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    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index? Increases Slightly

    26 Apr. 2011

    ?The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had decreased

    in March, improved in April. The Index now stands at 65.4 (1985=100), up from 63.8 in March. The Present Situation Index increased to 39.6 from 37.5. The Expectations Index rose to 82.6 from 81.3.

    ?The monthly Consumer Confidence Survey, based on a probability-design

    random sample, is conducted for The Conference Board by The Nielsen Company, a leading global provider of information and analytics around what consumers buy and watch. The cutoff date for April’s preliminary results was April 14, 2011.

    Says Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center: “Consumer confidence, which had declined sharply in March, posted a

    modest gain in April. Consumers’ short-term outlook improved slightly,

    suggesting that the uncertainty expressed last month is easing. Inflation

     somewhat 稍微 有点 expectations, which had spiked, retreated 撤退 隐退

    达到某种程度 in April. Although confidence remains weak, consumers’

    assessment of current conditions gained ground for the seventh straight month, a sign that the economic recovery continues.”

    Consumers’ appraisal of present-day conditions, although mixed, improved in

    April. Those stating conditions are “good” decreased slightly to 14.8 percent from 15.0 percent. Those stating business conditions are “bad” also declined slightly to 36.4 percent from 36.6 percent. Consumers’ assessment of the labor

    market was more favorable than last month. Those saying jobs are “hard to get” declined to 41.8 percent from 44.4 percent, while those stating jobs are “plentiful”很多的 大量的 increased to 5.2 percent from 4.6 percent.

    Consumers’ short-term outlook, which had soured in March, improved

    moderately in April. While those expecting business conditions to improve over the next six months declined to 18.8 percent from 20.8 percent, those anticipating business conditions to worsen decreased to 14.2 percent from 15.5 percent. Consumers were mixed about the labor market outlook for the next six months. Those expecting more jobs in the months ahead declined to 17.5 percent from 19.6 percent, while those anticipating fewer jobs declined to 19.0 percent from 20.5 percent. The proportion of consumers expecting an increase in their incomes improved to 16.7 percent from 15.2 percent.

The next release is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, at 10:00 AM ET.

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