OOral Practise-To the______ students

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OOral Practise-To the______ students

Level One

    Pair Work / Role Play:

    1. Work in pairs. One of you should look at the file below and leave a message on the phone. The other

    should take a message and retell the message.

     You are Jonathan Weill. Call your partner and leave this message for Terry Williams:

     Message for Terry Williams from Mr Jonathan Weill

     Please send me four catalogues + price lists in US dollars by FedEx or UPS to arrive before Friday.

     Mr Jonathan Weill, Skookum Enterprises, 1900 Lakeside Drive, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA zip code:

     WI 53081

     My customers are specially interested in your deluxe range of products.

     Call me Monday to talk about the products after I have received the catalogues.

     E-mail me today to confirm you have sent the catalogues ( )

2. Work in pairs. Suppose one wants to buy a second-hand bike and the other wants to sell one. Please

    do a roleplay of bargaining over the bike.

3. Discuss the following questions with your partner:

    a. Do you think money should be the only standard to judge a person’s success? If not, what are the


    b. Supposing that you get a large sum of money by chance, what are you going to do with it? c. What do you think should be right attitude towards money?


    1. Positive: Advertisement does more good than harm to the consumers.

    Negative: Advertisement does more harm than good to the consumers.

    2. Positive: Internet will replace traditional media (eg. books, newspaper etc.).

    Negative: Internet will not replace traditional media (eg. books, newspaper etc.).

Group discussion

    1. Do you like to buy brand products, eg. Iphone? Do you think they are worthwhile?

    2. People in different countries have different cultures. What do you think is the correct way to look at

    cultural differences?

    3. Discuss about your ideal place to live in 20 years from now, including the following aspects like

    “Where is it? What does it look like? How do you get there? What’s so nice about it? What are its

    surroundings like?”

Filling in a questionnaire

     several people about the questions listed. Write down your partners’ answers on a sheet of paper: Ask

    cities or places of interest I have been to; What did I do there?; What do I like most about the trip?; What

    do I dislike about it?


    A reporter from the program “Animal World” interviews two students on the following questions:

    1. Do you like animals or birds?

    2. Have you ever kept pets? Why or why not?

    3. What animals or birds do you think are best friends of humans? 4. Can you tell your partner one story about animals and you?

Level Two


    1. Can you name some famous people you know about? Who impresses you most? Why? 2. What can we do in our daily life to protect the environment? 3. Do you spend much money on fashion? Do you find it important to follow the latest fashion?

    4. Why do people need to play sports? Whats your favorite sport? Why?

    5. What do you know about the Olympic Games? Are you a volunteer for the Games? What can you do

    for the Games?

Pair work

    1. Please work in pairs and find out who the characters in the pictures are and what they have achieved


    2. Mock Interview;

    You may ask each

    other the following


    ). What qualities 1

    would an employer like to see in an employee?

    2). What qualities are the basic requirements for

    leading position at all levels in a business



    1. Negative: We Should Help Other People.

    Positive: We Should Not Help Other People

2. Negative: Its right to judge people by first impressions.

    Positive: It’s wrong to judge people by first impressions.

    3. Negative: Fast food has more advantages than disadvantages.

     Positive: Fast food has more disadvantages than advantages.

Discussion / group work:

    1. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. 2. Do you believe clothes make the man? Why or Why not?

    3. What would you do if you won a million Yuan in a lottery? 4. Do you think you are healthy physically and mentally? How do you think people can reduce their stress

    in the contemporary society in order to keep fit?

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