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    Target group Target group:

    ? Identified?

    ? Consultation

    People Challenge coordinator?

    Size Number of participants?

    Support Management support?

Internal departments or partner


    Information Materials- available or need to be developed:

    ? Record books?

    ? Pedometer information?

    ? Walk maps?

    ? Evaluation forms?

    ? Other?


Daily step count records:

    ? Book or sheet?

    ? Website or computer spreadsheet?

    ? Other?

Participant Information Packs:

    ? Challenge rules?

    ? Pedometer information?

    ? Record books?

    ? Pre and post evaluation questionnaires?

    ? Local resources?

    ? Other?

Funding and resources

    Resources currently available?

Sources of funding and resources?

Timeframe for availability of funding and

    other resources

Pedometers purchase or loan?

Pedometer orders:

    ? Delivery time?


    Costs or source of resource development and printing:

    ? Record books?

    ? Pedometer information?

    ? Walk maps?

    ? Evaluation forms?

    ? Other?

Source and storage or materials for

    Participant Information Packs:

    ? Walk and Travelsmart maps?

    ? Walk There Today directory?

    ? Other?

    Promotion Launch or information session?

    Merchandise and prizes Required:

    ? T-shirts?

    ? Hats?

    ? Other?



    Local business sponsorship: ? Gift vouchers?

    ? Passes to recreation facilities?

    ? Merchandise from Government


    ? Other?

    Timing / Frequency Links with other events?

Repeat challenge:

    ? Other times in the year?

    ? Annually?

    ? Other?

    Venue / Facilities Information pack and pedometer pick up?

Launch or special celebratory function?


Risk Management

    Health questionnaire?

Participant medical advice required?

Safety information in information pack?



    Encouragement of ongoing pedometer use:

    ? Pedometer loan system?

    ? Discount purchase vouchers?

Promotional materials for other physical

    activities or opportunities:

    ? Walking groups?

    ? Other walking events?

New walking group, or other activity?

Information about step count in public areas?

Repeat challenges:

    ? When?

    ? Theme?

    ? New destination?

    ? Promotion methods?


    Evaluation Pre and post challenge questionnaires:

    ? Distribution method?

Return of participant record diary:

    ? Frequency?

    ? Incentives?

    ? Online data collection?



    Existing or needed? Is there an existing pedometer loan


Location for loan:



    Recreation centre?

    Target group Number of pedometers required?

Will records be kept of requests for more



    Loans system Existing or new loan system?

    Cost and funding Funding for pedometer purchase be?

Will the loan be free or user pays?

    Sustainability Program promotion?

    Evaluation How will the program be evaluated:

    ? Borrowing rates?

    ? Feedback?

    ? Enrolment in walking groups?


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