, R. Calvert & Cynthia 1987 Steuart

    Michael Birch, Dr. William P. Hytche, Gretchen Mobberly, 1988 Jean Reinhold, Joy Schwab, Jane Stull, Caryl Velisek, Ronald

    "Buck" Warfield, Rich Wilcke.

    1989 Mr. & Mrs. John Overstreet, Frank Smoot

    1990 Robert Beiter, Crickett Goodall, Garry Schnappinger

    Naomi Brown, Charles & Judy Iager, Jean Reinhold, 1991 Kathy Sandnes Smith

    Equal opportunity employer and equal access programs.

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